Tips for camping with kids

Tips for camping with kids

If you have been following me for a while, you know I’m not a summer lover, however, there are certain things that I enjoy when summer comes, one of them is camping.

I started camping when I moved to Canada, 8 years ago, and since then, I’m a big fan! My favorite time to go camping is when is so hot so I can enjoy the cold ice water of the beautiful lakes instead of being stuck in a home that has no AC!

It’s just something about being in nature, with no laptops or housework to do! Just enjoying the excellent views that we have in BC!

We took Matias to his first camping when he was 2 months old, so having kids haven’t stopped us to continue with our family tradition, on the other hand, I’m not going say that has been easy with a toddler that is putting everything on his mouth, but I feel that for my kids and for our own sanity, being on the fresh air during hot days is exactly what we need, so here are some of my tips for you!


Don’t go too far

Even tho I’ve been wanting to try new places, I didn’t want to taste my luck so we stayed close to home, just in case something were to happen. This year we went to Golder Ears and Cultus lake, as they have everything we need to make it a little bit easier! Washrooms, showers, and beautiful lakes to enjoy!

Stay close to the washrooms

Especially if you are potty training! I’m not saying stay next to it, but I feel that not having to walk more than 5 min help a lot this year!


YES! I know the whole point is for them to play with nature, but there is going to be a point around 7 pm when they started to get tired that you’ll need to read that story for them to fall asleep. ( oh yes, bring some lighting lol! )


Snacks and Drinks

The kids get extra tired, so having healthy snacks on hand would keep the things calm lol! We usually. We always bring some peppers, baby gourmet pouches, fruits, and crackers.. and YES beer! ( Just in case they go to bed early lol! )

Pillows and Change of Clothes

Our friends forgot their pillows in our last camping, I feel that is something so easy to forget! Also, the kids got all wet playing in the lake, and I totally forgot a change of clothes other than their Pj’s! Be prepare for any accidents!

I hope these tips would encourage you to take that tent and just do it!







Look Good and Do good while Supporting Local!

Look Good and Do good while Supporting Local!

A unique gift under $25!

Good morning everyone! The sun is still shining, and the weather is still hot, so I thought it would be the perfect timing to share one of my favorite local brands lately!

Parawild is a Local company ( Vancouver BC ) and they have the coolest helmets accessories! Their designs are inspired by endangered animals, with a percentage of profits towards their awareness!


If you are looking for something that makes you stand out from the crowd, here it is! Mia is obsessed with her  “shaka the shark” ears,  and we are getting the “dardo the frog” for her winter ski lessons! The quality of the product is so good and I found them PERFECT for a birthday gift, Christmas gift etc. because they are so unique and do not break your wallet.

The fact that you are helping a good cause while shopping is a win-win! AND do you want to hear something even better? There is a Giveaway happening on my IG, but if you don’t want to wait, get a 20% OFF for the next 2 weeks ( From July 30th to August 13th ) with the code ILOVE604 for both  USA and Canada sites. They also have it available in Amazon stores in USA and you can use this code and get the Amazon prime free shipping! if you live in Vancouver, they have a pickup option in Yaletown, and FREE shipping for orders over $80.

What do you think? Pretty damn awesome right? Make sure to swing by their site and take a look at all of the fun designs they have, let me know what is your favourite!





Coffee with Style!

Coffee with Style!

Who doesn’t love a good CUP of coffee?

If you didn’t already know, I LOVE coffee! As soon as I wake up, I need to have my coffee with cream ( no sugar ). Usually, my second cup comes around 2 pm. or right after lunch.

I have this thing for fun, large mugs, especially the ones with sassy messages that put a smile on my face just before the chaos starts in this home.


I meet Eva from Paucreations Canada, a couple days ago and I found myself scrolling to her entire Instagram! I wanted every single shirt and mug! I love everything about her designs, but my favorite item is the mugs! That’s why I decided to partner with her for a Giveaway for those coffee lovers living in Canada!

I especially love these ones because this happens to me every day! I’ll serve my coffee, get distracted by the kids, come back, the coffee is cold, I’ll put it in the microwave, forget about it, repeat. LOL!  I’m sure I’m not alone here!

Head into my Instagram to enter or check her store here



Where to go in Victoria…​ Deep Cove Chalet

Where to go in Victoria…​ Deep Cove Chalet

Looking for the perfect date in Victoria BC? I got you!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the most beautiful wedding ever at Deep cove chalet. It was my first time there and I was absolutely surprised with their food, service and spectacular scenery.

This beautiful place is located just 10 min from the Ferries, just outside of Victoria, so of course, they have a view to die for!

I LOVED the ambiance and the “homy” feeling. The place is so elegant and classy, and the customer service was beyond my expectations. This is without a doubt the best place for that perfect date if you are visiting or living in Victoria. But.. that is not all.. they make their own wine! Wait. What?


They have lots of meal choices if you are planning your party there, if you are looking for a standout experience, check out their website here.

As amazing as the whole experience was, what excited me the most was able to have a date/adults time with my husband and brother. Being able to seat in peace, enjoy a good wine, eating good food with that view, it was just exactly what we needed.

Can’t wait to go back again!





My thoughts about the Vegan world

My thoughts about the Vegan world

4 years ago I decided to reduce my animal consumption. My reason was not health-related, but it was more about helping the environment as much as I could. My family is not vegan or vegetarian, however, my kids animal consumption on their diet is 30% and mine around 40% ( damn doritos lol! )

Our lives have been like this, and we just got used to it. A couple of months ago, I was trying hard to lose weight so I wanted to come back to the diet that has always worked for me, which is Atkins, but after a week of eating meat and tons of dairy every day, I was feeling bad, not sick bad but it just not felt right, and at that moment I realize that it doesn’t go with who I am anymore. I tried to do a vegetarian version of it, and I was basically leaving by their shakes until I just gave up.

With this I don’t mean that I think people are bad for eating animal products, I don’t think either than vegans are healthier than people that eat animals, it’s just different lifestyles. I’m a huge believer in finding the right balance and do what is best and feels best for you, not the society.


Friends usually asked me what my kids eat, they do eat regular yogurt and cheese, but they drink cashew or almond milk. Their favourite breakfast are smoothies so it so easy for me to add veggies! For lunch, they eat lots of pasta, cuscus, lentils, and beans, it’s been like this since Mia was born, and so far I have happy and healthy kids.

Even tho I tried to breastfeed as much as I could, I used cow milk with both of my kids on their first year ( formula ). I also gave Mia cow milk when she was 1 to 2 years old, after that I slowly switched to almond and now cashew milk.


I don’t want to restrict my kids on anything, I also don’t want my friends having to worry about preparing a special meal for me when they invite me to dinner, so I don’t think we are becoming 100% vegan’s anytime soon, however, with all the new options coming to the market every day, is getting easier and easier to consume less animal products.

Whenever I’m looking for a new vegan/vegetarian recipe, I would usually go and check it out Erin Ireland or youtube. I was so excited to meet her at the Vegan Appreciation day today at Spend Grounds! Can’t wait to share more about this journey with you!



Theatre Under the Stars “Cinderella”

Theatre Under the Stars “Cinderella”

Outdoor Musicals in Stanley Park!

A couple of days ago I received an invitation from Theatre under stars, a non-profit, volunteer-driven society to attend their “Cinderella” performance.

They have an amazingly talented cast, that brings a smile to everyone! We were lucky to have their VIP experience, where we got the treat with cupcakes, drinks and goody bags! but what I enjoy the most was the performance of this classic fairytale. They had the perfect music, great effects, and they were well prepared for everything that could happen ( it was raining but that didn’t stop us to enjoy the show, as they had ponchos for everyone! )


I was truly enjoying every second of it before the kids started to get tired, so I missed the end! Can’t wait to go back and finish it because really they got me!!

They will be playing from July 4 to August 18, the shows usually start at 8pm! Grab your blanket and join us! Click here for more information.



Ceviche Recipe!

Ceviche Recipe!

My hometown is famous for the Seafood! You cannot find that taste anywhere in Mexico! This is my dad’s recipe that I get to enjoy when they come to visit in the summer, hope you enjoy!






5-Cucumber ( optional, take all the seeds out )

6- Tomato


8-Clamato Juice

9- Tamari or any soy sauce


1- Wash all of the ingredients and cut the veggies in small cubes.

2- Add the shrimps to a container, then add enough lime to almost cover them. Let them marinate for an hour.

3-Take all the lime out and add the onions, cucumber, tomato, and cilantro. Mix well and add salt and pepper.

4-Add 1/2 cup of orange juice and 1/2 of clamato juice. Add 1 tbps of tamari gluten free.

5- If you like it spicy, add some Valentina or Huichol.

6-Serve with Avocado, tostadas or whatever you want!