Instagram Favourites.. Siblings Fashion edition!

As you may noticed I love Instagram lol! I go a lot to Pinterest and Instagram for everything inspiration! One of my favourite topics it's kids fashion. Since I became a mom, I guess like most of the moms out there.. dressing my kids it's my favourite thing! I love love love that they still let me choose for them and I'm enjoying it while I can! Now that I'm a mom of two, i'm really looking for matching matching outfits out there, and even tho these siblings are not only boy and girl, I love sister-sister or only boys as well! Even tho I only know a couple of them, Here are my favourite ones for inspiration: Who do you follow for Fashion Kids Inspiration?

The perfect Summer Snack!

I call them "bolis" you call them Freezes. This is one of my favourite summer snacks! And I'm so happy that Mia loves them too! She tried them a couple months ago in this school festival, but of course, they were loaded with tons of sugar and bad stuff, so I wanted to try and make my own healthy version.. so I google it and I found this amazing company who sale the package! They are NoT a local company, they are located in the USA but the quality of the packages are amazing and you can find all of these delicious recipes on their website! Perfect to bring them to the lake this long weekend! Do you have a recipe to share? Cheers! Athenas

My Atkins Lifestyle..

If you know me.. you know that I've been an Atkins Fan since I was 15. I was introduce to this "diet" by one of my friends mom, and we used to call it "La dieta de las grasas" in Spanish. I remember the first time I did atkins I lost like 8 kilos in 2 weeks with phase 1. And then I followed phase 2 and I maintained a healthy weight like that for years! And everytime I needed to lose weight I will automatically switch to atkins. I change my diet to Atkins like 3 or 4 months before my wedding but after the wedding I wanted to try a new lifestyle, I wanted to switch to a more vegetarian, organic, gluten free way of eating and that was it. 3 weeks ago I started to get impatient with my weight, and I went to the Atkins website to check if I could do Atkins while breastfeeding.. and guess what?? Yes I can!! I cannot do phase 1 or 2 which are the ones that made me lose weight very fast but they do have Atkins 40, that is for breastfeeding moms and they allow you to eat around 25g of carbs per day! Yess I haven't lose that much weight because with this phase I guess takes longer, but I'm not in a hurry! And guess what? I've been very creative lol and I've found lots of vegetarian versions for my atkins recipes! Why do I love atkins? Well.. let's start with you don't have schedule! Atkins is a lifestyle.. if you follow all the phases there is NOTHING that you can't eat in portion control. The most difficult one would be phase 1 because the list of things you can eat is limited but you have soo many options and the portions that you can eat are big! Second thing why I choose atkins? They have meals to go!! I love their shakes and their bars, and seriously they don't let me miss chocolates or anything sweet. Third? It makes sense! Atkins mostly is to stay away from sugar.. including bread. I know there is a huuge debate about this diet, I mean if you eat fat fat fat all day obviously is not going to be healthy.. but now there are tons of options out there! Instead of eating those fat meat burgers, eat the vegetarians or have a salad! Veggies are unlimited! So how does atkins works? Carbs and fat are your body's sources of fuel. If you stop eating carbs, your body will start using your fat as gasoline and that's how you lose the weight. Because with atkins 40 I do eat carbs, the process is much slower, because my body would need to eliminate the amount of carbs I ingest before burning my fat. Now I guess everyones question is.. what happens when you stop? Being honest, because this is a LIfESTYLE it was very effective for me and I never had troubles getting the weight up.. but I wasn't craving sugar like before.. and as I said.. whenever I felt I was gaining weight because I ate too much bread on a vacation or something, I would stop rice, bread, sugar, potatoes, etc. For a couple of weeks and that was it! Plus before having Mia I used to hit the gym frequently lol! This time I haven't exercise At all!! So I don't expect having result right away! I know it's going to take months for me to see results, specially with the lack of exercise! If you want to read more about atkins, their lifestyle, recipes, etc. Go to their website: xoxo Athe

DIY house projects..

My house is a mess! Well it's not a mess mess, but I really want to do lots of changes including in the furniture. Our goal almost 2 years ago was to buy the house.. then the next goal was our second baby.. and now the next goal is to invest in our house. We just had our baby 3 months ago, so when i'm saying our next goal is starting probably next year, but I wanted to start with small changes, something that we can afford. I definitely definitely want to take out all the carpet on my stairs and second floor!! That's my number one change, but as you know it is expensive. Francisco wanted to try and do a DIy in our second entrance, an being honest I didn't think it can be worst as it was lol! So I let him do his project. We had this huge closet that we used as storage and this horrible floor coming from the garage, so Francisco changed it to the same floor we have in our main floor and being honest, he did a good job! He completely removed the closet from the entrance and he want to put some furniture there like a place to hang your coats and a closet to put your shoes on. The next thing I want to do after
Changing all the carpet would be the kitchen! I want to completely change my kitchen including the cabinets, etc. I want everything in White! So I started with our kitchen table! It was so easy and such a fun thing to do as family, and I love love love the result! another thing that it was urgent to do is our living room! Even tho I cannot and I do not want to buy furniture because I really want my kids to have an area to play ( that's other project as well, we want to build a third room in the garage later on) but on the meantime, part of my living room is their play area, and it was a complete mess! Toys everywhere, tons of colours, just a mess! So I decided that my kids can have a play area but they do not need all the toys around and we can do it in a much cleaner way. I didn't know how much I love home make overs but now i'm kinda of addicted! Next DYI project.. coffee station!! Does anyone have ideas? Cheers! Athenas

Our visit to the Barca academy in Vancouver..

Helloo all! If you follow my insta stories you know that we paid a visit to the Barcelona soccer team school in Vancouver. We participated in their giveaway and we won a jersey and obviously I wanted to go and check the future soccer school of my kids lol! fCBEscola is the first FB Barcelona academy in Canada! They train and teach the little kids the basics of futbol with the same methodology that the Barca team use. Located in North Burnaby, they have a huuuge beautiful campus and if you are lucky enough like us, you'll be able to find some trainers from Barcelona! thank you so much for the amazing experience and I can't wait to bring my kids back! Xoxo Athe

Motherhood Unplugged..

Is it bad that this is one of my favourite pictures of Matias? I think it really represents reality! It really represents the true motherhood! Even tho my kids are usually happy kids, and I post all of these pictures of them smiling at me.. they do most of the time smile at me, but also they cry, they scream and they give me hard times. Sometimes I'm busy and I have to let Matias cry for 5 or 10 minutes and my nerves would get crazy! Motherhood is hard as hell.. and I don't believe those moms that post pictures saying that life is pink.. unless they have several baby sitters or don't spend time with their kids lol! And even tho.. I had Mia full time at the daycare last year.. I was only really raising her on the weekends and still.. it was still hard. In the morning I had to make sure she was getting the best nutrition in her breakfast, prepare the whole meals, snacks, etc. When I was coming to pick her up I needed to make sure to spend those 2 hours left as the best quality time and at the end I was exhausted.. I can say the same exhausted as I am being 24/07 with them.. so Motherhood is hell hard no matter what! My kids are not perfects..they do not follow schedule, bed times, nap times.. they love ice cream and hate vegetables.. they sometimes don't want to share.. And that's what it is. I remember before becoming a mother, looking at those pictures of the celebrities looking great with their kids, imagining how easy and fun would be to be a mother.. then when I became one I thought I would not survive the breastfeeding stage. Sometimes I wish I can come back to me as a first time mom and tell me " hey, enjoy your time because when you get a second one those moments that you have right now to cook your organic menu whenever Mia sleeps are not going to exist anymore" lol! So i've been thinking what would I say to me as a second time mom in a few years and all I can think is: Enjoy your baby and your toddler.. because they grow fast. Forget about everything because nothing is more valuable than seeing your kids grow with you, that enjoy this time with them. Being able to wake up, have a "relaxing" breakfast with them, do activities together ( in a few years they would want to go with their friends), hug them all day, kiss them all day, and be as present as you can be. What would you say to you in a few years? Happy Tuesday!

Where to go in Kelowna.. Okanagan Lavender Farm

At this point, my blog should be call " I love Kelowna" lol! This is how behind i'm with my blogposts! But I'm only sharing what I really love of my trip and this was the last place we went to before coming back so for sure this is my last post about Kelowna! If you are a lavender lover, you are going to die in this place!! We were there about a month ago? Or month and a half and the lavender was in full bloom! And as you can see in my pic, the place it's absolutely beautiful! Obviously the smell was amazing and they have a little store where you can buy some goodies to take home. If you are looking for a location to take pics.. this is your place! I couldn't do a photoshoot with the kids as I wanted because they were napping and it was time for us to come back to Vancouver, but I imagine the photos there being beautiful! And talking a about cool places.. today we went to our favourite farm in Langley called " Krauseberry farm" I've post about them before.. if you haven't have the chance to take a look, Do IT! Today for the first time I tried their sangrias and was one of the best Sangrias I've ever had! ( thanks Jenny and Juan! )And don't let me start with the nachos! Lol! Mia was so happy jumping and running around, while mommy was trying to survive her last day of single mom! This is one of those places that are family friendly or friends friendly if you want to seat and have drinks with your friends! ( someday.. someday.. ). Happy Monday all!