Why everyone is obsessed with Hydra Facial

Why everyone is obsessed with Hydra Facial

Beauty Talk Alert!

If you know me, you know I’m not good at taking care of my skin. I do not use any sun protection, or expensive cream, I do not wash my face before sleep, I’m just a mess! But a couple months ago, for some reason, I decided it was time to pay attention to this tired face and make an effort, so when I heard that Bubbles and Wax had a special on Hydra facial I decided to give it a try, why? Because I was reading hydra facial in every beauty blog! So why is this treatment so popular?

The wow thing about it is that it performs 3 regimens at the same time, it cleans, exfoliates and infuse the skin with intensive serums. It renews the surface and texture of your skin, removing dead skin and helping reducing hyperpigmentation! Pretty amazing if you ask me!


Another big benefit, for those who care about ageing, is that it smooths away fine lines and wrinkles!

If you’ve never heard of Bubbles and Wax, they are located in the South Surrey/White Rock area, and they specialize in waxing and facials! I truly enjoy going there because their customer service is BEYOND good, and I always leave with a happy face (not only because of the bubbles you get after your treatments but because they are very good on what they do).

So I was very happy to give hydra facial a try, and I’ll continue with this treatment during the fall! Love that when the treatment was finished, and I was seating there enjoying my bubbles, I Immediately feel my skin so clean, hydrated and smooth. If you decide to give it a try, this treatment is regular $120, but right now bubbles and wax have it for only $59.99! Let me know how do you like it!



What to read this Fall

What to read this Fall

Fall Season is here! It’s time to store those summer reads and get that pumpkin spice latte ready!


Is there anything better than curling up with a nice blanket and a great book? From political to girl power, here are our favourite books to read this fall:


1-She should be king by Wayetu Moore


This is the first novel from the amazing storyteller Wayetu Moore. It talks about the dramatic story of Liberia’s early years through three unforgettable characters who share an uncommon bond. “If she was not a woman, she would be king.”


2-Good and mad by Rebecca Traister


“With eloquence and fervour, Rebecca tracks the history of female anger as political fuel—from suffragettes chaining themselves to the White House to office workers vacating their buildings after Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court. Highlighting a double standard perpetuated against women by all sexes, and its disastrous, stultifying effect, Traister’s latest is timely and crucial. It offers a glimpse into the galvanizing force of women’s collective anger, which, when harnessed, can change history”. – Amazon


3-Becoming by Michelle Obama


An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir by the former First Lady of the United States.

4-Small Fry: A memoir, Lisa Brennan



The Apple founder’s daughter tells the story behind their relationship and some personal memories she has with her father.


5-Sea prayer, Khaled Hosseini


If you were moved by the story of the little three-year-old Syrian boy whose body washed upon the beach in Turkey in September 2015, this book is for you! Hosseini hopes to pay tribute to the millions of refugee families who have to run away from their country in order to survive.


6-What if this were enough? Essays by Heather Havrilesky


“An impassioned and inspiring collection about the expectations of modern life and the sweet imperfections of the every day”. – Good reads


7-Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Parry Callahan


A great love story to read between the creator of the wondrous world of Narnia and the poet Joy Davidman – you don’t want to miss this!

Images by Amazon.


Support Local: Interview with Sleepy Miracles!

Support Local: Interview with Sleepy Miracles!

Having some troubles with sleep training? We got you! Here are some tips and tricks from the expert! Hope you enjoy!


Tell us about yourself

 Hi! I’m Maria Escola. I’m a mom, a wife and a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach and Certified Baby & Child Sleep Consultant based in Langley, BC. I work with parents helping their families sleep well again. I experienced sleep deprivation first hand. It was really tough for me to be a good mom, wife and friend when I was so tired. After my son’s sleep transformation, I became very passionate about helping other moms and babies sleep well.   I truly believe that parents enjoy parenthood, even more, when they are well rested.

What is a sleep consultant and what do you do?

As a Certified Baby & Child Sleep Consultant, my passion is to help families find restful nights. When parents are sleep deprived life and parenting are harder! I meet with the parents and we create a step-by-step plan together to gradually start implanting changes in their little one’s sleep routine. During the process, my job is to support and guide parents every step of the way. I work with my clients for at least 3 weeks to give their children time to learn good and healthy sleep habits.

What is your sleep philosophy?

The goal of my gentle sleep philosophy is to protect the parent-child attachment. Babies need their parents’ support and love during the learning time, exactly as they need them when they are achieving new milestones or learning new things. And parents want to respond to their babies and know that they are not abandoning them. This is completely normal and is the foundation of my gentle sleep philosophy. I do not use the cry- it- out method and I’d never recommended stopping feeding or responding to a baby.  I do not believe that letting the children cry for hours and hours is teaching them something. My work respects the beautiful bond and trust formed between parents and their child.


 How did you start in this profession?

When my second baby was born, he decided that sleep was not his priority! It was a very hard time for me as a mom and wife. I started feeling depressed and lost not knowing what I was doing wrong. Once I was able to help my baby sleep better, I was able to be the person and mom I wanted to be. I was happy, rested and joyful again, and so was my baby! It was the best thing I could have done for my family. I realized that motherhood and sleep deprivation don’t necessarily go hand in hand and my passion to help other moms began.

Why is it important to help a baby learn good sleep habits?

Every baby is different and every family sleep situation should be fully assessed before parents start teaching sleep skills to their children. Once babies have the opportunity to learn self-settling skills, their sleep habits improve and they start sleeping better. This has many benefits not only for the little ones (baby is well rested, happier, usually eats better) but also for the parents. By teaching independent sleep skills, parents ensure that their children are getting the amount of sleep they need to wake up happy and well rested.


What is the process of working with you like? How does it work? What can people expect?  I work with the parents for about 3 or 4 weeks depending on their initial sleep situation. The process starts with the parents filling out a client intake form. We then do a consultation during which we create a personalized plan together. This is very important because parents need to feel comfortable with their sleep plan. Once they start implementing their plan, I follow up with them every day and make adjustments to their plan as needed. It is really teamwork! During the process, the sleep transformation occurs. Babies start sleeping better and therefore the whole family get more rest.

 How long does sleep training usually take?  It really depends on the case and how committed the parents are to make changes. Since my approach to sleep coaching is more gentle, and I like to introduce changes gradually, it usually takes a few weeks to work on night and day sleep.  Naps can take a bit longer to get organized but after three weeks most babies are doing great and parents see a huge difference in their sleep.

When can parents start sleep coaching? The best age to start sleep teaching is around the 6-month old mark. Most babies are physically and cognitively ready to learn self-settling skills by this age.  For this reason, the process tends to be easier and less frustrating for both—baby and parents. Some parents are ready to start gently shaping their baby’s sleep habits earlier, and that is okay as long as they work with a sleep consultant with specific training in that age range. Also, I recommend that before starting any sleep teaching process, parents ask their paediatrician if their child is ready.


What are some tips to help children sleep well?

 There are some easy things parents can do to help their little one sleep well.


  • Choose an early bedtime.The best time to put a baby or toddler to bed is sometime between 6 and 8 o’clock in the evening. This ensures that their children will be able to get a solid night of sleep.
  • Create a predictable bedtime routine. Consistency and predictability are really important to babies and toddlers. When they know what to expect at bedtime, it makes it much easier for them to make the transition from waking to sleeping.
  • Spend some “special times” with your child. A few times during the day, go to your child’s room and have fun with him! Play, laugh, make eye contact and cuddle him! Making sure that your little one’s emotional tank is full by the end of the day will help them feel loved and connected. Children and toddlers in particular need that parent-child connection to be able to sleep better at night.


If you had to give sleepless parents a word of encouragement or support, what would you tell them?

I would like them to know that they are not alone! Sleep is one of the most common concerns for parents. The good news is that there is hope! Babies and small children can learn good sleep habits and become great sleepers! I’d recommend that they reach out for help if they have realized that their current sleep situation is no longer working for their families. With a good holistic sleep plan, every piece of the sleep puzzle can be put in its place, and when that happens, parents and babies start sleeping.

Maria Escola, Certified Baby and Child Sleep Consultant and Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, has been working with families all over the world as an infant and toddler sleep consultant since 2011. Have any baby sleep questions for Maria? She can be contacted through her website www.sleepymiracles.com or by phone at 604.788-3044



Best Mexican Restaurants in Vancouver!

Best Mexican Restaurants in Vancouver!

No! Cinco de Mayo is NOT our Independence day, in fact, Mexican Independence day is September 16! So I want to share with you my favourite places to eat Mexican Food AND what I like the most from their menu!


For Tacos:

there is no better place than La Taqueria! I absolutely love their tacos, salsas en quality of the meat they have! The flavour is so authentic, and the place looks like a real taqueria from Mexico!

For Shrimp Tacos:

Taco Fino! I swear they taste super similar to my favourite tacos in Guadalajara! They have so many options, including vegetarian!

For ceviche:

Sal y Limon (South Surrey) I’m obsessed with their fish ceviche! This restaurant is a win-win for parents as they have a kids area and also the space it’s HUGE! making it perfect for large groups. I also love their chips with their chipotle salsa!

For Guacamole/queso fundido and Flautas:

Zapoteca Mexican Grill in White rock! Omg, right now is my favourite Mexican restaurant! I’m obsessed with everything there! The owner is from Guadalajara, and every dish has this real taste, my mouth is watering just talking about their queso fundido!


For Chilaquiles and Nachos:

El Patron, tacos y Cantina. This is one of the reasons why I missed living in downtown Vancouver. Chilaquiles is my favourite breakfast in the whole world and they have the best in town! The shredded beef of the nachos it’s to die for! The drinks are also SO good! Especially the micheladas!

So now you know where to go this Saturday to celebrate with us! Let me know your reviews in the comments!

Happy Thursday everyone!


ilove604 nominated for Liebster Award!

ilove604 nominated for Liebster Award!

Hello all! it’s been a while I know! Life has been very busy, and I’ve been working on the side looking for great content for the blog that I’ll present soon, BUT, It’s been a very chill Saturday so I thought I would take the time to finally get back to my fellow blogger Kama and thank her for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is an award that exists only on the internet and is given to bloggers by other bloggers, helping us to connect with each other and grow our exposure.


I’m so excited to share with you the answers to her questions and to nominate some of my favourite bloggers! Without a doubt, this is my favourite part of blogging, the people you meet and connect! Here are 10 random facts about me before we start:

*I was born and raised in Mexico

*I love coffee

*I hate spiders

*I do not enjoy hot weather

*Winter makes me happy

*I have more raining boots than shoes

*I would love to be vegan but I can’t quit cheese

*I listen to the 90″S

*I want Kourtney to get back with Scott, but I kind of like Sofia Richie too!

*LOVE Gilmore girls

Ok, so let’s move to the questions, here we go!

When did you first start blogging and why?

I started my blog when I was on maternity leave with my daughter. I found very difficult to stay at home with her, so we were always exploring local brands/places. At the same time, I took a Wellness Coach certification so I was blogging reviewing all of these new businesses (new for me) and sharing healthy recipes.

What THREE words best describe your blog?

Motherhood, Local (made in Canada), Wellness.

If your blog was a beverage, what type would it be?

Black Coffee, with a little bit of sugar, and a little bit of cream.

What’s the best way you’ve found to drive traffic to your blog?

Social Media and word of mouth.

What are the most rewarding and most challenging things you’ve faced as a blogger?

Most rewarding: for sure has been making the blog a business. Working with some awesome brands that I use every day and support small businesses to grow.

Most challenging: finding the time to do it.

In five years, what do you want to see happen with your blog?

I would love working full time creating content that helps others to grow their small businesses.

If you work outside of blogging, what’s your day job? What do you enjoy most about it?

I’m a full-time online marketer. I truly enjoy the interaction with others and the people you meet on the road.

How do you attempt to strike the ever-elusive ‘balance’ between work and family?

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule. When I’m done with work, I put my phone down and concentrate on the quality time with my family and friends.

What’s your favourite social media channel + why?

It’s been hard to choose between IG and Twitter, but love IG because of the beautiful images and the motherhood community.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever travelled

? Any top tips?

South Africa for sure! My tips are: ask the locals where are the best places to eat, not necessarily has to be the expensive/fancy ones. Go grocery shopping and learn about the products they have, enjoy the nature, meet new people.

What are some of your favourite conscious  + ethical brands?

LOVE baby gourmet, attitude, I recently discovered free reign and LOVE IT!.


My nominees for the Liebster awards are:

Vancouver Mom

I haven’t met the whole team, but I was contacted by Harriet when I was nominated as one of the top 30 Vancouver mom bloggers, and since then I’m addicted to their site! They have so many tips for moms and feature so many cool local businesses!

Styling the Inside

I absolutely enjoy following this local mom and get some of her tips for Health and Wellness. She is so positive and real!

Loving little

I’ve been Keisha’s fan for quite some time, I go to her blog/feed for home inspiration,  brands, pieces of advice for anxiety and even fashion! Her feed it’s just so beautiful, and she is always sharing tips on how to improve yours!


RAW motherhood at the highest! Love how she keeps the things real, and enjoy following her on her struggles with motherhood! The good, the bad, the real!

This mama Loves Life

This is another account I go for pics inspiration, her feed it’s so beautiful and I really enjoy following her on her motherhood chapter!

Mama Indulges

This girl keeps everything so real, she is not afraid to show some emotions and her product reviews are the best!


Who doesn’t define their weekend plans by this website? It’s been more than 5 years? of me going every single Thursday to her Calendar to find out what is happening on the world. LOVE her!


Clarissa was the first blogger I decided to follow/read, and I’ve been her fan for quite some time now. I truly enjoy reading her articles about style, dating and single mom struggles.

Life As Wife and Mom

This girl! She is a terrific photographer but not only that.. she is a great blogger! I really enjoy reading/watching her real-life everyday stories plus her kids are so cute!

Question for my fellow bloggers:

1- What is the thing that scares you the most about blogging?

2- If your blog was a country, who would it be?

3- If you would have to bring another blogger to your team, who would it be?

4- Do you read other’s blogs or do you watch youtube?

5- What inspires you to blog?

6- What is the best memory with your blog?

7-If you could give someone a million dollars, who would you give it to?

8- What is the weirdest experience you have had with your blog?

9- Who would you like to collab?

10- If you can rename your blog, what would be the new name?


Best Christmas Gift: House Stories Canada

Best Christmas Gift: House Stories Canada

Wait.. what? It is not even Fall!

I know, I know, but seriously I cannot stop thinking how an AWESOME gift this is for anyone in your family!

Last month I was contacted by Darren from houses stories Canada to do a collab. When he told me he wanted to come to my house and take some pictures I just thought ” My friend, you got the wrong blogger” LOL!


If you follow my insta stories you know how messy my house is. We don’t have nice furniture or anything special, we don’t even have a bed frame!! But, when I took the time to read the whole concept, I started to get excited and I’m glad I did because this album is going to be a big treasure for my kids in the future!

“The happiest moments we have with our families – pouring syrup over a stack of pancakes, building a blanket fort, curling up on the living room couch – are the ones that tend to get forgotten. Housestories was created to preserve these seemingly ordinary moments and strengthen a family’s connection to their home and their past.”

Even tho we are planning to sale this house hopefully next spring, it will always be special for us. This is the house where Matias was born. It is also our first home ( purchase ).

We had so many family and friends staying here, so many memories that we would like our kids to see because they are not going to remember. Having an album with all of these images it’s just priceless!


If you are looking for the most unique gift, this is it! I wish I did this with my parent’s house back in Mexico, because now is all renovated and obviously my toys were giving to charity. I do have some blurry memories but I wish I had some pictures like this to bring me back.  If you like what you see, use the code ILOVE604 for 20% OFF ( your welcome ).






Vegan Korean Beef


Happy Saturday my friends! The recipe I’ve got for you today was a big success for my no vegetarian family. I’ve been following Erin Ireland for months now, and I truly enjoy her recipes and tips! I had to steal her picture too because the one I took was sooo bad! so here it is:

  • Basmati rice
  • Ginger
  • Green Onions
  • Pepper
  • Toasted sesame oil
  • Garlic
  • brown sugar
  • Sesame seed
  • chilli Flakes
  • beefless Ground ( we used Gardein )
  • Soy sauce
  • Onions

1- Cut the onions in small cubes and put them in a pan with oil, add the garlic, “beef” and cook for 5 minutes.

2- In a bowl mix the soy sauce, sugar, toasted sesame oil, ginger, black pepper and chilli flakes.

3-Add the sauce to the beef and mix well.

4- Garnish with green onion and sesame seeds. Serve with Basmati rice.

That’s it my friends! Easy peasy!  If you want to watch the video go to Erin’s IG! Enjoy!

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