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Getting Ready for Summer with The Chopped Leaf at Morgan Crossing


Everyone’s ( except me ) favorite season is almost here! Is already April, so there are only a few months before it’s time to show up our bodies and put those bikinis on. I haven’t lost the baby weight.. and when I say, baby, I mean since my 3-year-old was born lol!!

I gained soo much weight with my 2 pregnancies, and I haven’t get back in shape because I still make excuses to no wake up at 5 am and exercise.

They said is 70% what you eat and 30% exercise, so I’m trying to focus on eating as clean as possible, adding greens and nutrients to my diet to replace that lack of exercise, HOWEVER now that I returned full time to work, and Francisco keeps traveling, there is no much time left to cook and sadly I had lots of visits to Tim Hortons and Subway ( ewwwk lol ) until I discovered The Chopped Leaf!

It is very rare to find healthy quick meals, so I love having this option just 5 min from my home at Morgan Crossing!! Their Salads are to die for, and if you need more than greens you can make it a wrap, a sandwich, whatever you get I promise is going to be totally enjoyable!

Their customer service is amazing too! So I’m partnering with them to give away a $30 gift card for you to try their menu and judge for yourself!

I want to make your life simple so you can enter either via Facebook or Instagram!

For the instagramers:

You have to like my pic for the contest, follow me @ilove604 and @jdrai and tag someone that lives in the South Surrey/White rock area or that you would like to invite for a healthy lunch. 1 tag= 1 entry.

For the Facebook lovers:

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And tag someone that lives in the South Surrey/White rock area or that you would like to invite for a healthy lunch.

That’s it! The Winner would be announced next Sunday! Happy Healthy Eating everyone!




A couple weeks ago, I was introduced to this LOCAL company that not only has the most delicious healthy products, but also have a great vision, that is supporting local companies and entrepreneurs!

They have everything you need and they are adding more! From skin, body and bath to Home Art and Decor.. and something that I do not see very often.. MEN’S SHOP ( if you are looking for a Saint Valentine gift for your husband, you might take a look on what they have )

Their Customer Service is Amazing! I got the opportunity to try some of their products, and I sent others to my friend Kama ( @ethigal ) who was the one who introduced me to them. I’m so obsessed with their Vanilla Latte Almond Butter.. seriously you have to try it!!

If you are a local supporter, go and take a look on their website https://localboom.ca/ or visit their Instagram: @localboom



Baby Go Round

Since Mia was born, I became obsessed with Family traditions. I made a whole list of what I imagine they would be, and for the most part I’ve achieved them all, but my favourite one is the one on Christmas time that we just started last year.. giving back to others.

I know probably she is too small to realize what is to help others, but I want to make the holidays a “giving” instead of “receiving”.. Here is the story: when I was a child, the whole meaning of Christmas for me was the toys I was expecting to receive, and nothing more than that.

That’s definitely NOT how I want my kids to think. I want them to know how blessed they are and the value of sharing with others, so I started to look for some organization that we can give back in some way, and our 2 choices were the childrens hospital and baby go round.

If you don’t know baby go round, they are located on Kinsgway, and they are dedicated to help Families, mommies and babies in need with clothes, products, strollers, blankets, everything they would need to survive the big times. I love the idea of helping them because I know the amount of things we need when a baby is coming and how expensive this stuff are!

We have been very lucky with all the support that we have had from our friends and the community that I cannot think of a better place to give back!

If you like the idea of giving, you can check out their website: http://www.babygoround.ca/