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Madeline Bee Home Store!


I love having babies! I love their smell, their smile but I can’t wait for the kids to grow to have a fresh and clean home lol!!

I got pregnant 3 months after getting married with Francisco, we bought our home a year and half ago, we both have 2 full time jobs and now 2 babies. With that being said.. We are just starting building our home.

We are starting to make minor tweaks and changes to our decor, furniture and soon the entire home.! Even the little changes brings so much excitement!

Recently I paid a visit to our Local store Madeline Bee Home store in South Surrey, and I absolutely felt in love with everything! They have this beautiful White Mirror that I can visualize in my entrance lol! Lots of Christmas decor, and my favourite one was this super fancy cocktail glasses ( the one on the pic ).

They are about to open their second location at Sullivan Heights, so if you are around the area, stop by to check their cute items! pds: I bought this K’pure oil for my baby there and I’m already stealing some for myself lol!




Best places to eat in Downtown YVR

One of my favourite things about living in downtown, is the great places you can find to eat. There are a few places that are not longer there, like that amazing Mongolian restaurant on Davie street, or Don Guacamoles on Robson ( I guess the name was because they used to have the best guacamole in town ); But there are still some of my favourites that I want to share with you, so here is my top list:

Favourite Greek:  Stepho’s on davie

My favourite dish: roast lamb!!


Photo credit: Tripadvisor

Favourite Mexican: El patron tacos y cantina on Robson

My favourite dish: Their chilaquiles!!


Favourite Mediterranean: Nuba Cafe on Davie

My favourite dish: Their roasted cauliflower!!

IMG_1039Favourite dessert Place: Treescoffee on Gastown

My favourite: Blueberry cheesecake


Favourite Tacos: Tacofino on Yaletown

Favourite dish: Shrimp tacos


Favourite Mongolian: Great wall Mongolian BBQ on Denman

Favourite dish: all you can eat!


photo credit: Tripadvisor

Favourite Seafood: Joe Fortes

Favourite dish: Rockefeller oysters


What are your favourite ones?


Favourite Local Red


After sharing my secret love for red wine last week, I decided to make a post about it! I’ve been asking for recommendations to my followers and friends, and I’ve been trying different brands and flavours, but I have to be honest with you.. SANDHILL YOU ARE THE BEST lol!

I love love their Merlot! The sweet taste, the aroma, the colour. Everything about this wine makes me happy! Can’t wait for the kids to grow to join their happy hour! lol! pds: for those living in the Okanagan, they will have a Holiday sale on November 25!! ) for more about them, here is their website:

Another local brand that I tried is called ” Open “Last Friday I had such a long day, and the only thing I wanted was pizza and wine lol! I had both, plus my friend Adriana who came to make me some company, and both us tried this delicious wine as well from the Okanagan. Their Merlot has a little bit of spicy, but still feels smooth in your mouth.


and last but not least, Black Sage! From summerland BC! This is more berrylicious and soft.


Photo credit: Tripadvisor

What are your favourite local brands for red wine?


Support Local: 4D cake by Pepemcreations


A couple weeks ago, we had some special visitors at home. My dad came to Canada to celebrate his 60’s birthday, so I wanted to find the perfect cake for him. I went to Pinterest for some inspiration and I found “the cake”. It was peeerfect for him because he loves fishing and the cake looks special, so I contacted the girl who usually made the cake for Mia’s party but she told me she doesn’t make 4D cakes, so she referred me to this mom in North burnaby who makes them. I wasn’t sure because it’s a hell of a drive for me, but at the end I decided it was worth it. The girl’s name is Maria Flores and she impressed me with her detail work! And if you are wondering about the taste.. it was delicious!! My dad loooves dates so I choose the dates and vanilla flavour and it was a hit! Even tho my brother was the one eating almost all the cake lol! I love love her work and I love to support a local mom! If you have any special event and want to give her a try go to or contact her 604-839-3611 Happy Long weekend all!


Our visit to the Barca academy in Vancouver..

Helloo all! If you follow my insta stories you know that we paid a visit to the Barcelona soccer team school in Vancouver. We participated in their giveaway and we won a jersey and obviously I wanted to go and check the future soccer school of my kids lol! fCBEscola is the first FB Barcelona academy in Canada! They train and teach the little kids the basics of futbol with the same methodology that the Barca team use. Located in North Burnaby, they have a huuuge beautiful campus and if you are lucky enough like us, you’ll be able to find some trainers from Barcelona! thank you so much for the amazing experience and I can’t wait to bring my kids back! Xoxo Athe

Where to go in Kelowna.. Okanagan Lavender Farm

At this point, my blog should be call ” I love Kelowna” lol! This is how behind i’m with my blogposts! But I’m only sharing what I really love of my trip and this was the last place we went to before coming back so for sure this is my last post about Kelowna! If you are a lavender lover, you are going to die in this place!! We were there about a month ago? Or month and a half and the lavender was in full bloom! And as you can see in my pic, the place it’s absolutely beautiful! Obviously the smell was amazing and they have a little store where you can buy some goodies to take home. If you are looking for a location to take pics.. this is your place! I couldn’t do a photoshoot with the kids as I wanted because they were napping and it was time for us to come back to Vancouver, but I imagine the photos there being beautiful! And talking a about cool places.. today we went to our favourite farm in Langley called ” Krauseberry farm” I’ve post about them before.. if you haven’t have the chance to take a look, Do IT! Today for the first time I tried their sangrias and was one of the best Sangrias I’ve ever had! ( thanks Jenny and Juan! )And don’t let me start with the nachos! Lol! Mia was so happy jumping and running around, while mommy was trying to survive her last day of single mom! This is one of those places that are family friendly or friends friendly if you want to seat and have drinks with your friends! ( someday.. someday.. ). Happy Monday all!

Support local: Twine adobe..

I’m not sure what happened, but after my pregnancies I became super sensitive to the smells. I can’t stand the smell of eggs, I hate how my living room sometimes smell like dog ( I don’t have anything against dogs, but That is one of the top reasons why I don’t have one), and my kitchen sometime has this funny smells! And I refuse to buy those sprays with lots of chemicals, but in my recent visit to my local space in Langley I found this room spray made Local and chemical free!!! Can they be more perfect? They are locally made in Abbotsford and they have many other products like deodorant, cream body and more! I love how this spray leaves my room smelling like Vanilla! And I spray it all over my house as well lol! Happy Monday all!

ShopNdrop delivery..

Jeeeelou! I’m super behind with my blogpost as always, I wanted to share my experience with this company a couple weeks ago! If you follow my insta stories, you know I was looking for a king bed. We have family coming to visit us for the next 2 months ( or more ) and we only have 2 bedrooms so the kids are moving with us and there was no way we would fit a toddler, newborn and us in a double size lol! Plus this is the first bed we buy together, well, actually, we haven’t buy the bed yet, we have the box and the mattress but I still have to find the frame lol! Anyways, as I said we are short on budget so I needed to find someone to deliver the items in a reasonable price, and this was our guy! I’m not sure if he would deliver outside the area, we live in the South surrey/ White rock area, but it’s worth it to try! Plus he is super nice and have this promotion that after 10 deliveries you get one for free! He has lots of space in his truck, and he would deliver anything! Furniture, appliances, etc. And not charge you more! He asked me to take a pic to show how much stuff he can fit: another thing that I like? It’s a family business! He has 2 kids, one same age as my Mia! So you are supporting local! Super recommended if you are on a budget like me! Happy Thursday all!

Where to go in Kelowna.. The Bohemian cafe

Talking about goooood breakfast! Located in downtown Kelowna, They have the best tex-mex breakfast ( I ordered the Huevos rancheros ) that I’ve ever had! And i’m from Mexico so just imagine! Lol! I like when I find my favourite something, and i’m not really into the tex mex flavour but I keep saying “this is delicious” every 5 minutes. Francisco ordered the classic bennies and they were soo good as well! They have a huge space and a patio for those summer lovers. Another cool thing? They have homemade bread, homemade jam and listen to this.. Homemade MEATS!yeeep.. I was dying to bring the jam with me, but I read you have to keep it in the fridge and we were about to go back to Vancouver so I had to let it go. If you are a foodie and you are traveling to Kelowna or passing by, this is a MUST! Where did you find your favourite tex-mex breakfast? Happy Monday all!

Where to go in Kelowna.. Kangaroo creek farm

Hello all! I wanted to share with you my favourite place to go in Kelowna! ( and I guess in a couple of years when the kids grow up and I can pay a visit to the wineries this is going to change lol! ). A couple weeks ago, me and the kids decided to join Francisco in his trip to work. We stayed at this beautiful resort ( i’ll share with you later) but I knew I needed to take the kids out for adventour. I google what to do in Kelowna and this farm was a number one. When I told francisco we were in our way to see Kangararoos he didn’t believe me! I was so excited and curiuos, I always thought I would have to go to Australia to see one and not only see.. But pet!!!! Yess!! They jump around you, you can feed them or like Mia, try to hug them! This farm opens daily from 10 am to 2 pm and they have many other animals to see: this is without a doubt, the perfect spot for the family as is a great enterteiment for all ages.. Another great thing? You can get as close to the animals as you want! It’s like to be in the wild! Happy Tuesday all!

Where to go in Vancouver.. Rosemary Rock Salt

I’m so envy of those moms who can seat on a restaurant with their kids. Like seriously! How do they do it? On Saturday we went to one of our favourite neighbourhoods in van: Commercial drive. We love love the drive because it’s where me and francisco meet and we live there for the first year! I miss having all of those restaurants close by and the community tho! Anyways, i’ve been feeling weak and sick lately, and it was 5 pm and I was starving! So I told francisco to enter to the first place that we walk to, an Italian restaurant. We seat there but when we were ordering Mia started to walk away, the baby was crying, so Francisco gave up and told me to grab something to go and make a picnic in the park. So I walk away thinking I would ended up eating something unhealthy and feeling worse but ta taaan! Right next door I found this place that I didn’t see before! A new place ( at least for me) with some amazing bagels! I had to try them! I took a look at the menu and their fridge, everything there look yummi and healthy so I ordered the wild Salmon sandwich with some yam fries to go! Oh man! Soooo good and guilty free! I love having those healthy “fast food”Options! And the place is huuuge to go and seat with a group of friends, or enter with a huuuge double stroller like mine lol! They even gave me a coupon for a free bagel next time that of course I lost! Here is a pic of their menu and the amazing decor! Next time you go the drive stop by and tell them athenas from ilove604 sent you 🙂 happy Wednesday all! 

Where to go in Vancouver.. King Donair

I’ve been trying to cut as much as possible carbs for my diet. It is mega difficult because i’m breastfeeding and i’m starving all the time, so i’m trying to keep it real and have only one carb per meal, but I know my body, and I know that if I want to lose a couple of pounds I need to switch my vegetarian diet to a more Atkins one. I know.. it’s extreme, or maybe you are going to ask, why if I know atkins it’s the best diet for me I don’t stay in it? Well I don’t know how to cook meat, I don’t like cooking meat and I don’t really like the flavour of the one that I found at the grocery store, so as soon as I get to my goal I switch back to a more vegetarian one to mantain. Anyways, the point here is that we were in downtown a couple days ago, we didn’t know where to eat because Mia won’t let us, so we decided to just grab something to go and do a picnic on the beach ( thanks GAD for sunny days lol! ) We went to our favourite place for Donairs: King Donair on Davie street. Probably if you party at Celebreties you’ve been there as is just next door, and I remember seeing a huuuuge line up when I used to live in that area whenever there was a party at the famous night club. I’ve been trying lots and this place is still my number one! It’s just the taste of that lamb! It’s sooo damn good! If you are around the area you have to try them!!! Happy Wednesday all!

Where to go in Vancouver.. Seasons in the park

I feel it’s been a while since my last “where to go” post, as I haven’t been out lately, BUT as you know, it was Mothers day a couple of days ago so we decided to get wild and hit the streets lol! I’m so excited to write this post because I finally found the one! I finally found my favourite restaurant in Vancouver! The one that makes me feel like home! Everything about this restaurant screams my name! The view is spectacular, the food is delicious, the service is awesome and the prices are reasonable. I don’t know but it has this feeling, like it remind me home. It made me feel like if I were in Guadalajara. We ordered some mushrooms with cream cheese ( this was my favourite appy) cauliflower, Wild Salmon pizza, Teriyaki and some Pasta. You may think that doesn’t seem like something special, but the taste of those dishes were amazing and very particular. Being seating there, with the fireplace, in the middle of the Queen Elizabeth park, the Mountains view, with my family, the whole experience was something that I was looking foward months ago! Can’t wait to come back with Francisco for a date lunch or with a bunch of friends. This is a MUST visit place!!! If you haven’t been there, Call and make a reservation right now! Other thing that I love about this place? The space! This restaurant is super big with lots of space, kids friendly and the best part? If you have a difficult toddler you can easily take him for a walk around the park and come back! Happy Tuesday my loves! 

Where to go for Microblading..

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that back in October we went to Mexico to visit our family. I had to stay a couple of more days as I had to work in Guadalajara, which I didn’t mind as I consider it as my third home. We stayed at my mom’s place and I remember her coming back home with her eyebrows looking super weird. I didn’t like at all what they did to her and I didn’t know anything about this new thing call “microblading” and suddendly when I came back from my trip, everyone seems to be doing it. My favourite instagramers, my friends, my favourite bloggers, but I wasn’t sure about it until last Saturday. As you may know my mom is here in Vancouver helping me with the house duties and baby sitting while we adapt with the new baby, so before Matias born, I went to have a haircut at chatters salon at the grandview corners and while I was getting my haircut, my mom came super excited because she saw that one of the girls that works there had an amazing job done in her eyebrows. She got the contact of the microblading master, we called her and made an appoitment with her. I left my mom there and left as the procedure takes 4 hours, and when I came back to pick her up, maaan I want those eyebrows!!!! First, she is super nice! My mom described her as super professional and patience. My mom who had the first procedure done in Mexico said that her work is waaaay better than anything she have seen and the procedure was painless. She has an excellent customer service and the best part? She is a mom who works from home #supportlocal ! You can take a quick view on her Instagram #symmetrybrowart to see the amazing results! Can’t wait to have my eyebrows done! 

Where to go in Vancouver.. La Taqueria

I discovered la Taqueria almost 6 years ago, walking on Hastings st. I remember I saw this little place that caught all my attention with the quote “Pinche taco shop” and knew this would be one of my favourite places. I stop by, tried all their variety of tacos, meet the owner I believe from Guadalajara, Mexico and I love everything about this place. It was super small tho, not a place to go and seat with friends, but the perfect place to go and satisfied your mexican cravings. Later on I saw they open a bigger location on Cambie and Broadway, and the food was as good as the other location, and then a couple years later I started to see my friends from Victoria posting pictures about La Taqueria. The flavour of each taco is amazing! I’m very picky with Mexican food, and as a Mexican I can garanty you, that this is how Mexican tacos taste like and their horchataa mmmm.. Next time you are around stop by for some tacos! Pst: I heard now they are making awesome burritos as well!! 

Where to go in Vancouver.. Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont

Take me back!! Some of you know that I was born on San valentines day. Usually Francisco is traveling somewhere for work around that time, I think in 7 years he is being only in 2 of my birthdays ( suuuucks ) anyways, this year he was in a Business trip so I invite my girlfriends to come to my house and have some girls time. My friend Paulina happends to work at the Fairmont and she mentioned that I should go to their Spa and do one of those pregnancy massages. At the beginning I wasn’t “in” with the idea, because I had a massage when I was pregnant with Mia and it was a terrible experience. Anyways, Francisco I’m not sure how he got the idea but he contacted our friend and he bought me this as a birthday/san valentines gift. I re-booked this appoitment like 5 times no kidding! Every single weekend something was happening and I ended up going 2 weeks ago lol! So I guess this is going to count as Easter gift as well? Anyhow, it was the best gift ever! Seriously! Just to have almost the whooole day for myself, seating, doing nothing, relaxing, eating healthy snacks, drinking tea, taking those 20 relaxing showers, enjoying the beautiful view of Vancouver including my favourite place ( I looove canada place, I know is silly but I like to go there as for some reason has an special meaning for me ) no babies, no drama, only me, myself and I. I was seating there thinking, how can rich people not be the happiest in the world? Lol! If I can only do this once a month, maybe my energy and mood would change lol!!! I know if you are a mom you can understand how BIG deal is to have an hour for yourself. The service was excellent and the massage .. Oh GAD! I feel that they took out years from my shoulders! I think this is the perfect gift for a friend/mom/momtobe if you are looking to surprise! I’ll definitly come back when this baby is born that’s for sure!! Happy Wednesday all! 

Carpet Cleaning ..

As I’ve been mentioning, I’m crazy about cleaning right now. Just an hour ago I was re-cleaning the house just in case lol! Last week I hired this amazing team who came to the rescue and did a deep clean on my carpets. I hate carpet! When we were looking to buy a home it was so difficult because most of the ones under our budget had carpet everywhere! They said that your first home would probably not be your dream home, but that you have to select something that you can live with, without having to change anything right away, so ones of the reasons why I said yes to this house was because the main floor didn’t have carpet, the carpet was only on the rooms and stairs. Carpet in the rooms it’s not a biggie for me, but the stairs whole molly! It’s another story. The carpet was in a good shape when we buy the home, no stains and it was looking very clean, but with a 2 year old and a mega busy schedule the things have change lol! These guys came and remove ALL the stains and left my carpet look like new for a suuper reasonable price. Francisco was surprise because it was half of what we were estimating. They said that you have to deep clean your carpet twice a year, but I think I want to do it every change of a season ( in Vancouver we are looking to have all the seasons ) while we save some money to change our stairs. If you are planning to do a carper cleaning give them a call: Ultrasheen Carpet cleaning 604-574-7040 Happy Tuesday all!

Where to go in Vancouver.. Glory Juice co

Last weekend, I did my last trip to Vancouver to pamper myself at the Fairmont ( post later ), anyways, when we in our way there I suddendly remember that I haven’t have lunch, and if you know me, you know that whenever I feel hungry, I have to eat right away, so multiple that times 10 now 8 months pregnant lol! I wanted something quickly and as nutritious as possible, so I remember that I saw this place in someone Instagram and I was very curious to try it, so I asked francisco to take me there for a quick stop. What is better than smoothie for a meal to go? So I ordered the Chocolate Nutter, and it was the bomb! It was soo yummi that I decided to try as well their Hummus toast.. Yummm!! Happy tummy, happy baby lol! They have a great space with lots of lights, perfect for a girl lunch! They have so many healthy products as well, I brought home some to try as I like to have healthy snacks/meals around. Happy Friday all! 

Where to go in White rock.. Ulis restaurant

Last weekened we were looking for a place to brunch around the area, we didn’t want to drive far or wait long lines as it was already 10:30 am and we were starving! To find a restaurant on Sunday morning with not waiting time it’s hella of difficult around here, but I got a recommendation for one of the moms around the area about this restaurant by the water. We arrived and there was no line ups or waiting time, the menu looks simple, it was a very big space with a beautiful view and excellent service, and a big plus? They are kids friendly with a changing table. If you have babies you know we are always looking for places that can make our life easier lol! We ordered the eggs bennys BUt the big recommendation they gave me was to order the crab cake ones, they said they are delicious but I wasn’t feeling like eating seefood in the morning. Here is the menu in case you want to check it out. Happy Monday all! 

Support Local! My favourite Hair care Brand..

I’ve been wanted to write a review this brand for sooo long, everytime I take a shower I remember and then forget again. I started to use AG hair products a couple months ago and I love it! I have a very oily hair, like I used to wash my hair in the morning and have it oily at night, since I started to use these products I’m washing it every other day. Why do I love AG? First of all Sulfate and Parabens free ( parabens are preservaties found in lots of cosmetics products like shampoos, make up, etc. And they have been related with cancer and lots of health issues ), Dea free ( another chemical related to cancer),  Gluten free, Vegan, no animal testing and another big plus? Is made LOCAL! ( Richmond BC yall ) one of the key things that I learned when I got my certification as Wellness coach was to learn about every ingredient that I put in and on my body. I’ve to admit that I haven’t being as caring as I was a year ago, I think I stopped paying attention to all of this when I came back as a full time worker after my maternity leave with Mia end, and I feel guilty about this because before I used to spend hours in the supermarket reading every level but now I go in a hurry so Mia doesn’t give me a hard time and finally now I can understand all the moms lol!! But one of the things that is still stock on my brain is to choose Sulfate free Shampoo! For conditioner I use another favoruite brand that I will speak about in a different post as I use my face cream from that brand as well. Anyways you can find AG hair products in lots of salons around Vancouver, mine I bought them at Chatters. If you try them let me know what you think. Happy Wednesday all!

Where to go in Vancouver.. East is East

If you know me, you know that i’m a huuuge fan of Indian food. I just found it so nutricious and delicious. It took me forever to adapt to all the spices and flavour but I can say that after Mexican food this can be my second fav! A couple days ago I went to a whole day trip to Vancouver ( Hey I live in the South surrey/ white rock area, if I have to drive more than 40 min I’ll call it a trip! ) and I told one of my friends that I was craving Mediterranean food, Indian food, something like that, and she brought me to this restaurant. Maaan my favourite Indian dish is Paneer with spinach and they my friends, have the best soo far! It taste soo creamy and light that I didn’t want the meal to end lol! That mango drink was Mia’s favourite and the place is so big and spacious and the service was very good. I only write about restaurant that I like and that I’ll come back, if you are a Indian food lover like me, and you live around Kits this is a good place to go. This is their website in case you want to check out their menu Happy Sunday all!

Where to go in Vancouver.. Nuba Cafe

Just on writting this post my mouth is melting, my crave for that roasted cauliflower is out of this planet! Last week I had a day off ( no Mia around ) so I decided to go and pay a visit to my best friend Shirley, there was no doubt where are we going to eat because this our place! When I used to live in downtown, shirls and I were having our dates at the one in gastown, this time she mentioned there was a new location in yaletown so we went to seat there. As always the food and the service was amazing! We ordered an extra plate of hummus because one is never enough. The drinks there are delicious as well, sadly for me I had to keep it with water. This is my happy place, seriously I can eat tons of food without feeling guilty because everything is so full of veggies and nutrition that you don’t feel bad of living the restaurant with a full tummy. If you like mediterranean food and you are planning a girls lunch, this is the place!!! Happy Thursday all!

The best Tamales in Town!

I’ve been in bed all day watching Homeland and I don’t regret any minute of it! It feels good having that time for me, netflix and chill lol! Much needed resting time, not cleaning or cooking or doing anything.. Gratefully I had some tamales in my fridge that I ordered for a local girl in Langley and man.. They taste good!! My friend Adriana gave me the contact a couple months ago, and now everytime I have a party or reunion I used her! If you love tamales as much as I do, give her call! She has delivery services as well! Paty Fernandez 604-790-1304. Cheers!

Blonde hair don’t care ..

As I always say.. With every change comes more changes. Everytime I start a new chapter I like to do something with my hair. I don’t know why but it makes me feel like it’s a new me ready to start! I knew I wanted to go blonde for the summer, however I was a little bit hesitating because I not always look good as blonde. I was looking at my pinterest over and over trying to find the perfect colour, I wanted to do some ombre style to keep my roots dark in case I didn’t like it, and another issue was that I’m on a saving mode as I stopped working last Friday. I checked the prices in all the salon’s around the area, nothing under my budget so I post a comment on one of my facebook groups and someone recommended me this girl. I sent her a message and decided to give her a try.. So damn glad I did! She was super nice, listened to me and made an amazing job with my hair! Instead of the ombre style she told me to do a balayage, I’m not very familiar with hair styles lately but when I was looking for new colour on the internet I saw this is so “in”right now, so I decided to take my chances. I’m so in love with my new hair and so ready to start this new chapter as a stay home mom, if you live around the white rock/ South Surrey area I recommend you to give her a try! Check on her instagram as: allilaxtonxoxo or find her on facebook: Alli laxton. Tell her Athenas sent you! ( With Nira’s virgin radio voice lol ). 

Where to go in White rock.. The wooden spoon

A couple weekends ago, we were craving something delicious for breakfast, and we were looking for something close to our place and kids friendly ( that’s a looot to ask lol! ), so obviously this was the perfect place to go! If you are looking for those huuuge non healthy, super greasy breakfast do not come to this place! One of the reasons why I love this place is because they serve the correct portion, the food is clean, you can have your benny eggs with a kale salad on the side, and the taste is amazing. It is the perfect place to have brunch with your girls, and if you decide to take your kids they have a kids area on the back where they can watch some TV of play some games. I really need to make some friends around my area! We moved almost a year ago, but being at work all the time I haven’t have time to socialize at all. That’s one of the things that makes me excited about being at home with Mia next year, that i’ll have to take her to activities and hopefully meet some moms around the area. I’m really looking foward for playdates and coffee lol! On another news, I’m finally back to work.. At least for a few hours as there is a big storm coming up in the afternoon! I really needed to get out of the house and have Mia playing with her friends so she doesn’t get sick about being at home all day, drive safe everyone!!

Where to go in Vancouver.. Heirloom Juice!

Do you remember a couple post ago that I talked about my favourite local cravings? Please add their Baja burrito to the list!! I had a doctor’s appoitment in Vancouver, but I had 1 hour left so I wanted to stop by to the pottery kids store to check some baby room stuff, and this little local caught my attention. I was very hungry and wanted to eat something healthy, so I choose their Baja burrito and it was the most delicious and nutritious burrito ever! Plus guilty free! I rapidly took a picture of the ingredients so I can try to make it at home ( hey I live in south surrey, is a big ride just for a burrito lol! ) but I guess I will have to cross the massy tunnel or alex fraser because it definitly doesn’t taste the same, I talked about that burrito the whole day lol! I also tried their Iron man juice and I love love the taste! If you are in a new year resolution, and a busy bee with no time to cook or seat on a restaurant this is the place! Next time I’ll buy some in a bulk so I can maybe put them in my freezer for the week? Happy Wednesday everyone! 

Eat Local.. My pregnancy cravings


Ok.. I’m so excited about this post because as you can see i’m a big foodie. When I first arrived in Vancity I remember I told my roomie that the food here sucks, and I guess it was because I wasn’t use to all of this flavours, but my husband it’s been educating me about all of the different tastes around. In this post I want to share with you, my favourite local things to eat and what I’ve been craving in this pregnancy, so let’s start with my favourite roasted Cauliflower from Nuba cafe. Yess I know you may be thinking.. Seriously? Cauliflower? Man, you have no idea how delicious is this! It is so addicted that I cannot stop eating it! ( I stole this picture from their Instagram) when I was pregnant with Mia, I used to called my hudband asking him to stop by and bring some for me, otherwise he would not enter home lol! For breakfast i’m craving my favourite breakfast in the world: chilaquiles. As a Mexican i’m super picky with mexican restaurants and so far my favourite it’s el Patron, tacos y cantina on Robson st. They have the best chilaquiles in town! Then talking about Mexican food, have you try the fish tacos at Taco fino? Omg they remind me of my favourite tacos in Guadalajara! Soo yummi and fresh and another big craving for me.and talking about sea food, my favourite oysters in town are from Joe Fortes of course! Their Rockefeller oysters are to die for! Now of course i’ve to crave sushi! I don’t eat lots of sea food or sushi during my pregnancy but once in a while I allow myself to have some, of course nothing raw ( i’m craving the oysters so bad but I haven’t eat them yet ) and when I really want to eat sushi I go to Sushi castle in the grandview corner. My God, they have this special roll with shrimp, cream cheese and avocado that it’s my favourite from all the sushi places in van! And last but not least.. My favourite ice cream not only in town but in the world ( wow lol! ) Earnest of course! ( I stole this pic from Nuba cafe website ) what are your favourite places around?

Where to go in Fort Langley.. Watermelon tree


Last weekend, we went for a walk to one of our favorurite villages outside of Vancouver: Fort Langley. I just love the small community and their stores there. I wish we can move there, as it seems like an awesome place to raise a family, however we would have to either open a business or work for home as the commute to our works would be killer. Anyways, I noticed that they were lots of new stores this time, and stores that I never noticied before having kids, and I found this little kids store with all my favourite local brands. The first thing I saw when I entered was all the organic clothes from Vonbon and I knew it was a good store instandly. I bought the cutest leggins for my little boy, and I was really tempted to buy one of this bags that i’ve seen before: how cute are they? But Mia is going to stop the daycare in a month, and the other one hasn’t born, so I guess we will wait for next time. I’m becoming more and more fan of our local stores as they are doing a great job With the quality, and lately i’ve seen lots good sales. Next time you visit fort Langley do not forget to stop by and check out their amazing stock!


Krauseberry Farm ..


Last Sunday, we went to have breakfast at our favourite farm in Langley. I wrote before about Krauseberry farm, but I never wrote a review about their breakfasy because this is the first time we try it. They posted on Instagram that they will serve waffles for breakfast, and even tho I knew it was a bad idea for me to have that for breakfast, I insisted to go because It makes me feel that i’m in a farm having breakfast lol! It is soo cozy, the fireplace, kids, adults, nice and relaxing environment I just love it!

If you havent visit this place, it’s a must go on summer. They have different activities going on, pony rides, chu chu trains, lots and lots of kids activities and wine testing for adults. Sooo.. We tried their famous waffles and they were soo damn good. Even francisco who is not a waffle fan he love them! And Mia well..


Support Local: Parkside Custom Furniture ..


Hey guys! I just noticied that my previous 3 post are all about food.. Don’t judge me i’m pregnant lol! I wanted to share with you about this cool present that Mia received for Christmas, it is from a local family in Surrey and they do amazing jobs! I have no idea where my husband found them, but now we are very into house decor and this is one must have if you have little kids. The business is call Parkside Custom Furniture and you can find them on Instagram or Facebook ( they have more pics there) and take a look on their jobs. Their Customer service is amazing! First my husband purchased the same ruler but in wood colour, but I told him I wanted it to be white so it can match with the rest of the stuff we have on our kitchen, they changed it right away for us! Great quality and fast service, we hope this small business can get bigger so we can purchase more house decor in the future. Tomorrow it supposed to snow again, but this hopefully we are going to be able to have Mia’s birthday at last. I can’t wait to share with you all the amazing things I found for her party! Have a great Friyay everyone!

Support local: KEWE clothing..


When I announce that I was having a baby Boy, I had one of my friends telling me that when she gets pregnant she wants a girl because there are way more cute stuff for them than for boys. I have to say that I agree and disagree, lately i’ve  find lots of cute baby boy stuff. I’ve been looking to buy local, as I find local stores, and some stay at home moms are doing an amazing job creating this beautiful pieces for baby boys. I really like them better than childrens place and those stores. That is true that if you go to those stores you are going to find thounds of cute options for girls but for boys I feel i’m more selective. I’m a huge reader of the local bloggers in vancity, and there is where I found all of these beautiful stores. So I did my first purchase on this local store call ” KEWE” in abbostford. I went to their website and love all their designs so I purchase this cute leggins from them and look foward to pay a visit and buy more! I know some people tell me they prefer to buy in the big stores because you can find cheaper stuff but look on this way, the maybe cheaper ( and not in everything ) but it is because they have a bigger demand. If we support our local businesses and help our local community to grow, we will start seeing good deals around. Another reason why to buy local? I’m preparing myself to open my own business next year, and it feels good when people around you supports you and your family, I want to do the same for others. If you have time here is their website for you to check their designs: have a great winter wonderland weekend everyone!

Burnaby central Railway..

Last weekend we had Joshua’s birthday party, and they took us to the Burnaby Central railway. This was the first time I heard about it, and I’m glad that I get to go to this place because is one of the perfect spots for a birthday party! Specially if your kid loves the chuchu trains. This day wasn’t the best day, it was raining so hard, but even with the rain we had a blast! This train it was waaaay more fun than the stanley park one ( we usually go for easter or christmas train there ) but here is long trip and you are really seating in a train. The place is located in north burnaby ( my favourite neighboorhood in burnaby ) and is big and beautiful. If you have nothing to do this weekened and you want to take your baby/kid to a special place, this is the place! Not sure how to much are the trains ride because we got it for free but it is totally worth it. Plus there is a library so close if you want to kill more time! Have a great Friday everyone!

Where to go in Vancouver..

I heard that yesterday was a National Taco day! I can’t barely keep up with all of this new “days” with my full time work, baby and projects, but I really wanted to post this because this is my new favourite Taco place! Everything started last week when I was on my way to downtown, I had some meetings to attend but I was running early ( on purpose ) so I can stop by for some chilaquiles at El Patron. While I was at the bus I was on Instagram checking on pictures with the hashtag #yvreats and then I saw this picture. It was showing the most delicious taco that I’ve ever seen lol! I knew I have to get that taco no matter what, so I changed my plans and decided to go and try a new place, plus I heard lots of comments about this place before so I was extra curious. I am sooo Glad I did because it was so worth it! I went to their location in Yaletown ( There is another one in gastown ) and I had the most amazing shrimp tacos! They really taste like my favourite shrimp tacos in Guadalajara! Soo damn good! The service was excellent, the place is very nice and casual, they had lots of options so I took a pic from the menu for you to check it out. If you live in downtown van, go for a walk and have a Taco! Happy Wednesday all! 

Where to go in Seattle..

Hello all! I’m back!! I’m soo sorry that I’ve abandoned the blog this days, i’ve been feeling super sick, work has been extra busy, and life has been crazy. Anyways I wanted to share with you where to find the best chowders in Seattle Town!! We were in Seattle over the weekend, walking around the pike market place, and suddendly we saw this huuuuge line up for this tiny tiny hidden not inside the market but kind of infront. When we saw the line up we started asking people and they were saying that the one hour line up is totally worth it so we decided to do it and they were right. The best chowder that I’ve ever had! We tried the smoke salmon one and of course the clam chowder and both of them were delicious! If you are in Seattle or you ever go you have to stop by! Also if you want a guilty free dessert the little market after that have the best peaches ever! Is finally friyay and this weekend I am planning to relax as much as possible. Have a great day everyone!! 

Mommy’s accesories must have!

I am obsessed with all the accesories from Sugar Blossom! They are so colourful, fashion and chick! Every little details shows creativity and feminism. I wanted to treat myself with something special but under a budget, so Sugar Blossom was the perfect idea! I looove this Mama Bear bracelet, but it was kind of difficult to decide between this and “Camila”. They have beautiful bracelets for babies as well and matching mommy-baby bracelets! Go to to take a look on all of their beautiful designs! Today we are heading to the lake, is still so hot ouside! Happy Sunday!!

Laundry Saturday..

Morning loves! It’s been a busy morning cleaning and doing laundry. I bought this nelli’s laundry soap on the opening of natures fare market a couple months ago, one of my friends recommended to me because her husband knows lots about chemicals and stuff and after reviewing the ingredients he approved this product. As I mentioned before, I am very picky with all the chemicals around my home, so I really wanted to try this product and so far I love it! It leaves my clothes super clean and it doesn’t look as damage as when I use the regular soap. I use it specially for Mia’s clothes. We are heading to kits today, even tho the weather is not as hot and sunny as the past couple of days. Have a great saturyay all!

Where to go for Sushi..

Omg you guys! I’m soo obsessed with this place! Seriously it feels soo good that after 6 years living in a city where you can find crappy sushi in every corner, I finally found the one!! I’ve been in so many places trying to find good quality sushi and this is just around the corner from my house. Today I went to the Grandview plaza ( south surrey/white rock area ) and I knew I had to come back again. I found this place last weekend when my family and I were biking around the area, but with Mia being annoying I didn’t have the time to take a pic but this time I made sure I did. I don’t remember the name of this roll, I think is call “special roll” something like that, but it is the biggest and delicious roll ever. Last time we also tried the bento box, tofu, miso soup everything was amazing! The place is very small, so I wouldn’t go with a big group, but if you go with 2 or 3 friends and after that you can go for a walk and do some shopping. It is call “sushi castle”. Here is another pic, sorry that it is not the best quality but I was alone with Mia once again lol! Happy Saturday everyone!

Where to go in Maple Falls WA..

What a weekend! I want to say that this might be our last camping on the season, but we will try to do one more before Fall. This weekend was amazing! We bike, dance, swim, camp, there was a lot of things going on. This time we decided to cross the boarder as we knew our camp sides in Canada would be full. I am not into wild camping. I looove camping but I want showers and toilets that can flush, this time I had to make an exception only for one night because my hubby was so excited about this place.. And the truth is he was right. This place was amazing! It was super private, there was a huge beautiful clean lake, I think seriously this was the cleanest lake that I’ve ever seen. It didn’t have any plants or frogs or anything just rocks and clear water. It was so peaceful and perfect for kids, there is a big playground.

  Mia was soo happy because she is so into animals lately, and she had the chance to see the little duckies, horses and cows. This is a super hidden place literally in the boarder. You can even see the border patrol going around tryig to catch someone lol! It is located close to this small town call “Maple falls”. There is nothing in there, but we were lucky to find this little store call “crossroad” around 5 km away from the camping to buy some groceries as we were unprepared. There are also some canoe rentals and we heared that this place is famous for fishing. It took us nothing to get there from our place, I think it was the same time or less than going to downtown Vancouver. The name of the lake it’s call “silver lake”. If you are not done with camping season, and you want a very beautiful and private place to camp this is the place! Extra points? At the end I found out that just next to the lake at the camp office there are regular washrooms and a small store to buy candies and popcorn. Other options? They have beautiful cabins! I didn’t check the prices but camping was $40US for 2 I don’t think they should be that expensive. Have a great start of the week everyone!

Guia Vancouver Tours!

Hello all!! I’m so sorry I literally abandoned my blog. This week I’ve been crazy busy, lots of things are going on! I’ve been dying to write about this so today is the day! Have you guys visit the @guiavanconcouvertours instagram?! They provide the best tours in town! From Victoria to Whistler, from Downtown Vancouver to Seattle, they will take you everywhere you want to go for the best price!! The plus? The 2 guys doing the tours are super handsome ( lol!! ) if you have family or friends visiting and you are out of ideas or not time to do it, this is the best idea! You are literally going to save money, and we will take the pressure of cover everything from you. Book your tours now!


Short hair don’t care!


Today I decided to take my chances and cut my hair as short as I could feel comfortable. I went to Chatters as is the closest place to my home, being honest it’s been years since I pay attention to my hair, and I really don’t pay attention on places or anything, but today I felt in love with this place! The service that I received was amazing!! The girl who did my hair her name is Katie. I showed her the pic of the hair that I wanted, she asked me couple of questions trying to find out exactly what I was looking for and I was extremely happy with the result. She was super nice, the place is so spacious, they have tons of products for everything. They even have the shampoo that I love that doesn’t contain parabens or gluten. It is a super location because after your hair cut you can do a little bit of shopping at indigos or H&M. If you live in the South Surrey/White rock area this is the place to go! Their phone is 778-294-4410 and the address: unit 80-16041 24 avenue, Surrey BC. Call them and ask for Katie!! Happy Monday everyone!

Nails Nails Nails


Morning all! This weekend was all about shopping. My hubby had to work on Saturday so Mia and I hit the stores all day long ( hey I have to keep that toddler busy ) and on Sunday we decided to go to Bellinham to buy some stuff that we needed. Everytime we go there I regret doing shopping in Canada. Even tho the dollar is soo expensive right now, it’s still cheaper to go to ross and buy some toys for Mia there than to buy them at Winners here. Even tho I rarely buy toys for Mia, now that she is all about speaking, I wanted to buy some toys that can help her to extend her language, and while I was looking for that I came across these beautiful nail Polish lol! It’s been yeeears since the last time I colour my nails, I’m always cooking and cleaning and this and that and I do not have time to seat and do my nails, but when I saw these colours that look so natural I had to have them. I got so lost being a mommy and a wife that I feel I forgot to take care of myself, so I am determinated to pay more attention to me now! Anyways today is extra coffee morning, have a great morning! Where to go in Powell river..

As a Mexican, I’m always craving Mexican😉 lol no seriously, I cannot be more than 2 weeks without eating Mexican food. Quesadillas just to be my everyday dinner, but I had to stop them as my jeans were not fitting anymore. During our trip to Sunshine coast, I was having this amazing breakfast burrito at the cove, the little restaurant in the ferry station close to egmont BC ( seriously, best breakfast burrito ever! ) and then I got curious about that little ferry so I told the group that we should jump in and see where do we end. So we took the ferry to unknown island, and someone told us we were going to Powell River. So I google it and I found this super place call Inland park, I wish I could’ve know about this place before, it is the perfect camping spot! Is in the middle of nowhere, super clean, private, a huge beautiful lake!  After having fun all day in the river and have a good swim, we were starrrving so we decided to go and explore and try to find a decent place to eat. I look at yelp and this little mexican restaurant had lots of stars so we stop by to eat some tacos. Omg the taste was soo good! Is it a little restaurant but it’s super cute and the service is very good as well. We ordered some tacos and “nachitos” we lots of cheese and my tummy was very happy after. If you have the chance to go to Powell River and you are a taco lover like me, stop by Costal del Sol restaurant! 

After camping essentials ..

Man! I haven’t shower in 3 days lol! I wanted to stay more days away from the traffic, work and everything around this city but at the same time it feels soo good to have a proper shower and feel clean! Walking around Powell river I stopped by this local market, where I found all the things that I love, and I bought this hand made Chocolate Tangerine soap. The smell gives you all the relaxation feeling. After my shower I put on this cocoa oil mask ( I don’t know whatzup but I’ve been craving chocolate so much lol ) gosh it’s just what I needed! My face feels so much clean! It’s been a great weekend all around Sunshine coast! I’ll be blogging my favourite places and things about this trip. Have a great start of the week everyone!

Where to go in Vancouver..

Walking around kits, this little store caught my attention, of course if I can smell chocolate you have my complete attention lol! So Mia and I enter by and we found this person seating making chocolate! Yeep she was making chocolate figures, I was walking around and she approached me and asked if I wanted to try them. She gave me 2 pieces and I was completely sold! Omg there was 3 different flavours in each chocolate and you can text the quality. I bought some to my husband to try them, and I went quickly to google them and I found out that they are one of the 20 best chocolate companies in the world!! This is the perfect gift if you have a chocolate lover love one. Here are some more pics and their website! Pds: they have raw, organic and Vegan selection!!

New health trend..

Have you guys try the new health trend? Or maybe is not new and it’s new for me but yesterday someone mention how lots of people is doing this new thing to lose weight.. Are you ready? Coffee plus coconut oil plus butter. Yeep, they said that when you add these two into your coffee, they take away all your cravings for the day, and you feel less hungry. Being honest coffee itself I feel helps a lot, and butter? Mmm I don’t think I’m going to do it but I was very curious to try the taste. If you guys decided to do it let me know if it works! Me? I prefer my coffee with my milk. Happy Saturyay!

Where to go in Vancouver..

On Father’s day I decided to treat my hubby with his favourite food: Italian. I found this place in a magazine and I am so glad I did! Rocky Mountain Flatbread is the perfect family rest! And not only that but it has everything that I love! Organic, Gluten free and Local!! This place really has it all!  If you bring your kids they can make their own pizza! How cool is that? The quality of the food is excellent, everything taste so natural, fresh and so delicious. Our waiter was super nice! They sale some gluten free pizzas, home made pesto, gluten free wheat and more! The restaurant is super big if you want to go in a group and they have awesome decor! This place is really a 10! If you around kits and you are craving some Italian stop by!

Where to go in Delta..

Morning! Yesterday I didn’t want the day to end, we were having so much fun at the farm! My friend Yazmin invited me to Emma Lea farm in Delta for some strawberry picking. We love it! There is something   about being in the nature, eating for the grown. Mia was very happy playing around, they have a kids play area, an ice cream store. I tried their Vanilla Ice cream and it was so good but what really good me impress was the prices! I filled out a bucket and it was only $2!!! Maybe because it was my first time doing this but seriously I wish I knew this before! Everything looks so clean and organize, I really enjoy the experience! Definitly Coming back next summer!

Where to go in White rock.

Yesterday my friend Adriana asked me if I could pick up her daughters cupcakes at Pikanik. Her daughter has some allergies to eggs and nuts so she is always looking for this kind of products, and this place has them all. When I arrived there I was welcome by this super nice and friendly girl that explained me what the concept was about. She showed me all their products and told me the story of how the owner lost thounds of pounds just switching to a gluten free diet. I’ve the chance to try their chocolate bar, lemon cookies and cornbread, they taste soo good. If you are gluten free, dairy free or egg free intolerant this is the place to go! I took some pictures of what you can find there, they are open Monday to Friday until 6 pm and Saturdays. I can’t wait to come back and buy the chocolate cookies dough. Today we are heading to the farmers market to pick up some berries. Keep you posted!

Playtime Pediatric Dentistry..

Mia finally had her first dentist appoitment and it was all a success. I wanted to find something close to my home and with good reviews, so I found this place at Yelp and the 5 stars that they have are complety true!! I love the fact that they are specialize in babies/kids because everything in that place looks so welcome for them. Mia was super happy playing with all the fun toys that they have ..
  And let me speak about the amazing service!! As soon as I got there, a super friendly receptionist came and offer me water and coffee. They are all super friendly and even tho Mia started getting very annoying because it was her nap time, they were super patiente with her and always smiling! The place is so anazing with lots of lights and super cute!! Dr Ella gave me tons of good advices for everything! As a new mom I have no idea of when was the right time to bring Mia to the dentist, or how do I need to brush her teeth, or what is the best toothpaste. They were over all my questions while Mia was busy reading all their books and playing with all of those toys. Another great thing is that if you have insurance, they have direct billing, meaning you don’t have to pay they will do all the process directly with your insurance! ( I always try to look for those places, it takes me forever to have time to seat in the computer and claim my things lol ) another plus: they are open on Saturdays! So you don’t have to ask for a day off at work! I feel so lucky that I have this place just 3 min from my home! If you live in the South surrey/white rock area and you are looking for a dentist for your kids give them a call! And please say that Athenas sent you, so I can enter to the ruffle lol! Happy Monday everyone!

Where to go in Vancouver..

I know these are not the best pics, the place was completly full and I had Mia in my arms, but I wanted to show you how nice this restaurant is and how goooood the food looks ( and how awesome it tastes ). This is by far my favourite Mexican restaurant in Vancouver. As I mentioned before it is very difficult to find good quality mexican food here, but el patron is the closest that you can get. My favourite are their chilaquiles.. Well the nachos are pretty damn good lol! The tacos, the enchiladas everything! The service is the best! The Owner Eduardo did a great job with the decoration. My husband loves to go there specially when is a soccer game because the environment gets very excited lol! This restaurant is located at Robson st. So stop by and get a margarita for this hot day! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Burrard Massage Therapy..

Guys! Do you remember I said that my hubby took me for a massage on Saturday? Omg seriuosly it was the best massage ever! It is not a SPA it is more like a clinic, but I guess they specialize on this because after I left the place I felt like  if someone took a heavy bag from my back. The girl was super nice, you can tell that she is being doing this forever because she was even explaining to me how everything was connected. If you feel stress and you really need a deep massage  her name is Barbara Bourne, tel 604-569-3483 or you can book online: the address is 508-1160 burrard st. Happy Monday everyone!

Another shitty day in Paradise..

Morning! It is rainy Saturday and today we are heading to downtown, my hubby surprise me with a massage ( review later ) and after that we will be looking for a bar to watch the Barca game. Yesterday We tried so hard to make Mia sleep in her room but it only last a couple of hours until she woke up trying to find us. I really need some tips to make this work so if you have some please share them! I’ve been lost lately I don’t know what is going on in the world, so far what I heard on the radio was the khloe kardashian filed for divorce, the kardashian family are making a movie, and more kardashian trash. ( don’t get me wrong I love them but man can we read or hear something else on the news, how about global warming or something? ) Anyways, have a great Saturyay everyone!

Where to go in Squamish..

Everytime we have some family or friends coming to Vancouver, we usually take them to Whistler, and everytime we take them to Whistler Shannon falls is our must stop! We love to be just seating there, listening to the water. During the weeks is soo nice because it is not crowded, and you can do a nice hike or even camp there! They have some bbq tables, or you can have a nice picnic there. I’m always curious of knowing what is on the top of the mountain.. Some day i’ll find out. Anyways it’s been a long long week and I haven’t pay attention to the blog but i’m back again! Have a great Friyay all!

Where to go in abbostford

After our camping during the weekened we were looking for some breakfast. I didn’t want to go to those big restaurants like Ihope etc I wanted to try something local, so I did what every blogger does, I went to yelp. I looove yelp I feel that everytime we are going to try something new I need to double check there, so I found this cool funky cafe in abbostford! The services is great as well as the prices! When you enter there you feel like in the movies lol! Like those classic funky cafes that you go and drink a milkshake with your boyfriend! If you like those kind of places this is a must visit. Happy Monday everyone!

Camping season Part 1

Camping season began!! I’m very excited because it’s been almost 2 years since our last one. I discovered camping when I moved to Canada ( or course ) and being honest i’m not the biggest fan of wild camping, myself I like to have at least washrooms tho! Specially with a 1 1/2 year old, I need things to do, so Cultus Lake was a gooooood idea to start with. Last time we were in the lake I was almost 7 months pregnant and I heard that some people was camping on the other side of the lake. We were lucky enough to find a good spot on a long weekend with no reservation. At Sunnyside campground you’ll find tenting, washrooms, free showers, a little store and a big big lake as a view. If you have kids this is going to be your best friend! There are thounds of kids everywhere and lots of families! Here a pic of my camping esentials! I discovered this wine 2 weeks ago eating at Boston pizza lol! Seriously it was love at first sip! It’s so fruity!! If you like sweet wine you are going to love it! This camping magazine is awesome! I’m already planning our next adventure! The little colourful bag is from Mexico, made by the natives in GDL and of course you need a light for those washroom trips after the wine lol! Have a great Sunday everyone!

Where to go in Vancouver..

Good morning sunshines! If you are looking for places to visit with the best view during the long weekend this is a must!! Cloud 9 restaurant on Robson st offers a 360 view of Vancouver and the best part? You don’t have to pay for it. Usually you have to spend $60 or more on a buffee that is not even tasty for you to be able to seat and have a nice view, here you can either seat and have a nice dinner or just have a beer or a coffee. Prices are good like any other regular restaurant in Vancouver and the service is good as well. Is kids friendly and great for groups. We are heading to whistler today I’ll keep you posted. Have a great Saturyay everyone!

First step DONE!