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Breakfast with Santa!


I love this time of the year and all the events happening around the city! This year we will be attending the Breakfast with Santa with the White rock fire fighters, as all the proceeds go to local charities! If you happened to live around the South Surrey/ White rock area let’s support this local event!

Happy Tuesday all!


DIY house projects..

My house is a mess! Well it’s not a mess mess, but I really want to do lots of changes including in the furniture. Our goal almost 2 years ago was to buy the house.. then the next goal was our second baby.. and now the next goal is to invest in our house. We just had our baby 3 months ago, so when i’m saying our next goal is starting probably next year, but I wanted to start with small changes, something that we can afford. I definitely definitely want to take out all the carpet on my stairs and second floor!! That’s my number one change, but as you know it is expensive. Francisco wanted to try and do a DIy in our second entrance, an being honest I didn’t think it can be worst as it was lol! So I let him do his project. We had this huge closet that we used as storage and this horrible floor coming from the garage, so Francisco changed it to the same floor we have in our main floor and being honest, he did a good job! He completely removed the closet from the entrance and he want to put some furniture there like a place to hang your coats and a closet to put your shoes on. The next thing I want to do after
Changing all the carpet would be the kitchen! I want to completely change my kitchen including the cabinets, etc. I want everything in White! So I started with our kitchen table! It was so easy and such a fun thing to do as family, and I love love love the result! another thing that it was urgent to do is our living room! Even tho I cannot and I do not want to buy furniture because I really want my kids to have an area to play ( that’s other project as well, we want to build a third room in the garage later on) but on the meantime, part of my living room is their play area, and it was a complete mess! Toys everywhere, tons of colours, just a mess! So I decided that my kids can have a play area but they do not need all the toys around and we can do it in a much cleaner way. I didn’t know how much I love home make overs but now i’m kinda of addicted! Next DYI project.. coffee station!! Does anyone have ideas? Cheers! Athenas

Temporary single mom..

hey guys! Sorry I’ve been away for soo long, but my hubby is in Toronto and I’m a temporary single mom! Seriously, what keeps me going is a girl that I meet in one of those mommy’s group, that is a single mom of baby twins and a toddler, everytime I feel is too much I think about her and I know this is nothing. Anyways, since Francisco left I’ve been trying to maintain Mia as busy as possible, so I haven’t being at home at all! I’ve been living at Guilford mall, playgrounds and today we assisted to the White Rock Princess party ( can’t wait to write about this later ) run errands, do the groceries.. I really wanted to push it and cook something but instead I served some wine, chips and watched Moana for the 60 time. I know everyone was in Vancouver watching the fireworks, and I actually wanted to go because I had a birthday party at second beach, but let’s be honest.. Me.. a 3 months old and a toddler.. there was no way i’ll find parking by the time I was out of the princess party to leave.. if I take the bus the massive crowd on the way back with my super tired and upset babies would be anything but fun.. so I didn’t want to taste my luck and decided to have a Saturday night at home with these two.. but if you are in vancity, send some pics! Celebration of lights it’s one of my favourites summer activities! Have a great night all!

That pregnancy weight..

Ladies and gentleman, this is me almost 3 months ago. I didn’t want to edit the pic so you can see my real ME. I remember that when I took this pic to send it to friend, I thought there was NO way that i’ll post it on my facebook or Instagram, I was so ashamed of my body that it makes me feel bad of how bad I felt that day. Back to my first pregnancy, I remember hating my body soo much! I barely took pictures of myself, I felt sooo ugly and I remember thinking that there are 2 kinds of preggo moms, the ones that look soo pretty and the ones that look so bad like me. Then when I got pregnant with Matias, I remember saying to myself I will really take care of myself so I can take lots of pics because it would be possible my last pregnancy, that I would love and embrace my body and enjoy it so much, but.. that didn’t happend again. I committed the same mistake of hating my body and now that I take a look back on those pregnancy pictures.. I really like them!! Why? Maybe because now I don’t have the same pressure of looking at myself and see me that big.. I see that mega huge tummy, I look at Matias and it makes me smile. I can’t believe I was feeling that bad with myself. I can’t believe I didn’t enjoy see me with a human inside, I can’t believe I hate it! I still look like a 6 months preggo but being honest, I’m not in a rush! I just recently switch back to my pre/ pregnancies diet and I know is going to take months or maybe years for me to be back on the weight that I was, but now looking at those pictures I realize that in a few years I will look at my pictures of right now and I’ll smile.. and most probably i’ll miss this times. Happy Saturday all!

Getting ready for #canada150

As you may know Canada day is coming, and being honest, with a 2 month old I didn’t have so much expectations, but even tho, I said YES for camping. I know is not going to be the camping that i’m imagining: seating, drinking beer, listening the birds, watching the beautiful lake view, I mean c’mon! The lakes are going to be mega crowded, my newborn is going to be crying, i’ll be breastfeeding and Francisco is going to be behind Mia going back and fort to the playground lol! But we don’t care! We refuse to stay at home! This is the only part that I like about summer and i’ll do everything to have it and make the most of it! I know i’ll still super busy changing diapers, etc etc but at least we are going to be spending time together with a different view! Anyways.. I wanted to write the things that I love the most about Canada, as I don’t think i’ll have time to do it during the weekend. This Canada day I want to celebrate the people, the values, the lakes, the multiculturalism, the parks, the cities, the language, the food, the acceptance, the love, the mountains, the beaches, I love everything  about this country, and I couldn’t choose a better place to have my kids! I felt in love with this country more than 10 years ago, and even tho I wasn’t born here I love it as my own and i’m so proud to be Canadian! Happy Canada day to all my fellows out there! Happy 150! #redandwhite  

Buddy the beagle birthday..

A couple weeks ago, we were invited to @buddy_thebeagle birthday, this was my first time going to a doggy’s party and I didn’t know what to buy to him. I was guessing that he would have all kind of dog’s toys as he is the only “child” in the family, and he is very spoiled by his mommy, so it was kind of difficult for me as I don’t have dogs and I don’t even know where to buy a present for them. First I thought on Pet smart but that so classic, this dog is a “cool” dog, a special one, so I wanted to find something different. Searching on Instagram I found this place called “Three dog bakery” in Van, and I decided to go and take a look. They had all kinds of treats for them, cookies, donuts, even birthday cakes! They can costumize your cookies or cakes and the best part? They only use natural whole ingredients! They even have gluten free, dairy free options!! I went to their website and I discovered it is a franchise in north America! They also sale toys, plates, and everything you need if you are attending a doggys party like us or you just want to surprise yours! Here is their website if you want to take a look: http://www.threedogfranchise.com we love his little party at kits beach, I mean, look at this beautiful decor: paloma, you are the best doggy mom ever! Cheers to you! 👏🏼 Happy Tuesday all!

Mini vacay ..

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t write anything lately, i’m currently in a break enjoying our mini trip in Kelowna.. And when I say enjoying means, not having to clean or cook which is a BIG deal lol! But obviously   Traveling with a newborn and a toddler is not relaxing or fun as before at all! Yesterday I was on a stroller walk in the Marina, and I passed by the Cactus club, and I saw these beautiful girls, with their hair done, make up on, having drinks and enjoying a girls time and I felt sooo jealous! I know I know.. There is a loooot of people who would love to have my life, and don’t think that I don’t feel grateful and blessed, I know this is only temporary and that soon Family vacations are going to get much better, but You have to understand that it’s been almost 4 years without me having a “normal” life… So don’t judge me if I sometimes miss it! It hasn’t been that bad tho, today I was lucky enough to have 30 min in the hot tub, we had an amazing breakfast at the VIP lunch, and spent the whole morning by the pool with a friend and her kids. Soo no.. Life doesn’t suck.. Life is pretty good, but still on Mommys mode, wearing mommys clothes, with Mom hair, no make up on, with vomit all over my shirt, breastfeeding every 2 hours, changing diapers every 3? But yess with lots of hugs and kisses from them! Enjoying while they are that small they said.. Happy Wednesday all!

Father’s day gift guide

I kind of excited about this post, because lately i’m fascinated with boys stuff and I know it can be hard to buy for them! To start I selected Dr Martens shoes because those are Francisco’s favourite! I didn’t know about them until I meet him, and in our last trip to Seattle we paid a visit to their store and I felt in love with them!! Can’t wait to buy a pair for me and the kids! The quality is excellent and they make them look like a cool daddas! Next I choose a Roots wallet because again I like their quality, I bought one for Francisco a couple years ago and is still looking like new! But you can buy one from his favourite brand, that is something that they use daily so you cannot go wrong! Third a Daddas T-shirt! I bought this one for Francisco from a local company in one of the Spring Market events, I love all of their designs! You can find them on Instagram as #mycheekybaby ! Then I selected a nice Michael kors watch for those daddas who loves high brands, and finally a well deserved day at the SPA! Who said that they don’t enjoy having a massage and time for them? I will recommend again the Willow Spa at the Fairmont Pacific Rim! And if none of this gift would excite him, you can’t go wrong with cooking his favourite meal and a nice card telling him how much you love him! Happy Shopping! Xoxo Athenas

Don’t forget “US”

If you follow my Instagram stories, you know I catched a very bad cold since yesterday. All day has been like a nighmare with this hot weather stock at home with my newborn and my toddler! My husband was able to come home early to help me with the kids ( I looove to say the kids lol ) so I can have some rest and try to get better for tomorrow. He took Mia to my gym, came home, help me with the cleaning, etc. So around 8 pm he asked for 15 min break for him. He left the kids in bed with me but I forgot my water in the kitchen so I went downstairs and suddendly he said ” come here, 5 min. Let’s seat only the two of us”. Mannnn it feel so good to just be us, reminding us that WE are important too! And then we started talking about how we do not feel good with our physical appearence anymore and blablabla but at the same time we were supporting each other reminding one to another that this is temporary. We don’t have to wait yeaaars to exercise we can find sometime here and there but let’s be honest! This kids are going to be in school in what? 5 years? And after that we are going to start having more and more time for us, and we are going to start missing them as babies ( or maybe not ) but what it’s important is not to forget about us.. Why? Because at the end it’s going to be only us again. It’s very difficult specially in our situation with no family here to find the time, but even if it’s only those 5 min it makes a change! What do you do to keep the love alive? Happy Thursday all!

Guilty mommys time..

My beautiful Big Sister! Yesterday I felt so guilty because I didn’t pay enough attention to her! I’ve been wanting to have some ME time so bad! This is the story.. On Wednesday I was sooo looking forward to have some Girls time, I supposed to go for drinks with one of my friends, I arrange everything with Francisco so he could come home early and take care of the kids, I took a shower( big deal! ), I putted some make up on my face and I even fix my pony tail lol! I took my workout clothes out and I was impatiendly waiting to be 5 pm! But then my friend had some stuff at work and at the end we had to cancelled our date.. Man don’t you hate when that happens? I prepare myself mentally that I would have a rest and now I was feeling more tired than before! So on Thursday I asked my hudband to pleaseee take care of them for an hour so I can go to the sushi place infront of my home, alone! I don’t care! I just needed a rest.. Well.. 20 min later he was calling me that Matias had some big explotion, that Mia wasn’t doing well either.. So again no rest for the wicked. Yesterday well.. I already talked about this on my Instagram but I was overloaded again! So I took Mia to her activities in the morning since 10 am, I was talking with other moms and competly ignoring her when she was interrupting us every 5 min. Because I really wanted to have some adults time! There where tons of kids to play with, but she wanted ME to play and talk to her.. And I do understand why, because this is OUR time.. When we are in her activities suppose to be Mia and Mommy, and now i’m bringing Matias with us, and sometimes he would wake up with the noise, or because he is hungry so I have to stop being with her to help her little brother and that sucks for her. Talking with other moms they all tell me they passed by this and that is going to be gone so fast, that I should enjoy it, but sometimes you feel so overtired that you completly forget to do it. There are days that I can barely open my eyes! I wish I had more energy but how? I already feel I’m pushing my body to the next level! So today I want to give her my time, we are taking her for some Canada day arts and crafts and to a kids party.. Today is another day to do it better? Happy Saturday all!

Happy Mothers Day

I’m writting this post, while i’m holding my little Matias in my arms after an almost an hour breastfeeding, and I cannot feel more blessed and happy! I laugh on those days when the doctors told me it would be very difficult to me to get pregnant, like seriously! Mia wasn’t plan and we had her 3 months after I stopped the pills, and Matias was totally planned, and he came as soon as we tried. I wasn’t sure if I would ever be a mom, and I never imagined myself being one.. No that I didn’t want it, but I just didn’t picture myself being one. When I found out I was pregnant with Mia, it took me almost a week to let Francisco know because I was in totally shock. I remember exactly the moment I knew, it was Sunday, Francisco came out from the showe and I just couldn’t handle the smell of his perfume.. And in that moment I knew!!  my mom came to my mind, she used to tell me that when she was pregnant with me she hated my dad’s perfume, so very inside of me I knew I had something growing inside! I didn’t say anything to Francisco, I just went to the pharmacy bought that pregnancy test, and I remember staring at it in the washroom for like 10 min. I wanted to cry, to smile, I was in shock.. I didn’t know what to do, so I hide the test in my closet and started to act like nothing happened. I remebered the next day on my way to work listening to my ipod, I was on the bus and my mind was imagine all of this things. After work I went to the walk in clinic to do the blood test, and I wait for the results before telling Francisco. There are lots of things that i’m afraid of.. But the biggest one is to forget my babies birth. For some reason I remember clearly every second on Mia’s birth, better than the one with Matias that only happened two weeks ago. My theory is that because with Mia I had an epidural and with Matias I felt all the pain, and maybe my mind blocked  certain moments on Matias birth because of this.. Anyways, I remember clearly the moment when they putted Mia in my chest, she was crying and suddendly she started to climb until her face was next to my face I told her “good job” and suddendly she opened her eyes, look at me and stop crying. I have this image of us staring at each other, knowing that we will be connected forever. I knew in that moment that I’ll never love someone the way I love her. That she was a part of me, like a part of my body that comes separately.. But still mine. With my Matias it was different. The pain was unbelivable, I feel that I fight so much so he can arrive safetly and suddendly they put him on my chest, he didn’t climb like Mia, I moved him next to me and I really don’t remember what I said to him, but I do remember being looking at him, and felt all of this love and gratitude, I couldn’t stop kissing him, I was in shock again.. I was amazed!! Did I just created a little man? How was that possible? We spent all of this time together, we went trough all of this emotions and things that happened while he was in my tummy, some of them happy, some of them sad and painful. He was with me kicking me from the inside, reminding me how strong I can be. He was making me feel that it didn’t matter what can happened, I’ll always going to have him.. And now he was finally here! He was finally in this world so we can take care of each other. There is no words to describe the love I have for these two. It is true, you gave up your body, your life, your sleep, your sanity, and you do it without thinking. You do it not expecting anything back.. Well maybe a little smile! I know i’m not the best mother, I know i’ve made lots of mistakes, but i’ve never feel more proud of myself. Motherhood is without a doubt the most difficult job, the one that makes you get all the skills that you were missing. Multitasking, patience, fast learned, and the list goes on and on. I  admire all of my fellow mothers, we are all different but we have one thing in common.. We will always remember the way they make us feel. Happy mothers day! 

Matias birth Story..

I’ve been receiving lots of messages asking me how was my birth, I couldn’t stop talking of how afraid I was to be over due, how hard I was working to bring this baby out and how afraid I was of not having anestesia that I guess everyone is so curious about what happened. Well .. Gratefully he arrived according to plan, he arrived on his due date, in perfect timing ( Francisco was at home, Mia was sleep ) and fast enough to not have any anestesia!! If you followed my instagram stories, I was walking like crazy, eating pineapple, they did a membrane sweep a week before, I was trying everything because my tummy was soo big and I was so afraid to be over due! So on Tuesday 25, I had my regular doctor appoitment and I cried with the doctor and told her how nervous I was, as the next day I was reaching the 40 week and they did planned an ultrasound for may 04 to check on the weight of the baby and take a decition on my delivery. She told me that everything was fine, and that we will try the sweep one more time that usually second time works better. After my appoitment I didn’t feel like walking or doing anything, I was done trying. I went to pick up Francisco, we went to michael’s to buy some stuff as he had a work event the next day and we came home. I felt sleep and at around 2 am I woke up to pee, I had some cramps but I did have them when they did the sweep the first time, so I didn’t pay much attention, I had a little bit of blood on my pee but I came back to bed. I couldn’t go back to sleep and I felt that the cramps were going stronger, and suddendly I knew something was going on.. Or maybe not.. But I was so afraid of not having an epidural that even I didn’t have lots of pain I wanted to exagerate, so I woke up Francisco told him we needed to go to the hospital right away. While I was waiting on the car, the cramps started to be more stronger, Francisco couldn’t find the keys, I was getting so nervous.. Where the hell is him? Is he taking a shower? Are you kidding me? Moooove!!! Finally he found them and thanks GAD peace arch hospital is only 5 min from my home! So as soon as I arrived at the registration I told the girl that I was having contractions, she looked at me and asked me if I needed a wheel chair and I responded no, and suddendly my water broke! Omg, it was water and more and more water coming, they put me in the chair and gave me a room right away!! I was so surprise of how fast I got a room because with mia it took hours to get one back at woman’s hospital, anyways.. I started telling and telling that I wanted an epidural, please call the doctor, I need to have one. They said they needed to do some blood test first and see if I can have one, the nurse put her hand on my thing to check how long I was dilated, and she said I was only 2 cm, BUT she wasn’t sure. It did feel more than that and my contractions were every 3 min, we wait 10 min and another nurse came put her hand inside and said: you are now 4 cm.. And I was getting nervous.. Where are those blood results? Can you wake up the doctor? I need anestesia!!! Then  a resident came and he wanted to check if I can still have an epidural, he put his hand inside and suddendly I was 5! Man this is going fast.. Where the hell is my epidural? My whole body was shaking.. The contractions where every minute, not time for rest, they put the laughing gas and was horrible! I was feeling nauseous, finally the doctor came I was 6 cm and suddendly 7 omg the pain is horrible I cannot even breath.. Then the heart of the baby started going slow, doctors started to get nervous.. We need to help your baby.. Pleas turn to your right.. I cannot move!!! I’m in so much pain!!! The heart of the baby!.. I was listening to the monitor, his heart is slowing down! I turn and the anestesia was  arriving, i’m screaming epidural, they asked me to seat so they can put the anestesia.. How can I seat? Man this pain is horribleeee.. His heart rate is plummeting.. I don’t know how.. But I got strong and seat and suddendly it was too late.. I knew I was about to have this baby with no anestesia, it’s time to push. I went from 6 to 10 in minutes!! I never understood how woman know when was time to push, because with Mia I didn’t feel anything because of the anestesia.. The heart rate of the baby is going down again, he doesn’t like your contractions you have to push! So I lied down and I remember one of my friends words ” the worst pain is just right before you push” those words kind of helped me as I knew it would not going to go more painful than that, I knew that my baby was having troubles, that I had to suck it up and help him to get out and I pushed so hard like 5 times, and in around 5 min He was crying and suddendly he was on my chest. What?? He borned at 3:58 am, I arrived to the hospital around 2:50.. In 1 hour all of this happened??!! Mia took me 24 hours!! Did I just have this baby with no anestesia? Is his heart ok? Is everything ok? I can’t believe he is here! There was still pain, but I was looking at him, so tired, so calm, I was hugging him telling him what a great work he did! We really appreciate the love and support that we received at peace arch! Also all the support from our friends and family! Thank you so much for all your kind words and all your help during this time. I cannot believe he is one week old and I feel so proud and so happy to know that I made it! That my body can be in that amount of pain and still strong enough to help a 3 kilos baby getting out! Is amazing what our body and mind can do together! Never understimate what you can do! Xoxo Athenas, Francisco, Mia and Matias. 

Mother’s day Gift Guide

Hello my loves! It’s May!!! Which means is time to celebrate all the mamas out there! Even tho they should celebrate us at least once a month, it feels good to have an special day to make it all about us lol! Motherhood is without a doubt the hardest work ever! So for this gift guide I’ve include all of the things that makes me happy and I know lots of moms would agree with me. First of all COFFEE!! Yess! And if you are more a tea person, a Starbucks giftcard will cover it all! Second a Diffuser, Perfect way to relax at home during bath times or when kids are sleepy, Third a cellphone case, who doesn’t have a cellphone? Four, a cute bracelets/necklace with our kids names, I love the ones from #tendermetal ! Five, a nice watch, and last but not least a well deserve SPA time! I looove my experience at Willow Spa at the fairmont pacific rim and I can’t think of something better than a rest time for us! What is the best mother’s day gift that you’ve ever received? Xo Athenas

Feliz dia del niño!

Today is childrens day in Mexico. We are at Crescent Beach having some Mia’s only time, as she has been feeling left alone lately. I feel so guilty that I haven’t have time with her for almost 2 weeks now! The first week because I wanted her to get use to my mom, and after that Matias arrived, and she is not super happy about it. Yesterday she was ignoring me when I was talking to her and when she saw me with Matias, she moved her eyes to the floor and made me feel so guilty and sad. Now i’m seeing the struggling between having a new born who needs all of your time, specially if you are planning to breastfeed, and a toddler. Between the breastfeeding, pumping, lack of sleep and lack of coffee, I know this is going to be a hell of a challenge, so if you have any advices over there my ears are wide open! My milk supply hasn’t kick yet, I do have but not enough to make this little boy happy, so I’m praying that when I stop having to pump is going to get a little easier? Can’t wait to start taking Mia to all of her activities, but I’m still healing and Matias is only 3 days old, so I guess I’ll have to wait another week! Happy Sunday all!

How to make a better Monday..

I know the quality of my pics kind of sucks lol! But For some reason I always forget my camara and I take ALL of my pics with my iphone. Anyways that’s not the point of this subject, today I want to share with you how I mantain myself positive on Mondays. Being honest for some reason I’m more againts Tuesdays than Mondays lol! I just feel that I had a good rest on the weekend so Mondays don’t really bother me as much as Tuesdays, because Tuesdays is when I finally realize that Fridays are too far! BUT usually mondays I do some things to start my weeks with the right foot! My non-sucky Mondays start with a good quality ( aka starbucks lol ) coffee. I’m a coffee lover and a starbucks fan, and usually I make my own coffee at home but Mondays I like to have what I love, so I usually stop by to get my grande soy latte. Second step, I listen to my favourite radio station to my way to work/mia’s activities or whatever I go, I love Jonny, Holly and Nira from virgin radio, they make me laugh so hard! Third, have your lunch/dinner cooked on Sundays! So you start your week with food already done in your fridge! I like to try new recipes on Sundays! And finally hit the gym! Or do any physical activity that you like! I haven’t done this in a while since I returned back to work last year and I was arriving home super late, BUT before motherhood that was something that help me to mantain my energy and good mood during the week, and I can’t wait to be able to do that again! ( hopefully soon! ) what’s your favourite way to conquer mondays?

Happy Earth day!

Morning all! Mia and mommy went to do some planting at the Meridian Centre in white rock yesterday. I remember last time I did this I was in primary school lol! One of the reasons why I love Canada so much is because they really care about the environment. Saddly in Mexico we do not have this culture of recycle, mantain the streets clean, the use of reusable bags and shopping local. Even tho I grew up in a small town and not a big city, I think there is still a lot to do. Another thing that Surprise me when I became a mom was how people here in BC donate their old clothes to a consigment stores and people buy used clothes a lot! At the beginning I wasn’t sure about this concept because in Mexico it’s a NO No! I remember Francisco taking me to Value Village to look for Halloween customs and I was leaving the store with nothing, because I was just not “IN” with the idea. But months after Mia born and I started to see how fast she was growing and how much clothes I was wasting, I decided to pay attention to the comments on those groups moms that I’m on facebook and pay my first visit to Once Upon a Child. I went to their store in Coquitlam and I love the concept and the idea! And now when I want to buy something that I know Mia is not going to use for long time, and that is going to be expensive I always take a look there first! ( There is another location just 3 blocks from my home! ). Same as me, for maternity clothes! Another thing that called my attention is that there is no much smokers! I used to smoke a loooot back in Mexico, and the next year After I moved to Canada I stopped smoking! And it wasn’t a concious decisition, it’s just that it was soo annoying having to be outside in the cold to smoke, or find the right place that slowly I just gave up! I love that Mia will have the opportunity to grow learning the best of both cultures, and I can’t wait to be able to do some gardening and projects with my kids! What are your favourite things to do to help mother earth? Happy Saturday all! 

That Cherry Blossom Pic

I know i’m so late with the cherry bloosom pic, but oh well! I love to open my window and have this view! I really like April! The weather seems so perfect, the sunny days, the colours. Can’t believe i’m still waiting for this little to come! But I have to see the good parts, I just had a 10 hours of sleep and it felt gooood! I know soon i’m going to miss so much my sleeping! Good thing that Mia is a good sleeper as well! It’s 8:30 am and she still dreaming! I’m looking for getaways close from home, I want new places to explore! So far my faves are Harrison Hot Springs and the Little Islands in WA! I love Portland, Whistler and Sunshine coast too. Any suggestions around BC or WA? Happy Thursday all!

Adri’s baby shower

When I was about 7 months pregnant with Mia, we decided to move from Vancouver to the Queensborough area in New west. I didn’t like the apartment we were living in because it was all carpet, only 1 small washroom and with a new baby I knew I’ll have our families coming to visit, and I’m not the kind of person who likes to share her washroom lol! We loooove our neighboorhood in that area, is call ” Port Royal” is by the river and they have a big park with playground perfect for families with kids. I was lucky enough to find 2 special friends who happened to have Mia’s best friends now, Sofi’s and Camila’s mom. Cami’s mom my friend Adriana, got pregnant almost at the same time as myself, we are like 2 weeks apart, so Ana ( Sofi’s mom ) started to plan her baby shower And I offered my help. I knew I wanted to use the same mom that I used for Mia’s cake, I just love all her designs with reasonable prices! I had to book her a month in advance because she is super busy, plus she is a chef at Wholefoods ( more credits ) you can find her on Instagram as @sugarybliss_ and I wanted the cake to have an special and personalized touch so I contacted another of my favourite local business @confetticrown both of them you can find them in Langley. I used my Candy bar for decoration most of them you can find them at Michael’s, some of them at Winners. Also we got some stuff from the Dollar store and Ana got those beautiful flowers from Walmart. I looove to use flowers for decoration, they make everything looks prettier! This was my last social event before “staying at home” to nest, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Can’t wait to meet baby Isabel! 

39 weeks.. Desperation!

Yesterday was the due date that my doctor in Mexico gave me, and tomorrow I’ll be entering to my 39 week with the due date that I got in Canada. My anxiety is going into another level! Can’t stop thinking what is going to happen if he doesn’t want to go down! Yesterday we decided that we needed to start moving with our life instead of being at home waiting, so we got adventurous and hit the movies lol! There is a small movie theatre one block from my house that I love! It’s so small, so cozy. At the beginning because from the outside looks a little bit old, I thought it would look like the Dolphin cinema back on Hastings st, but for my Surprise Caprice white rock cinema looks like new! I love having a cinema close to my home that I can just walk and support local families! We went to watch the new fast and furious movie, and even tho wasn’t super comfortable being seating for 2 hours, I enjoy every minute because I know that soon those dates are going to be over. Enjoy while you can they said ..

Happy Easter all!

Happy Easter all! This weekend has been all about eggs, bunnies and nature. On Friday we took Mia to the Bear creek park in north Surrey, and we loooove it! We were there last summer, we took Mia to play with the water but this time I like it more! They had the easter train, the easter bunny, we went egg hunting, they have a huuuge playground and tons of things to do! I actually like it better than the stanley park train, were the line ups are huuuuuge! I love seeing Mia’s face watching all the bunnies, dinasours, eyes, etc. That they had! She wasn’t very excited about the easter bunny tho lol! I think she was in shock when she saw it! Saturday we went to the purely local event in white rock to support our local brands, I bought some cute stuff for my boys as I already had an easter surprise prepare for Mia, and then we went to make some arts and crafts at the Historic Stewart Farm. Today we were at Crescent beach eating ice cream and trying to walk as much as possible to help this baby to go down. I’m starting to get desperate to see him! 2 days ago I was soo scared of the delivery and now I really want this to happen! How my mind can change from one day to another? The baby is the size of a watermelon, and hell yesss it feels like! I’ve been on the birth ball doing exercises that I did with Mia one day before I went to labor, watching every single video on you tube of how to induce labour naturally lol! I guess I will have to mantain calm and let him decide when is ready! Hopefully is going to be soon! Happy Easter all! 

Countdown begins .. And i’m a cleaning freak.

Ok so this baby can come at any moment, my guess is that he is coming next week, so lately i’ve been cleaning non stop lol! I hired a profesional carpet cleaners ( looove how they left my carpet, post about them later ), and I hired someone to come and clean my house this weekend because I’m seriously too big to be doing this but for some reason I cannot stop cleaning! I want everything to be perfect, I know that being with a 2 year old in the house and 8 months pregnant makes that impossible but I cannot stop thinking that when I come back from the hospital, I want to be in a clean house. I know when I return from the hospital, whetever my delivery is, i’ll be hurt and exhausted with no time at all to clean, and I don’t want to be mad at Mia. I have no idea how those mommy bloggers always post pictures of their super clean houses, like when? How? I’m exhausted just to go up and down from my stairs! Just right now, I wanted to seat and have a nice lunch while Mia watch some netflix, but the reality was, I made salmon for her didn’t like it, then she make me stop eating to bring cheerios, then she decided she didn’t want cheerios so I stop eating again to cook some pasta, while all of this was happening she opened the fridge door, threw all the red wine on the floor, And while I was cleaning the mess she went to the living room and threw her water.. So I keep cleaning. And as soon as she finish her pasta i’ll have to clean again and I’ll never going to have time to finish this spaguetti. That Ladies and Gentleman is the reason why I like to have a blog, so I can let everything go lol! Is any other pregnant lady out there getting crazy about cleaning the house?

My Favourite scrub over the counter..

I’ve been looking for a scrub for my body and face for weeks! I know it sounds crazy but I haven’t have time to go and check all those fancy stores, and I’m not an online shopper, so last time I stopped by London drugs to pick up something I totally remember I needed a scrub lol! If you are a mom, you understand me I know. I went to google and search for the best scrub over the counter, and as a first result I got an article from allure.com I went all over the options and the Oatmeal scrub from St. Ives catched my attention, why? Because I know Oatmeal and honey are a very good combination for your face, and because it was less than $10 lol! When I was a child I used to exfoliate my face with oatmeal as well, and I remember how nice my face skin felt like, so I went ahead and bought one for my face and another one for my body. It’s been a week now, and so far I loooove it!! I put some on all over my face and neck, leave it for 5 min and then took it out, I didn’t even need cream for that night, my skin felt sooo clean and so hydrate! Even the next day my face continue to feel fresh and clean. The body scrub was good as well and I use their cream regularly ( The oatmeal one of course lol! ) so this so far is my new favourite face scrub over the counter! What is yours?

Spring Cleaning

I know i’m late with this post but, hey you know. New season means time to clean, and by clean I mean EVERYTHING including ourselves in and out. I really wish I can be on a cleanser, 3 days would not be enough from all the crap i’ve been eating lol! BUT since tomorrow ( I don’t start things on Mondays, I start them when I’m ready) i’ll start with the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time eating healthy and nutritious and 20% some guilty pleasures. I also want to start exercising more but for some reason i’m sooo scared to walk! They said walking is great for pregnancy, that it helps a lot the baby but I swear that everytime I walk I feel this baby is just going to get out and that freaks me out! My doctor in Mexico gave me a different due date than the one in Canada, in Mexico I’m 2 weeks ahead lol! But if the one here is right then i’m only starting my 36 weeks and that’s too early! So just to be safe I’ll save the walks when the baby born, for now coming up and down from the stairs all day must help lol! Ok let’s go back to the cleaning.. Another cleaning must do is my closet! I wanted to do that on the weekend but I was still feeling sick so I moved it for this coming weekend hopefully this time is the charm. Thankfully I don’t have to clean Mia’s closet because obviously her spring clothes from last year doesn’t fit anymore, but man I really need to clean her shoes! One tip  I got was to use the magic eraser from mr clean, they said they leave your shoes super nice! And for those spots in your carpet? Shaving cream.. Yeeep, I’ll try it on the weekend and tell you all about it Lol! For your kitchen garburator? Half of a lime! Even tho I’ve been cleaning non stop lately, I still want to hire someone to come and clean my bathrooms and the entire house, as I know I can’t do the whole house by myself. I also would love to start planting something in my little garden BUT let’s be honest, I’ll have my hands full soon so I’ll leave it for next year, but if you have the opportunity try it!! And to have your house smell like SPA try a difuzer with some oils, or have some cinnamon around! What are your spring cleaning tips?

The scariest day..

A couple days ago, I had the worst experience of my life so far. Maybe i’m over reacting but man, I tried my best to not make a big deal but it felt like a big one. We were at the family place, everything was normal, Mia had her breakfast, she was playing, we were doing arts and crafts, everything seems fine. Suddendly around 10:30 am she came to me and complaint 2 times saying “auch auch” she seems sleepy so I thought she just wanted a nap. She went behind this toy house and she lied down, And went I went to pick her up suddendly she started vomiting a loooooot. I apologize, one of the moms came to clean the floor, the other one was trying to clean my shirt because I was all covered by vomit, and when I moved Mia to clean up her face, her eyes went blank and she faint. I freacked out and started calling her and moving her asking her to wake up and see me, she wasn’t responding and I started to panic! I started crying and asking for help, keep shaking her, calling her and she wasn’t responding. Someone asked me if I wanted to call 911 I said yes, there were all of this things coming into my mind at the same time, Is she dying in my arms? Every second count.. What am I’m going to tell francisco? I’m pregnant, is Gad taking this kid from me to give me another one? There are kids around I need to control mysef, omg so many thoughts at the same time, I was so scared! You read all those horrorific stories on the internet, on facebook, all of those came to my mind and I was desperate, I just wanted her to open her eyes. We moved away from the other kids, I keep crying asking for help, someone called my husband, Mia still wasn’t awake, she was breathing fine and her colour seem fine but she wasn’t opening her eyes. It took like around 10 min for the ambulance to arrive, as soon as they arrived Mia started responding, they were asking me lots of questions but I couldn’t even talk, I was soo scared and shock, they took us to the hospital, and thankfully my husband was already there. She continue vomiting and everytime she was vomiting I was freacking out! Francisco was getting upset with me, saying I was over reacting but he wasn’t there when she faint, he didn’t see her like I saw her, he didn’t live those 10 long minutes with her without knowing what was going on, why she didn’t open her eyes. They did all type of test, xrays, ultrasounds, blood test, urine test, and nothing seems wrong. At the beginning they thought maybe it was a UTI but they were not 100% sure, they told me I had to wait for the result to come back. We left the hospital around 10:30 pm, exhausted and worried. Obviously I couldn’t sleep the whole night watching her, checking her breathing. The next day I woke up clean the whole house, I was feeling super stress. On Friday, my husband told me he was feeling sick, and I wasn’t feeling well either, he left to the office and around 11 am he told me he needed a doctor. I took him to the walk in clinic and my tummy started hurting so much, I started to get nauseas and feeling sick. We came back to the hospital, Francisco and Mia in emergency and Myself at the maternity clinic. They were monitoring my baby and  they told me I was having contractions, I didn’t understand because I didn’t feel those contractions, I was feeling stomachache but that was it! I was there for a couple of hours until the contractions started getting slower, but still I was worried about Francisco and Mia. Finally they get me out, I went downstairs and Mia’s results came back and they told us that all of us had the flu. That she faint because she was vomiting a lot but that she was fine. I was feeling much better to heard those words, and I felt so dumb about how I reacted, I know you have to mantain calm on those situation, but this was the first time I live something like this. It’s horrible seeing your kids like that, and while we were waiting for Mia to be seeing by a doctor that day, I remember this story from a mom in abbostford came to my mind, that her daughter wasn’t feeling good, they took her to the hospital, waited for a long time and when finally the got a doctor her 2 year old died. I think reading all of these stories played a big part of me reacting like this. I don’t want to read them anymore, I just want to focus on the positive and pray for everything to be fine. We are all feeling much better now, but it was a couple of rough days, being the 3 of sick plus my poor little bean that stress in my tummy. Hopefully he will stay a little longer inside..

Matias Baby Shower

I loveee planning parties! I actually do that as a freelance job. When I got pregnant with Matias lots of friends started to ask me when my baby shower would be. At the beginning had an idea and then I started to feel more and more tired, so I decided to have a welcome shower instead. Then I changed my mind, because I knew after Matias born I’ll be soo tired with a 2T and a new born so I wanted to do something that I don’t have to do nothing lol! At the same time I was talking with a couple of friends from different groups on the idea of going out for a high tea, and then I thought that can be the perfect idea for a baby shower. I was checking places and then suddendly one of my friends told me she was preparing a surprise baby shower for me! That sounds like heaven because I didn’t really want to do anything! The only thing I knew was that I wanted to have a girls time, a last time get together without having to worry of changing diapers, toddlers running around  destroying things, I just wanted a much needed rest and not having to do anything lol! So I let them do whatever they wanted and invite whoever they knew, at the end, for me the whole point of a baby shower is to celebrate the new life that is coming, and I know that when Matias is born I’ll still have my friends coming over to meet him and celebrate him. That day Started perfect! I took a nice and long shower, I did my hair!!! ( I was so excited lol! ) put on my makeup, oh man, I felt like myself again! I arrived to the place, without having to carry any diaper bag, bottles, etc. And things started to go better and better. My friend Jennifer arrived with this cool diaper cake for me, the girls started to arrive, I wasn’t sure who would be there but I was so excited of just to seat and have an adult conversation lol! My friend Karina brought these cool hats for the event and I seat and look around and felt so lucky to have such an amazing friends! I didn’t make it easy for anyone, go to a high tea place is not cheap at all plus having to find someone to take care of your kids that’s a lot to think about. But they were there and I was soo happy and felt so blessed. I love every little detail, from the cake, to the food, the place ( if you haven’t been at the petisserie fur elise at yaletown, is a girls must go if you love tea! ), the fancy tea cups, the hats! I appreciate everything and everyone who was able to be there! This was the perfect babyshower not a doubt! Xoxo Athenas

My new thing.. Oils and diffuser

A couple weeks ago, one of the moms on the South Surrey/White rock group posted a business apportunity that It catched my attention. I was invited to this reunion to learn more about how you can improve your health just having a diffuser and putting some oils in it. The reason why it got my attention was because days before I was speaking with some friends about how diffucult was for me to putting me Mia to sleep, and they hughly recommend me to use a diffuser and put some Lavander oil in it in her room, they told me they even cure their childrens colds like this. I wanted to buy a diffuser and give it a try so when they invite me to participate in this talk, even tho I knew it was an MLM company and I don’t really like them, I thought it was a good opportunity to learn about the benefits and socialize with people around my area. As soon as I enter to this girl house I felt the good vibe. Everything smell like peace, they were super nice, they had snacks and wine, we were like 10 girls that we didn’t know each other and I was having a great time! You know when you feel so comfortable, and you can feel the good energy around, plus obviously they had a diffuser running with these oils and oh it smell like a SPA. They started showing us every oil, the benefits of having them at home, we were trying a couple and I swear that the one they told me to put on my neck for relaxation was the best thing ever! Sadly Francisco came to pick me up a little early and I didn’t finish the session and didn’t listen about the business opportunity but They are posting classes of how to make your own oils and I’ll definitly join one of those soon. Anyways, after that talk I was more than convince that I had to have one of those diffusers, I saw some cheap ones at Winners but I really wanted to invest in something good that it will work for at least my second floor, I didn’t want to buy the big box of I don’t know how many oils from the MLM company because it was a very expensive package so you can join their business, and at this time I don’t feel prepare to work in another business apart of my international students agency, so I went to metrotown and hit Saje. I always see this store in almost all the malls in van, but never really enter. I instandly felt in love in all of their products and I purchased my first oil and diffuser. I’ve been using it every single day at my room and it feels goooood. I only bought this oil because they said is good for sleeping but I can’t wait to try the rest of their oils! I’ll be staying at home all day from today until Monday with a little rest on Saturday to hit the SPA, as Mia is fighting a bug right now, so I’ll be with this thing on all day until Monday lol! I’m soo happy with this purchase and can’t wait to buy one for Mia’s bedroom! What is your favourite oil?

The war of the Double Strollers ..

Seriously I’m so tired about this subject lol! I’ve been looking for the perfect option for double stroller for months! Reading every blog, every review and is a never ending thing. First I want to start with I love baby jogger, we had the city mini GT single from the honest company as single stroller and we love it!! It was so light, easy to fold, with lots of storage and it was great in literally all terrains. We didn’t buy the adaptor to make it a travel system but the seat can be almost flat so Mia was able to use it since she born!! So when I started looking for double stroller the city mini GT double was my first option. I went to all the reviews, and so far the only cons were that you can only attach one car seat which it didn’t matter as I only need one and the second was that you would not fit in tight spaces, that it will be difficult to navigate trought stores. That was my only big issue but with all the pros I decided to buy it. We tried it first in our recent trip to Granville island and I knew it will be a big test because we were meeting some friends in a restaurant and I was nervous that the stroller would not going to fit the door or that it will take so much space in the restaurant, but for my surprise it was perfect! We arrive to the restaurant, the door was like any other store/restaurant door and it fit well, we took Mia out, we lift the stroller and it was so flat that it didn’t take almost any space at the entrance. Then we meet Mia’s friend so we had 2 toddlers in the stroller and we love it more! Still felt so light and easy to manuever and I knew I’ll love this stroller more when my kids gets older. A couple days ago, I went to the mall with my friends and I saw the city select also from Baby Jogger. It really catched my attention because you can make it single! I remember that at the beginning with Mia, I was using more the carrier than the stroller, so I was thinking that it will be great to have the option of having a stroller than can be both, single or double! So again I started reading every blog, website, I started a discussion between my group of moms to see if I should’ve keep mine or change it for the city select. Not only I started getting confused about those two, but also I started to think about other brands they were saying like Uppa baby or the amazing Gracco travel system. Everyone love their strollers, everyone had something good and bad to say about the different brands, colours, shapes, more and more information. I was getting more and more confused until I decided to come back to the Baby jogger ones and decided between the City mini or City select. As per the people who have had both they said the following: City mini is much easier to maneuver than city select, but city select has removable and reposition chairs! City mini has large canopies much comfortables for toddlers than city select but city select has more accesories available. City mini is way lighter than city select but city select has more space underneath. City mini easily folds flat for storage but city select can fit in tight spaces. Now the 2 big cons were that city mini cannot fit in tight spaces, so going on the skytrain or bus in a rush hour would not be a good idea, or if I wanted to go into the Gymboree store in metrotown I will have to leave my stroller outside for sure! and for city select that when you use it with 2 seats it gets too long, and that when you second one becomes infant/toddler it gets too heavy to push. What to do, what to do. I guess everything depends on your lifestyle. Are you going to use it for outside or are you going to be hitting the stores? Are you planning to have a third baby? ( city select can have 2 car seats instead of one ) are you carring with lots of stuff? So at the end we decided to keep our city Mini GT as all the moms who have had both say they use this one more now ( both of their kids are toddlers) than city select because is way lighter BUT if you still deciding most of them said they use and love more the city select the first year as they were hitting the mall very often and love that they could be face to face. Am I confusing you as well? Lol! Pds: i’m still thinking about that thousand dollars Uppababy one!! Lol!

Time for a new chapter..

Spring is in the air .. ( well, almost lol! ) and even tho i’m not a summer person, I really want to see some sun. With Spring also comes time for a fresh start and planning. For my specially is a new chapter again, my last day at work was Friday so I can finally take a good care of myself and enjoy my last weeks of pregnancy. One if the things that I regret from previous years is that I didn’t have plans for the holidays, and it was always very difficult to find hotels or places to stay at last minute, so this year I decided to smart plan and I already create our calendar activity for this year. Maybe i’ll have to improvise some times with a new born and a 2 year old but at least we can start making reservations and have good spots for camping lol! Also it’s time to eat healthier, the summer is coming and I know is going to be very difficult to get in shape if I’m having this baby middle of April, but to try to be the best that I can and for that I need to start doing some changes like cooking more. Another big change is coming is that Mia’s last day at the daycare is next week, so she is going to be staying at home until September when she is going to start pree school in a Montessori. I didn’t know anything about Montessori until one of my friends recommended, so we will give it a try and see how the transition goes. Last but not least I finally have the time to explore around our not that new area and meet people, today I decided to take the bus to come to the Peace arch hospital and it took me 15 min from my house. I love to have the beach so close so Mia and I can take walks during the day and I did my research and I was surprise of all the activities that I found for toddlers around the South surrey/ White rock area. After a hard work year can’t wait to spend more quality time with my kids and family. What are your favourite places for camping around BC?

Newborn checklist..

With a little bit of free time, I guess it’s time to start with my newborn checklist. Our baby boy can arrive at any moment and as mentioned before i’m not prepared!! The good thing about being already a mom, is that you already know what you don’t really need and what is worth it to buy second hand, as they are not going to use it for more than 3 months lol! So let’s start from the beginning, baby need clothes, but this time i’m not getting as crazy as with Mia, because her newborn clothes she only used it once or twice top!! I spent so much money on new clothes and it wasn’t worth it at all! So this time I’ve buy some cute new clothes but also I have all the clothes that my friends doesn’t need anymore. 2- Blankets.. Another thing you need but one or two is more than enough! Mia seriously have 6 blankets and another 2 with the tags on that i’m planning to donate! 3-Burp cloths.. This is a must have! I still using Mia’s ones to clean out her face!! Lots it’s not enough! 4- breast pump and milk storage containers.. The pump I already have it and I love it! I totally recommend this to new moms as breastfeeding can be very painful at the beginning, having a break with the breastpump is the best thing And helps you to stimulate and get more milk. I rarely used the mil storage containers because I was open to give Mia some formula but if you are not then you need those. 5- Nursing bras: another thing that I love! I know people find them very ugly but My God they are the most comfy thing to wear! I’m using one right now lol!! My bras doesn’t fit anymore so this are perfect! 6- Breast Pads: yeep! If you decide to breastfeed this is another must have! 7- Diapers and wipes duh! 8- Bath: I received a bath on my baby shower and Mia was still having her bath time there until she became 2!! 9- Shampoo, soap: I love Honest company ones! 10- First aid Kid: must must have! You want one that comes with termometer, hair brush, tooth brush, and all the kid! 11- Car seat: yeep, on this one my thoughts is not to buy it new, because you’ll have to change it when she/he turns one, unless you find one that covers the 3 stages. 12- Crib: Mine I bought it used, and I’m glad I did because Mia only used it for 6 months. I only bought the frame use, I bought new matress, etc new. 13- Changing  Pad: mmm I have one and I love it but being honest I changed Mia diapers everywhere, the floor, my bed, it is nice to have one but don’t really neccesary. 14- Baby Carrier: Not really neccesary if you have a stroller but I love it! At least the first 6 months. 15- Stroller: very neccesary lol! One of the things I regret the most was not buying the travel system, I had to wake up Mia everytime I wanted to transfer her to the stroller, if you can buy a travel system better! And I think that is all! Now it’s time to start my shopping before this little one arrives. Happy Sunday all!

Dadarazzi ..

A couple weeks ago, we decided to go and explore across the boarder. Francisco said he heard about this park, just crossing the boarder call ” Semiahoo Park”. So we went there and we found this amazing resort and Spa! I can’t wait to be able to have a girls getaway without kids ( including the one in my tummy lol! ). I’ve been feeling more exhausted than never lately, out of breath, extremely tired, seriously I have no idea how I wake up and go to work. Francisco is leaving soon for a work trip, which means I’ll be staying alone with Mia for around 10 days! I wanted to complaint but then I look to all the single mommas out there with 2 or 3 kids and then I shut up. Seriously! I have no idea how they do it! How can they go to all the pregnancy stages without help?! Francisco leaves me for one night and I’m exhausted lol! And the other thing is, I know how much Mia is going to miss him. She is soo attached to him, he went for a boys night out on the weekend and she was crying and calling him for like an around, and myself I was trying to explain to her that he was with his friends but she didn’t want to listen. Does anyone has any advice for this? I’ll try to keep her busy as much ss possible, so we will see. I’m falling sleep now, have a great night everyone!


I’m soo tired of reading negativity lately, i’m a social media addicted and we have been talking about the same person for almost a month. And I say “we” because i’m including myself. It’s time for me to take a break and concentrate my reads in positive things. My pregnancy hasn’t be the best, again I’m struggling with gestional diabetis and sadly I haven’t have time to take care of me and my health. Being a full time work mom, having a 3 hours commute, dealing with those terrible 2’s have keep me soo busy that I wasn’t paying attention to me. But that is going to change soon, I can’t wait to come back to my healthy lifestyle And having that rest time that I really need. I’m not a bath person at all! But lately it feels goood to be just lying there, I feel it gives me a break for all the weight that I gained. One of my friends gave me this mud soap to try, and I added this aromatherapy bath salts from silk that sometimes I use for Mia’s bath as well because I really believe it works and the ingredients are safe! I just love it! Francisco convinced me to go to the pool with him last time, but for some reason It wasn’t as relaxing as the bath so I think are those salts lol! I hope you are having a good and relaxing Sunday everyone!

Let it go.. Let it go?

6 months and counting! And my tummy is huuuge! I truly envy all of the womans that looks so beautiful pregnant! I’m getting insane lately with Mia, she it’s been horrible lately. Right now she is screaming to me so hard and I seriously don’t know what to do anymore. Should I let it go? Should I ignore her? Should I say something? But what other thing can say that it’s not “stop” or “mia should play with this not this” we are seriously lost. Yesterday I had a long day at the office, the only thing that I wanted to do was going to a bar, drink a huuuge beer and eat some nachos while having a conversation about the inaguration in the USA with my husband, but instead, we tried to seat and have a roll of sushi and it last 10 min before Mia started to scream and walk around and trough all the miso soup on her dress. I didn’t have the chance to try my sushi, we had to come back home and we were seating miserables in the living room trying to get some patience. I wanted to at least see the inaguration but she was still screaming until my husband couldn’t handle it anymore and we took her to her crib and let her cry there. We were soo desperate asking ourself what are we doing wrong? Are we being too nice with her? Are we a bad parents? Like seriously? We live for her! We work, we come home, and the rest of our day is for her, our weekends are for her, we don’t even have time for us not only as a couple but for us! I haven’t done my nails in months! And she still scream to us, and don’t let us have a dinner?? Does this only happend to us? We were watching the family seating next to us, and her toddler was seating happily eating edamames, why mine was acting like this? Do I need to take some courses about how to educate my child? I feel so lost, do I will have to wait until Mia is 4 to be able to seat peacefully in a restaurant? .. And then I look to the mom bloggers out there and I see them all with those amazing hairs, dressing super nice, what am I doing different? Is it because I don’t have family here or any help? Are they reading something I don’t? Am I more impatience because i’m pregnant?  ..

Craving some Juice..

I got this life changing present on Christmas and I’ve only used it once. I made a delicious carrots and grapefruit juice? ( I know it sounds weird, but I thought that it would be healthier to ise grapefruit instead of orange, as it has less sugar) but instead of making the right decisition I guess I make it worst. After 10 min I was feeling I was passing out, out of breath, and suddendly I Started vomiting all. It was soo scary but I thought it was maybe the combination. I didn’t mention anything to my doctor because I didn’t find it as a big deal, but yesterday it happened the same again. After our walk to fort Langley we stop by the Guilford mall and I was feeling extremely hungry, so I walk into the food court and suddendly I started to feel very weak. I knew I was about to faint so I seated down and I was out of breath. We had some waffles for breakfast at the farm and after that nothing, but the waffles were hours ago and I wasn’t feeling sick so not sure what happened. My guess is that i’m getting the gestional diabetis again, and if i’m right is going to take a lot of me to make all the routine of walking 15 min everytime I eat something. Today is doctors and lab testing day for this preggo, if you have any advices for Gestional diabetis menu please send them to me. By the way.. Before I forget, have you seen the documentary ” fat, sick & nearly dead” ? If you haven’t watch it is on Netflix! I don’t think I can be juicing for life but once in a while a good detox is great to reset our bodies. Unfortundly for me is going to take a while to be able to be in one. Happy Monday all!

Working on my 3rd baby..

Noop it’s not what you think lol! Definitly not thinking about a 3rd baby right now, when I say baby I mean my business. I’ve been waiting so long to start this business, but I guess before was not the right moment. I believe that things happends for a reason, and now i’m more than ready to push this little project along with my family. I will talk about more as soon as everything is set up and ready, but basically if you know someone who would like to come and study in this beautiful country contact us! I’m seating at Starbucks waiting for my doctor’s appoitment, not feeling well lately, this pregnancy has been very hard for me. On my last pregnancy I got gestional diabetes, if you don’t know what it is, is a type of diabetes that you get when you are pregnant, and if you follow your doctors instructions everything should be back to normal after the delivery. This time i’m sure that I got it again as I feel my sugar levels are not right lately, and that sucks! And i’m kinda angry at me because I haven’t really take care of myself between a full time job, a house and a 2 years old. I know there are tons of other moms in the same situation as me, so you may understand how difficult is to have a moment for you to cook and exercise and do what you have to do to be healthy. I can’t wait to go on mat leave and be able to enjoy my pregnancy a little, and be able to take care of myself. i’ve been reading some articles about it, that everything is about organization and I agree, the only thing is to find energy to do so lol! If you have any tips please share them with me. I’m so excited about this year and the things to come! Have a great start of the week everyone!

Once upon a Time.. Mia’s 2nd Birthday


Once Upon a Time.. A huge snow storm came up, and we had to cancelled several times Mia’s birthday party. Then the holidays, then she got sick so every weekend I was losing and losing interest on this party. Seriously I just wanted to take that cake out of my freezer lol ( when I had to cancel her party the first time, I called the girl who made the cake and asked her what can I do to make it last, she told me how to storage it so my cake can be good up to a year … Yeeep a YEAR! And then my friend Ana told me that in Venezuela they have this tradition of storage a piece of their weeding cake and eat it after a year!! ). Anyways, the cake tasted so freacking good!! I’m not joking, it is one of the best birthday cake that i’ve ever tried!She also made an amazing job with the design! It was perfect for the theme that I choose this year. Her name is Norma Vennesland, is a local mom from Langley and you can find her on Instagram as @sugarybliss_ !! Can’t wait to work with her again! ( Goo local!! ). Because this time I didn’t even know what did I buy, I decided to set up a candy bar but with pastries and ice cream, lots of people asked me where did I bought my cupcakes They are from Mia’s favourite store: @theoriginalcupcakes ! They have soo many flavours and designs and they are a Vancouver based business!! Everytime she see their logo she automatically start screaming: cupcake cupcake lol! All the prints designs I bought them for an Etsy store called @DessignsbyDanielleE from Texas. Most of the decor Like the dolls, etc I bought them from Ikea. Now, lots of people asked me about the Ice cream and I was really surprise that a lot of people didn’t know about this ice cream because for me Earnest it’s the best Ice cream in town! Everyone favourite was cookies and cream, but mine I was between the salted Caramel and the Peppermint Chocolate! I was also worried about the cookies! I ordered from a Local mom in Surrey since December! But I freezed them like cake and they were intact! She did also an amazing job with the design, even tho my pic sucks, I know I should’ve take them out from the little bags but I came super late to decor everything because I wasn’t feeling very well, so when the people started arriving I was still decorating!! Thanks God I have my friends helping me otherwise I wouldn’t finish. Here is the pic for the cookies: you can find her on Facebook as @sweetlifebakeshopsouthsurrey ! Last but not least, the little “Once upon a time” sign, I also got it from Etsy, the store is call @AScrapstyle. I really thought that no one would attend our party after all the cancellations, but it was full of friends and a very succesfull party! Thank you everyone who made this party look nice and all who stayed to help this preggo momma to clean! Can’t wait for the next one lol! 

Merry Christmas everyone!


Merry Christmas everyone! I’ve been crazy busy making all the preparations for our dinner and we had a small cake at home with my little princess ( recipe of the cake is coming ). My menu for today: Pineapple Ham( recipe on the blog ),Rissotto, mashed potatoes, and rosemary potatoes. For dessert? Banana-Caramel pie and Mia’s cake from yesterday. We are only 4 so No need for the huge Christmas menu. I was so busy between work, visitors, dinner, etc that I totally forgot about our outfits for today, gratefully I had this beautiful dress that I bought for Mia to wear for my office Christmas party, and because we missed it, she gets to wear today. I just love Joe fresh! It’s so convenient! You have to do groceries no matter what, so you can do both, groceries and clothes shopping at the same time. Their designs are sooo cute for reasonable price. Hope you guys have an amazing dinner, not sure when am I going to have time to post again but I will definitly post my winter wonderland cake soon. Happy eating all!

Embrace the chaos..


Today it’s been a completly sucky day. I was soo looking forward for the weekend, I have all this amazing plans starting for Friday! I left the office at 1 pm so excited of finally having a much much needed “Me” time, I had my office Christmas party, Francisco was having his, I was bringing my sister in law and her family to take care of my daughter which means I would be able to have a grown ups Friday night. I was not only excited because of that, but also because I was so looking foward to do my hair, my nails, wear a nice dress and feel pretty for a moment! ( I’ve been feeling sooo bad with all the baby weight that I’ve gain ) I was very excited just about to go the shower when my phone ring.. It was the daycare that Mia had a 42 of temperature, she was vomiting and look very sick. I totally freacked out, I look around put on the party dress took all my make up and left the house literally running. I didn’t know what I was doing but I wanted to be prepare because I was about to drive for at least an hour to get to the daycare and it for some reason everything was a false alarm I would not going to be able to come back home and go back to downtown Vancouver. I rushed to pick up francisco, arrived to the daycare, my friend was already there giving her tylenol, I took her and ran to the children’s hospital. We spent around 1 hour to get from the daycare to the hospital and 3 hours waiting to get a doctor. During these hours I saw Mia crying, babies shaking and super sick, Francisco in a super bad mood, I went to my phone and the only thing there was either my friends having lots of fun or the kids dying in syria. All my super energy and good mood that I had in the morning was finished by 8 pm. The doctor came, saw Mia, told me to give her tylenol and sent me home. I knew that will happend, I wanted that to happend and nothing worse, but even tho it was what I wanted and what I knew, I still complained. In our way home I was so upset! Thinking about all the events that I have this weekend, birthday parties, enchant maze and most importandly Mia’s 2 birthday party that I had to postpone last weekend because of the weather, and now she would be sick and it will snow again. I was complaining and complainig, life sucks blablabla and suddendly I stop and I think to myself wth! I was the one who choose this life, I was the one who wanted to be married, have kids, and no one in this world makes me more happy than Mia, so why am I complaining? I love my mom life, I love and try to enjoy this chapter of my life because even tho is forever is also temporary. This is not the first time I will missed a party or have to change my plans for my kids in the next 50 years sho I better start adapting lol! Why am I so stress about it? so I changed my ideas, and I decided to embrace the chaos. Things happen for a reason, and usually is for something good, and after the storm everything starts getting better ad better again. I truly believe that when something bad happens, everything goes bad.. but after that suddendly everything goes better than ever. This is life and is very short and we should enjoy every second. And I know someday I will be wishing to be here in this bed, watching tv with my 2 year old hugging me like this. Have a great day all!

You better watch out ..


Yesterday I did a 2 hours line up just to take a pic with this guy. Yeep seriously, the line up at metrotown was insane!! But I wanted to go there because last year we took our picture there as well and I wanted to have a before and after lol! Not sure if Mia made the nice list this years, but maybe Santa will bring one or two things. I just feel that if she doesn’t ask for them yet why to spend? There is time for everything and I don’t want to have my house full of toys that she would ended up not using, I mean, she barely play with the ones she has right now. Last week it was crazy week between weather and mia’s party that by the way I had to postpone, but things happend for a reason. I was able to meet this amazing mom from Langley who made mia’s cake, and another amazing mom from surrey who made the costume cookies for her and I have a feeling that next year I will be working with them a lot when I start my Candy bar business. I’m at st pauls hospital today to see the little bean, I’ve been always curious of how this hospital looks from inside since I arrive to Vancouver, and one of the things that do far surprise me, is that they do not have change tables on the second floor. How is that possible? A hospital without changing table! Anyways, i’m seating here waiting for the receptionist to call me and see my little bean, thinking about how should I name him. I’ve been looking and looking for names without finding anything that makes me feel it is my baby’s name. Any good sites of where to find thounds of baby’s boy names? The ones that I like are all taken by my friends or family, and I don’t want this baby to born without a name. I know we still have 4 months to go but the pressure is on! I will keep drinking my decaf ( that by the way it is surprisily good, considering that I got it from the coffee place at the hospital ) and keep joying the bloggers getaways! Have you enter to Jillian Harris ones? Those are gooood, or the little more shop on instagram? If you don’t, go their instagram!

Is beginning to look a lot like ..


It’s been 5 hours waiting for the BC storm to start and nothing happened. Weather reports so far were all wrong but I didn’t want to risk being on the road, 5 months pregnant ( where did the time go??! ) and with a 2 years old. I’m a little bit nervous because tomorrow is Mia’s 2 bday party, and if we get to get snow tomorrow I will have to cancel. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a party for Mia or just a little cake at home, but I just love all of this party planning and I started make it bigger and bigger and spending all of this money that now I regret lol! It’s just that I think that for a regular party you ended up spending at least $500-$600 bucks, and that’s for something regular trying to get the most that you can from dollar store, but it can be up to $1500 if you want, and that is just insane. With that money you can buy your kid an amazing present But once again is the battle between the memories and the material stuff. It’s like a weeding, you can spend your downpayment there but all the idea about the party and see all the people that you love all at the same time makes you excited. Anyways hopefully everything stays well and tomorrow I can take thounds of pics specially for the cake and the cookies made by some of the local’s moms. I’m a little bit worried about my next year situation, today I stay with Mia at home and by 10 am I was getting crazy! She really wanted to go outside and play and Next year it’s going to be me and here and a new born. If you have any advices please share them with me, as I feel my insanity is going to be gone! Happy Friday everyone!

Let’s talk about Gilmore girls!


The first time I saw Gilmore girls I was like 13 years old at my neighboors house. I was sooo bored by the serie and never felt connected or anything with it. But last year I was very bored and I saw on netflix and I decided to give it another chance, and I became obsessed. Maybe because I have a daughter now and I found fascinated by the relationship of lorelai and rory, and I felt so connected to Lorelai and I just love it!! I suddendly wanted to move to a small town and get a job in a hotel lol! When I finished the serie I was soo dissapointed by the end! But when they brought this 4 chapters of their life, i was sooo excited to find out if Lorelai ended up with Luke and if rory was still seeing Logan ( he is my fav!! Sorry jess fans! ) I want to say that I love this new end. Much much better than the previous one, and even tho they let me with lots of questions I think this gave me almost all of my answers. If you want to start a new serie, I highly recommend you this one! You are going to have lots of real life experiences, love stories, friendship stores and more.

It’s a BOY!


Oh Boy! I still can’t believe we are having a baby boy. The chances of me having a boy seems to small, my husband has 3 sisters, so I was thinking that I will ended up with 2 girls ( which I totally would not mind) but God decided to give us a taste of both, boy and a girl. I feel so nervous, happy, weird, excited. I’ve never imagine myself with a boy, but everytime I speak with friends that have boys, they always tell me that I will feel like a queen. Myself I have a little brother so I know how Mia will feel. I feel so bleesed and at the same time very nervous because I don’t know anything about boys! Yesterday we were talking about that, and i’m getting very nervous about the pee flying everywhere lol! Yesterday my friends came over and brought us these cupcakes and we play a a very short game as Mia took the cupcake with the colour blue! My mom knew about the sex of the baby so she told my friends so we can have a nice surprise at home! I wanted to find out with my husband this time, as last time it was not romantic at all, I was in Mexico and I texted him that we were having a girl lol! Today we went to superstore as we came back yesterday for our 1 month vacay-business trips and our kitchen was empty. As soon as we arrived I ran to Joe Fresh to buy my little prince his first clothes! People always say that it is more fun to buy girl clothes, but I think that boy clothes is more special because you really have to look in order to find somethint cool lol! It’s not even a day and I already have my favourite baby boys brands that I will share with you. If you have any reccommendations please send it to me!! It’s time to start looking for names!! Happy Sunday all!


Boy or Girl?


Yesterday I finally went to the doctor to find out the gender of the baby. I asked the doctor not to tell me just to write it down so I can open it on the weekend with my husband. I am super ansious to know but at the same time for some weird reason I don’t want to know lol! I’ve reading lots of articles about how having one of each is the best and how your family is going to be happier with 2 girls, what it makes me surprise is that in all articles if you have 2 boys you are going to be the less fortunate lol! That is so ridiculous like seriously lol! Yes, most of my friends that have 2 boys they really want a girl, but I don’t understand what would be the difference of having 2 boys than 2 girls. Anyways, I feel very happy with my girl and whatever it comes i’ll be very happy. I want another girl because I already have everything, I would not really mind if they share rooms, and I want a boy because is a new experience and let’s be honest.. Boys are mommy’s loves! My daughther she loves me soo much but she is daddy’s little girl, but I’ve heard stories from my friends who have boys, that her boys look at them and tell them how beautiful they are. I cannot imagine myself with a boy, but I never imagine myself with a girl either lol! And I really want to know the gender to start looking for names! I think both experiences are very cool! Having a boy and explore all the super heroe and stuff and having another girl and have my girls dates! Some people tell me that Mia would prefer a girl, but I think that the only thing she is looking foward to is someone to play with. I remember myself loving my brother sooo much when he was a baby! And right now I think we have a great relationship, plus you have someone to defend you. I didn’t have a sister but if I would it will be so cool sharing clothes, going out together, taking care of each other all the time. The 2 options that I have are great and I can’t wait for saturday to cut that cake! I’ll keep you posted!

Pregnancy glow..


I feel bad that I haven’t write anything about my pregnancy so far, but since I found out i’m pregnant life has been extremely busy. I’m 4 months now, and all the jokes started already, everyone is asking me if I have twins because my tummy is sooo huge. I remember this happened to me with Mia, I got soo big so fast, and I was feeling guilty and ugly all the time, and feeling so bad everytime someone was telling me “woww your tummy is soo big” but you live and you learn, after I had Mia, whenever I see a pregnant woman I was feeling so dumb to feel that way and not being able to enjoy my pregnancy because of that. This time I decided to ignore the world and embrace the new me, my new huge and beautiful body. Fu&@ the wordl, this is what we think is going to be my last pregnancy, and I will never be having this body and experience again, so i’m gonna enjoy every pound of it lol! It is crazy how sometimes I can feel my baby, I have to be honest this time I feel guilty because with Mia I haven’t be able to pay enough attention to my little BamBam ( that’s how I call it), we don’t know the gender yet and we are sooo excited to find out. People said that you feel what you baby is but it’s been very weird for me, at the beginning I thought I have a girl, then I can bet it was a boy, and now i’m so damn confused! Whever it is, one thing is for sure, i’m so happy that he/she came to complete our lives. Another thing that makes me nervous is about Mia, she is soo spoiled that i’m soo afraid that she will be jealous! I’ve been reading lots or articles about it! If you have any good articles please share them! It’s beauty time for me ( I love how cheap it is here ). Have a great saturday everyone!

Mexico life..


I’m sorry I still haven’t post anything! There was a change of plans and we decided to stay in Mexico for a little longer. I’m in Guadalajara right now enjoying the good life and the good food. I’ve tons of places and memories to share but i’m between work and mia right now. I’ll be back on the 19, so we can talk about the donald trump subject lol! Have a great rest of the week all!

Dia de muertos.. Day of the death

Ok i’m going to take a break feom my vacay to share with you one of our favourite Mexican traditions, dia de muertos or day of the death. This is my first time in this magic town called ” San miguel de allende ” in Mexico, is like 5 hours from Mexico city or Guadalajara, and I have to say I can’t believe I haven’t been here! This is the most magical, historical, comfortable town I’ve ever been. This place is amazing! Now I understand why lots of americans come and retire here. Yesterday there was a huuuge celebration of our mexican tradition, there were about 100 “catrinas” walking around the town, everything was looking sooo scary lol! The gothic church, the black sky, the music, seriously this is the perfect place to spend dia de muertos. The food, the service, everything is so great! It reminded me when I was a child and I was building my death family the beautiful ” altar de muertos”. We celebrate all the people we love or admire on this day. People bring mariachi to the graves, bottles of tequila, their favourite food. I’m so far from my grandama grave but if I were in Sinaloa I know my whole family would be there, praying and remembering her. If you want to visit a real Mexican town, where you don’t have to drive, if you like old fashion houses, real mexican food, this is the place to be! Time for breakfast for me! Can’t wait to share with you all the stories!

Surprise.. Surprise..


Morning all! On my previous post I mentioned that i’m pregnant. I’m just starting my second trimestre and getting better. I do remember that on my first pregnancy I was feeling the same sickness as right now. Nausea 24/07, and even tho they say every pregnancy is different, mine are extremely similar. Lots of people tells me this is a boy, and I’ve a feeling it could be, even tho I would be soo happy with another girl! One of the things that are different tho, is that with Mia I had lots of time to play classic music, imagine her, watch all of this pregnancies videos, and right now she have me so busy that sometimes I forget i’m pregnant! And I feel so guilty about this, but at the same time I want to spend as much time with her and doing whatever I can do for me because I know as soon as this little bean arrives there is no gonna be time even for shower. It’s so difficult not having my family or any help here ( hold on, I have the best husband who helps me like crazy as well ) but it is only me and him, we work full time and finish our days extremely tired. I mean we know we are lot alone, lots of our friends here in the same situation, we just have to work a little harder. And talking about that, today is my last day to work before vacay! ( yessssss ) I woke up extremely tired, seriously i’m not sure how am I going to work today, but well, you have to do what you have to do. Not sure if I will have time to write on my blog while we are in Mexico, I have a feeling that our families and friends are not going to leave us, so excuse if I don’t talk about our taco diet, but promise there is going to be at least 1 post. Have a great Thursday everyone!

Let’s fly let’s fly away..


A week ago, I decided to stop driving and start using public transportation, and I’ve to say that this is one of the best decisions i’ve made lately. It was so stressful having to drive an hour on my way to work and hour and half on my way back home. Seriously, crossing the alex fraser every day is the worst thing ever. So when I decided to give this a try, I discovered that i’m not only saving lots of money on gas, but also I arrive home 40 min before and I have time for myself. It is soo nice to have that 30 min walk in the morning, listening some frank sinatra while the cold and nice weather is touching my face. I freacking love this city and this weather. And even tho my work is in an industrial area around steveston, it’s just so nice having my brain on some type of rest for 30 min not thinking about work, babies, fat, life. Only me and my music! We are preparing for our trip this Friday, can’t wait for vacations!! This time we are going to Mexico city to visit family and eat some tacos. I think i’ll be having tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Anyways, if you hve a long commute like mine, try use public transporation once, specially if you take the skytrain, put your ipod on, and enjoy the ride! Happy Tuesday everyone!

When you have the whole room for you..


I had doctor’s appoitment the other day, and surprisly we finish earlier and francisco and I were sooo excited that it was only 2 pm.. Why? Because the daycare close until 6 so we had lots of hours for US! Yesss for us! It was soo weird being only the two of us hanging around, dating, we were thinking in all the places and things that we could do lol! So we decided to go to our favourite Indian restaurant and then to the movies. It felt soooo good to have time together, we are alone here, not family, and even tho I have an amazing friends who always offers to take care of Mia I still feel bad to leave her because I know how difficult she can get. It made me think how baaad we need a baby sitter. We have been focusing all our time and energy on Mia and we are forgetting about us, any great baby sitter around south surrey/white rock area? .. when we arrived to the movies it was empty and when the movie started we release why… Woooorst movie ever! It was a bunch of food making out, a Taco with a hot dog and I don’t know what.. Like really? Plese don’t go and watch that Movie! It was the first time in my entire life that I fall sleep with a movie. This weekend is all about birthday parties and cleaning, what are your plans? Happy Friyay!

Oh how much I miss you..

Today walking around the streets of downtown Van, it reminds me how much I miss to live in downtown. It was soo good not having to drive or cross those horrible full of traffic bridges, walk everywhere, go shopping once a week, go to a bar on the weekends, walk to work, to church, to the library.. Oh downtown, how much I miss you. One of the other things that I love about downtown is that you always find someone you know. Today I was at the pacific centre before going to my meeting and I saw my gorgeous friend Pavan that I haven’t seen for years.. And when I say years I am not exagerating, I think last time I saw her was on her birthday almost 2 years ago! And another crazy thing that I was thinking is, that before when I was living here I used to work as a waitress in this mexican restaurant and I don’t know how I was able to afford to live on robson st, go shopping once a week, hit the restaurants almost every 2 days, like is insane!! I was buying new outfits every 2 weeks and now that I have a higher salary for some reason I cannot afford to go out like seriously! Maybe I spend to much money on gas? I have no idea watssup but I’m telling you that for some reason I was richer with less salary than now. It is an strange think but when I’m walking around granville it reminds me how lucky I am and how my dreams came true. This city is truly magical and someday I’ll share with you my secret spot where everytime I go there to ask for a wish they come true. I love every single corner of this amazing city and I hope one day we will be able to afford to live here again. Now, I don’t know how it would be now having kids, maybe that idea of mine of going to the bars and restaurants is on my dreams lol! Maybe we could wait like 10 years until Mia is a teenager ( at which age are they consider to be teenagers? ) and she can seat in peace and eat in a restaurant without destroying the place. I’ll keep my dreams alive, have a nice day everyone!

Old country celebration..

I’m soo behind on my post!! I know I’ve been saying this in the last couple of post but soon i’ll be having more free time to share with you my ideas, recipes, etc. Last weekend it was a crazy busy weekend, On Saturday we had a Mexican independence day party at poco, then we had a kids birthday party in Burnaby and we had a Bbq in Vancouver. On Sunday we went to the Country Celebration in Langley and even tho I was expecting a beautiful cold fall weather, it turn to be a Hot sunday, but at least it was sunny. I really like the event, there was tons things to see and a great place to spend a family sunday specially if you have small kids, so they can run and play and get dirty lol! The only thing was the line up for the food, specially for the only healthy food truck, the waiting line was 40 min!! But hey, I was happy to find a truck with a healthy option and not only hamburguers and fries. Next year I’ll definitly come back and I’m imagine that maybe they have a pumpkin patch, it looks like a great place for photos!! It’s time to go to work but I’ll try to add more pics as soon as I get home! Happy Wednesday all!

Fall bucket list!

I do not have a life Bucket list, but I’m always making plans for seasons and next year. I kinda have an idea of what I want in 5 years but soo many things can happen, so that’s why when I say his year this has to be done.. It has to be done. Anyways, here are some of the things for my bucket list for this fall: 1- Halloween decor!! Holidays are always a big deal for me, and now that I have Mia and we bought our home my desire is getting bigger! I want to make every single holiday so magical for my baby as it was for me. Usually I buy one or two new items per year to add up. Note: if you don’t want to spend tons of money on the expensive holiday things, just go to value village. They have tons of scary used items for like $5 bucks that you can put outside your home and if they get ruined you would not care. 2-Vacay! We usually make a trip around fall because is my hubby’s birthday and our anniversary, plus is not high season yet and we can still find good deals around. 3- New clothes. It’s time to clean up all the stuff that they have been sitting in my closet the whole summer or in my storage that I’ve never use. I love fall/winter clothes and shoes! 4- pumpkin patch, I can’t wait to take mia to the fields and take lots of pictures of her with lots of pumpkins around! 5- Snuggle with my baby while reading halloween books. What’s in your fall bucket list? Leave your comments 😉 Happy Friyay!

Pumpkin spice season begins!

Good morning all! What a beautiful day to be alive! Rain is falling down, the weather is just so cozy, pumpkin spice late is back and life feels so great right now. I know the most of the vancouverities hate me because I am a fall/winter person. My mood automatically change with this weather. Yes it is true that is extra difficult to leave bed but man, it’s just feel so magical, so nice. I’m hoping that this year we can have some white Christmas! I can’t wait to hit the mountains with Mia and play with the snow, go to some trips to whistler, Seattle and Mexico to see the family soon. And even tho they said that in winter there are not as many activities as summer I totally disagree. In this city there is a lot to do in all seasons and for all ages. Mia is going to start her ballet classes ( of course ) soon! Myself this year I hope I can learn how to make sleepers and sweeters, we will see. What I’m doing for sure is a delicious Pumpkin spice pie for thanksgiving! ( I know is only September but I am do excited ). Anyways if you are in BC enjoy your long weekend! We are probably heading to Seattle for a little getaway and shopping, have a great day everyone!!

My everyday MAC essentials!

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you my everyday MAC essentials. I’ve been using MAC my whole life! I just love all their products! The studio fix is my everyday essential, I consider it as my cellphone lol! Something that I cannot leave my house without. I love it because is not as strong as liquid make up but still covers all the imperfections very well. Another essential for me is their black eyeliner. I’ve been trying tons of eyeliners in my life and there is no one better than the MAC ones. I usually use the pencil but if I have a special ocassion and I want to do my whole eye I will use the paste one. Lipsticks are another favourite for me, MAC has the must beautiful pinks and oranges ( those are my favourite colours for lipsticks). I also use their blush, even tho I really love Nars blush as well, This one from Rihanna for Mac is very nice! I rarely use my shadows, only for special ocassions, that’s why I have only basic colours, neutral and some pink and purple ( you can see how rare I use shadows by the ones that I still have lol! Seriously these shadows are from 10 years ago and I haven’t finish the half ). What are your makeup essentials?

Matchy matchy..

Whaaat up yall! It’s been a long week and it’s only Monday lol! But I really wanted to post a pic of our matching jeans! I loooove when Mia and I dress a like! My jeans I bought them years ago no idea where, and I found Mia’s at childrens place. Lately I’ve been thinking alot about how much money I spend on Mia’s closet. You know? When I was pregnant I had this huuge amount of people giving me all the clothes that their babies were not using anymore, and I made the huuuge mistake of give it away. Use second hand clothes has never been in my life, I was feeling so bad just to think about it, so I bought lots and lots of new clothes for Mia. I don’t want to say it was a totally mistake, but it was a mistake. Now I regret all of this beautiful clothes that I gave away! Only if I knew that she would use all the stuff that I bought only once or twice! Now that I learned my lesson, I go to Once Upon a Child to buy Mia’s daycare clothes lol!! The thing is, in Mexico is not something common unless it was from your sister. But here in Canada I can see all the mommies they don’t really care, everyone is buying toys on craiglist or those groups on facebook, and the true is, it makes sense. I love to invest in something that I know she is going to use everyday like her summer shoes, or raining boots, a nice jacket, but daycare clothes? Who cares! She is going yo destroy it anyways. Mom’s to be, my advice is never say never! And keep your mind open! I know is so difficult specially when is your first baby and you want to spoiled her/him but they will not really care if they are using burberry or h&m lol! And they are gonna still spill milk and poop all of it! Anyways it’s night night time for me, sweet dreams!

My new logo..

Hi loves! On the last few days I’ve been working on the set up of my blog. I thought that I really need to have a logo, and because right now I don’t have much money to invest, I just sat down on my computer and came up with this. Man.. It’s been years since the last time I use photoshop! I remember I used to create beautiful logos on Illustrator, can’t believe how much these programs have change! Last time I touched them was back at my university like 8 years ago! ( I feel soo freacking old). Anyways, I love the combination of these colours, and if you are wondering what those red and white figures are, they supposed to be some buildings from our city lol! My husband didn’t like the typography at all, but I really love it! Who knows? Maybe I’ll invest in something more proffesional later, but on the meantime, welcome to my new site! I already have a projeccion of how I want my site to look in a few months, if you guys have any suggestions I’ll love to hear them! Have a great weekend everyone!!



Think fast.. 10 questions

Hey guys! I feel That I should give you more information about me lol! So you can understand better my blog, I decided to come up with the think fast question to get to know me better:

1- Favourite restaurant: it depends, for Indian food I love all indian sweet on main ( their vegetarian buffee is the best! ) for Mexican food el patron on robson.

2- What’s your favourite Coffee brand?: Organo ( This one has to be included for sure lol ) and starbucks ( pretty basic )

3- if one soundtrack can describe your life, which one would it be?: I’m a bitch? Lol! I’m a lover.. alanis!!

4-marilyn, Audrey or jackey?: Audrey!!!

5- If money were not an object.. What would you buy?: a winter cabin in whistler! ( one day.. )

6- Favourite movie: Armageddon and Troy

8- Favourite book: too many, but my fav Alexander and Tatiana! Loove that love story!

9- How do you spend your lazy sundays?: there is no lazy sundays for me anymore .. But If I cool I will stay all day in bed watching movies with a BIG doritos bag and Valentina salsa on the site.

10- What’s the store that you can spends hours browsing?: Wholefoods!

Talking about my favourite book, Alexander and Tatiana is between twilight and fifty shades lol! it’s a pretty old book, I read it about 10 years ago, of my twitters followers told me about it and I found it online.

It’s friday again, Let’s see where the weekend take us! Have a great one everyone!!

Honda Celebration of lights..


Yesterday we attended the annually celebration of lights in Vancouver. Another family tradition for us. We were very lucky to have such a great view of the half of million who attended! It was team USA who rock the skies along with Disney, playing Under the sea, pirates of the caribeean, aladdin and more! One of the reasons why I love this event is because it brings our community together, and the energy feels so powerful, people is happy and excited, everyone is smiling. Yesterday it was one of he largest crowd for sure! Everyone wanted to bring their kids. I wasn’t sure if Mia would pay attention but she was with mouth and eyes open, clapping and as soon as she heared frozen she became so excited and started singing let it gooo ( who doesn’t like frozen? Lol ) it was late and far from our home but we woudn’t miss it, specially for Mia.


Mia’s bautism ..


Sunday was our nephew Krystoff Bautism, and Francisco and I decided last minute that we wanted to bautism Mia as well. I already had mia’s dress that I got as a present when she was 3 months old lol! It’s been seating in her closet for months so we really have it all. We didn’t want to make a big deal, in Mexico Bautism is like another weeding, but for Francisco and I we just really want her to have a blessing and that was all. I was raised Catholic but growing up and reading about others believes made me change my way of thinking. I would say that I have my own religion but the closets one to mine would be catholic.


One of the things that I liked was the part when the priest said that it doesn’t matter what religion you follow, we should all love and help other. I feel so happy and blessed for having all these differents groups of amazing friends, a big and supporting family, to being able to live in this beautiful city without worring about crime, food, help. Sometimes it is good to seat back and try to see your life from the outside to being able to see how blessed you are. There are days that I just feel sooo lost on the rutine, complaint about the traffic, complaint about not having this and that but the true is I really have it all. When we were camping a couple days ago I told my friends that I wanted to be rich and one of them looked at me and he said ” you already are”. It took some time to realize that he was right. Take the time to count your blessing it does really change your life. Happy Monday everyone!

Nature’s Fare Market Opening!

Have you guys check the new Nature’s fare market in White Rock? Yestarday I went to their grand opening and it was everything I was expected. Thanks God I don’t have to drive to Vancouver anymore to buy all the good quality products that I like! Do you remember the facial cream and conditioner on my previous post? If you want to try them they have it there!! They have all the superfoods, vitamins, organic, gluten free, dairy free, local, vegan, vegetarian, seriously you can find everything that you want! If you live in the South surrey/white rock area stop by! You are going to find tons of better options from your day to day products. Every weekend I fall more and more in love with this area! I am soo happy with all the new stores and places that are opening around here! Couldn’t choose a better place to call home:) Happy Sunday everyone!


Queensborough Festival!

Morning all! It’s been a week since the last time I touch my blog, it’s been a very busy week for thankfully it’s over! Yesterday we went to Vancouver to visit our friends and today Francisco is going to be working in a new project that I’ll share with you soon! Mia and I are heading to the Queensborough kids Festival! If you live around the area stop by! They have lots of activities for toddlers and kids, and a big park to spend the day. It’s almost my second week on my secret project and I can’t wait to share the results tomorrow with you! It’s a 60 day challenges for me and so far it’s working. Have a great Saturday Everyone!


Children’s day celebration..

Today we celebrate children’s day in Mexico. In my family I feel we celebrate mia every single day lol! So today I want to share my top picks for the summer if I had a boy.. NO I am not pregnant with a boy or pregnant at all. Lately I’ve been shopping for my friend’s kids, Usually I always go directly to the girls section, but now that I’ve been looking for presents for boys I just notice that they are lots of cool stuff! First I stopped by children’s place! I love that store because they always have colourful and cheap stuff, that’s were I bought the shirt. Then I stopped by chapters/indigo and Mia got crazy about this “mason” jar for kids ( this is my favourite pick, I think i’m just gonna go back today and buy one for mia as well! ) and I also got the book for my 5 months old nephew. Mia just to looove those books were she can touch different fabrics. Later on we went to Superstore to get some groceries and I stopped by joe fresh omg! You can find lots of cutie stuff with great prices as well! I got this cool little shoes with a sun hat for my other 5 months old nephew that by the way we are meeting today lol! We are heading to Vancouver again today for the day. Can’t wait to meet the cute little mr. Enjoy your Saturday!

Canada vs Mexico..

Long weekend, everyone it’s on vacay away from the city. We are moving to our first home next Wednesday so we are being very carefull with our budget, so we decided to stay in Vancouver and save some money. Since I moved to Vancouver, people always complaint that nothing ever happens, but I disagree, there is always where to go. I love this city, the culture, the people and I love that there is too many places or events to go. On Friday, we went to the Canada vs Mexico game ( I know we should support local but hey I’m Mexican! ) as a Mexicans we couldn’t afford NOT to go. Soccer is a big deal in our culture, so even tho I love Canada and I’m Canadian too, I have to cheer for my team. Usually I get very bored when we go to watch the whitecaps but this game OMG! you can feel the energy! is the first time that I see a bunch of Canadian cheering this loud ( talking about soccer, I know hockey it’s a totally different story lol ) it was a super game!

The score ended up 3-0 Mexico winning!, there was a record of almost 55,000! I wish we can have more of this in Vancouver! Can’t wait to see also the Canadian team playing again! ( next time I will be cheering for them ). After our big date, we were craaaaving some Mexican food, but stay in downtown with a baby was a bad idea, so we decided to look somewhere outside. In our way home we saw this Mexican restaurant on Kingsway call ” Los Cuervos” mmmm totally disappointed, bad and expensive. La Taqueria and “El Patron” ( on Robson ) continue to be my favourite places so far for Mexican food around Vancouver, I wish we can have “La gloria” here ( if you haven’t visit this store/restaurant in Bellingham you are missing too much, BEST and authentic Mexican food ).

Can’t wait for the next game! Happy long weekend everyone!