100% Food-Based Skincare!

I’m always checking out celebrities ( more specifically the Kardashians lol ) to see what their skincare routine is.

With all the options out there, I knew that I wanted to find some chemical free one,  preferably local, that would help me to start, ( YES, I do not have any beauty routine in place yet lol! #sorrynotsorry )

So a couple days ago, I was reached by SCHMEAR naturals, and when I read that it was a food-based product, I got super excited to test out and share my review with you, especially because I do not see any ANIMAL ingredient in them!

First, let me tell you that the scent is AMAZING! is like putting baby food on your face lol! It feels so light and natural! Second, the price is super reasonable! Which is difficult to find in natural products and last but not least, it is safe to put it in your 3-year-old, as it doesn’t have any chemicals on it!

Click here to check them out!

I hope you’ll Pour some wine and have a mini SPA day at home with your friends like we did!

Happy Sunday all!




Beauty trend: Eyelash Extensions


I just don’t remember how I meet Crystal, but I’m so glad I did lol! I guess I found her on one those Facebooks groups I am, she offered to give me eyelashes extensions to try, as she just moved to the White Rock/ South Surrey area from Delta, and I wasn’t sure about it, but as soon as I saw the result, I knew I would not going to live without them lol! This trend isn’t going anywhere soon.

In fact, there is now Colour Rainbow Eyelash extensions.. yeep! I don’t think I’ll go that way, but I truly love My experience with her, she is really AWESOME! She is truly a beauty perfectionist as her Instagram says ( @the_beauty_perfectionist ) and the best thing? She is offering such good prices as she is trying to get some clients in our area, even tho she is been in business for more than 10 years! If you are looking for a summer change, try them! You are going to love them!!