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Mia’s favourite books PLUS a Giveaway


We have a book lover in our home and I love it! So today  we are going to share with you her top picks!

I try to read to them at least 2 books per day, Gad knows how much I miss having the time to read a good book! I love walking around the book kids section at my favourite Chapters Indigos store at the Grandview corners!

I know.. I know Amazon is the big thing, but I’m not a fan of online shopping ( even tho I know is the easiest way with 2 kids lol )

I’ll start with our Newest one, “The Birthday Thief”  this is what I call the PERFECT birthday present for a book lover! Wonderbly makes a great job personalizing the book and make it all about your little one! Mia gets excited everytime I mention her name while reading it lol!

Of course we will need a Spanish book about her Birthday too, so I read her “The Birthday Box- Mi caja de cumpleanos” by Leslie Patricelli. I love this book because she can learn all of these Spanish words plus the story is so cute!


Photo credit: Amazon

Recently I found in our storage “Let’s play” by Herve Tullet. This is a super interactive, fun book to read for those who loves adventures! I got it last year but Mia was too young for it, now she loves it! ( They grow so fast ).

It is Christmas time, we have this Touch and Feel Christmas book by DK, this is more for babies or toddlers, but Mia wants me to read it so she can grab Matias hand and show him Santa’s Fluffy White beard lol!


Photo credit: Amazon

and last but not least…. our main main favourite.. ” A little Fart” by Barron’s lol!!! If you are potty training, you have to get your hands on this book! it’s F*ckin hilarious!


photo credit: Amazon

2 of these books, we won them in a Giveaway! So I decided I want to share the love and give one to a lucky winner! The rules are very simple, just Follow me on Facebook ( I love 604 ) and leave a comment on my blog of which book would you choose and why.

The winner would be announce randomly on December 27. Open to Residents of Vancouver And the lower mainland ( Canada ) only. Must be at least 18 years old to qualify. Good luck!

Mia’s Paw Patrol Party


I can’t believe my baby is going to be 3 at the end of this month!!! Time do really flies!!

This time we decided to do an early celebration as last year I had to cancel it 3 times because of the snow storm! If you know me, you know how much I enjoy event planning, but this year I wanted to do the things different.

I wanted something more cozy, with less stress and my main goal was making MIA happy. ( Not myself lol). by that being said, she doesn’t care about the fancy decor, or what would be on the menu.. the only thing I knew she cared about was to have some time with her friends.. and thankfully in this age, you give them some balloons and sugar and you made it lol!

So that’s what we had, a super simple party with some dollar store decor, a 3 leches cake and some Mexican candies. But… Mia loooves surprises ( like mommy ) so one night, I was checking one of my Facebook groups and I saw this post from a local mom in Langley, saying that she offered Paw Patrol services and I got super excited!! I couldn’t stop smiling thinking about the face that Mia would make seeing that the Paw patrols came to her party! So I hired them and of course they were the hit!!

And the best thing? You are not only making your kids happy, but also helping a local small business! How cool is that?? They come to your party, dance around, play with your kids and you can take as many photos you want!!

You can find them on Facebook as: Pawlicious Parties & Events! Or leave me a message and I send you their contact!

Xo Athenas

Victoria kids guide


We absolutely love going to the Victoria! The ferry ride, the walks around the marina, the restaurant, the people.. but when you go with kids it’s a whole different experience lol!

Last Wednesday we decided to go for an adventour, and this time I was by myself, so I asked one of my local friends to give me a kids guide to make this trip super fun! Thank you so much Christina, we had as always an excellent time! We were so lucky with the weather, I really wanted to bring the kids to this farm at the Beacon hill park, but they are closed for the winter, HOWEVER there is a very nice playground there that you hit if is a sunny day.. now if is a rainy day, you maybe would like to go to one of these place:

1-Bumble and Hive


We loveeee this place so much! and the reason why I love it is because it fits both, Mia and Matias age! they have lots of toys, a coffee area, super cute shirts, snacks, everything you would need! We spent like 3 hours there, and after that we hit the little market located in the same plaza. Their customer service is amazing and the perfect place for a coffee play date with your friends!

2-Flying Squirrel Sports


Photo credit:

If your kids/toddlers are as actives as mine, you would want to bring them for some jumping here! here is their website for hours of operation:

3-Esquimalt Recreation Center

If your kids like swimming, they are going to love this place!


Photo credit:

4- Victoria Bug Zoo

If you have an animal lover, who is not afraid of bugs..


Photo credit:



Photo credit:

6- Greater Victoria Library


Photo credit:

If they are book lovers like my Mia, this is the place for you!

Where are your must go places in the island?



Life at home


Morning all! I recently delete my wordpress app from my cellphone, to force me to write on my computer, so everything looks more clean lol! I haven’t write in a while, because I’ve been enjoying my life at home and enjoying every single minute with my two peanuts. Knowing that my mat leave is going to finish in 5 months, I’m starting to get a little bit sad.. well not a little bit.. a LOT. I remember when I had to leave Mia at the daycare how awful I felt at the beginning.. later on everything was fine because I found this amazing daycare but I have to be honest.. the guilt was still there. One of the reason of me being on board for a second child too soon was that I wanted to spent more time with my daughter at home. I really like daycares, but for me, I like them part time only, and if could financially, I will stay at home with my kids to raise them and be there for them. Now that I have Matias everything is getting more difficult, I do not want to miss any milestones! My number one job is to be a mom! There are 3 people that helped me to understand that.. one was Margareth, the director of Mia’s ex-daycare. She told me “Athenas, enjoy every second, feel bleesed that you can stay with your daughter and be there for her, as soon as she starts kindergarden, everything is going to change, there are yours temporary”. the second person was my friend Adriana when she told me that she didn’t really know what her mother was as a professional, that she only remember and care how good mother she was with her. And the third one was Shonda Rhimes lol! when she remind me on that episode of grey’s anatomy where the kid had an accident and she only wanted her babysitter to be with her instead of the mom. Do I want that? NO. I feel that career is your personal grow.. but people do really care? I mean.. I know what some of my friends does but do I really care? no! I do care how good friends they are, and the impact that they have in my life. Some people say that quality is better than quantity and I agree on that! So anyways, all of these thoughts are in my mind constantly, and I have no idea where life is going to take me, and what sacrifices I’ll have to do, but on the meantime, I want to give lots of quality with the time I have left with the them and I want to share with you some of the games to learn that they used on Mia’s preeschool. She goes to Montessori but being honest I remember lots of these games being at my regular school and I think they are awesome ways to teach your kids while they have some fun so here they are:


At montessori, they do not teach the ABC, instead they teach them to make the sound of each letter, they like to play the ” I spy” game. For example.. “I spy something that starts with the sound mmm.. so the kid has to find something with the sound mm like mommy. ( Perfect game for stroller walks )


The 1, 2, 3 games!


These are more cool games to play, do they can learn the colours, the quantity, the structure. If your kids loves to accommodate stuff, they would love this one!


Mia is soo into the continents and Canada lately. I’ve been reading some Canada books, and I recently got some from Mexico. She is learning the continents at school and the name of some flowers as well. ( I should go to school as well as I only know roses lol ).

Anyways, what are your favourite games to do with your kids at home?

Mat leave frustration..


I remember when I came back to work when my previous mat leave finished I was so upset at me, because I compared myself to other moms and I saw that lots of them went to school, started a business, they did lots of productive things and.. it’s not that I didn’t do anything myself, I was doing lots of activities with Mia during the morning but ALL of my time I dedicated to her, so I told to myself that if I had another baby, this time I’ll be super productive with my time during my mat leave, and so far.. is WORSE than with Mia. Now there is no time! Between a 4 month old who want me all for himself and wants to be feed every 2-4 hours and a 3 year old who wants ALL of my attention, I can barely have a shower.. mmm I can barely leave the bed in the morning.. l i t e r a l l y. Talking with one of my friends last time, both of us were saying that we wanted to start a business, but for that, you need to thing.. and it is impossible to do it staying at home with these two. It sucks because I know that when is time for me to return to a full time job, I will have even less time because i’ll be adding more to the plate. It gets me upset not having time to seat and think! It gets me upset that i’m not going to be able to stay at home with them! I left Mia in a full time daycare and I really like the daycare because she socialize, learns and play but.. she is doing all of that with me by her side! And that’s what I like! I get to choose what she is going to learn, with whom she is going to socialize, I get to train her and teach her and even tho i’m like a zoombie and feeling like this, I truly enjoy being able to stay with them! And the worst part is that I know that now that Mia is going to start her activities ( after the really loooong summer break) and Matias is getting older, things are going to get better but.. am I going to have enough time to set up anything? It’s so unfair! It is unfair that when it would be finally time to enjoy there is going to be little or none time to seat and think, it’s unfair that they are sooo cute when they are newborns and infants but you don’t get to enjoy them as much as you would want to because you are extremely tired and it’s unfair that you have more time for you when they don’t want to be with you anymore.. and finally.. it is unfair that they would not going to want to be with you at some point.

That pregnancy weight..


Ladies and gentleman, this is me almost 3 months ago. I didn’t want to edit the pic so you can see my real ME. I remember that when I took this pic to send it to friend, I thought there was NO way that i’ll post it on my facebook or Instagram, I was so ashamed of my body that it makes me feel bad of how bad I felt that day. Back to my first pregnancy, I remember hating my body soo much! I barely took pictures of myself, I felt sooo ugly and I remember thinking that there are 2 kinds of preggo moms, the ones that look soo pretty and the ones that look so bad like me. Then when I got pregnant with Matias, I remember saying to myself I will really take care of myself so I can take lots of pics because it would be possible my last pregnancy, that I would love and embrace my body and enjoy it so much, but.. that didn’t happend again. I committed the same mistake of hating my body and now that I take a look back on those pregnancy pictures.. I really like them!! Why? Maybe because now I don’t have the same pressure of looking at myself and see me that big.. I see that mega huge tummy, I look at Matias and it makes me smile. I can’t believe I was feeling that bad with myself. I can’t believe I didn’t enjoy see me with a human inside, I can’t believe I hate it! I still look like a 6 months preggo but being honest, I’m not in a rush! I just recently switch back to my pre/ pregnancies diet and I know is going to take months or maybe years for me to be back on the weight that I was, but now looking at those pictures I realize that in a few years I will look at my pictures of right now and I’ll smile.. and most probably i’ll miss this times. Happy Saturday all!

There is no one like you!

I just realize that I never shared my MEGA failed in potty training! Instead of giving steps up, we are 2 steps down! Mia got mega stress and now she really hates the potty! I’m trying to go back to the beginning, reading books to her and ask my friends to take them with them when they take their kids to the potty. I decided to stop and let her do it at her own way, BUT I’m not sure if i’m making another mistake telling her that her friends go to potty. I’m just starting to realize that this can put more pressure on her instead of taking it as example. Sometimes is difficult to let her go on her own times, whenever I see friends saying we are going to do it now and they achieve it, I want to do it as well! But I finally decide that she is she! She is very good and advance in other things that other kids are not, and if she were not.. Who cares? I love her anyway! She changed my life and she is the most special girl in my life! I’m so grateful that she is healthy and happy and it’s all that matters! I want to share something that happened today. Mia and I went to Mia’s activities, and there was this little boy that I haven’t see in days, he is same age as Mia, and I was seating while Mia was playing and when I looked at him, I noticied he was shaking, acting strange.. He really wanted to walk but he couldn’t move and he was shaking very bad, so I turned to look for his mom and she came to grab him and told me he missed the classes because he had several seizures and he wasn’t able to move or walk for weeks. It brake my hearth to see how much he wanted to play, his eyes were looking at the floor the whole time, he looked soo sad! He used to be such a happy runner all the time, and then I looked at Mia, she was dancing and smiling, It came to my mind that day when she passed out in my arms when I was pregnant with Matias, how scared I was, I cannot imagine the pain of his family! I took at time to give thanks and think how blessed we are of having such a healthy kids! We never know when this can change, horrible things can happen, and we are so lucky right now. I complain sometimes of how tired I am, but man, that doesn’t compare not a minimum of how his mom would feel. I know what is to have your kid sick, when mia gets a cold or something and I don’t sleep well somedays, well his mom haven’t sleep in weeks! The stress, the paranoia, the pain of seeing your kid suffering.. This momma is my hero! And to all the moms with similar cases out there, hands down to you! You are truly warriors and an inspiration! Happy Thursday all. Xo Athenas

Potty training day 2

Having kids it’s the best thing that could ever happend to me.. But man! I really didn’t have any idea of how much I would need to give up! Those are the things that nobody tells you! I’ve been stock at home for 2 days now, potty training Mia, and this is been one of the most challenging things that I’ve ever done as mother. Having a newborn crying, having to breastfeed every 2 hours and a toddler peeping and pooping all around the house it’s been a hell of a job. That and the fact that Mia hates being at home all day long! I’m physicall and mentally drained! I really wanted to go to the gym and start taking care of me but seriously it’s 2 pm and I’m already done for the day. I’m exhausted! I feel unhealthy.. Super uper unhealthy! My whole body hurts of being seating in the coach for hours waiting for Mia to pee or poo! I haven’t even take a shower because i’m scared that she is going to have an accident on the carpet! Can’t wait for this to end! And I know people say you are going to miss it, but I really think this is going to be one of the things that I’m not going to miss! I really think that the people who says potty training is fun they are liars lol! I really want to find the fun but I just don’t see where! I hope your friday it’s better than mine! If you are hiting the bars today, have a drink for me! And if you don’t have kids, enjoy while you can! Lol!

It’s summer.. potty training time!

I’ve been wanting to potty train Mia for months! But I always found an excuse! But my goal was before summer ends, I thought that it is easier to take her pants off if the weather is nicely, so here I am, first day of the summer stock at home. I was reading lots of articles and advices, and I decided to go for the one that says to stay at home for 3 days, no diaper on, and give her a price if she pee or poo in it, so we will see! It’s been 3 hours with no success, and I’m already hating this! Potty training sucks! Lol! I just think it’s too much work having to run to the washrooms with them, clean all of this accidents, I don’t even know how am I going to be able to drive long distance! Well wish me luck in the next 3 days! Let’s see how it goes! Happy Thursday all!

Montessori VS Regular School..

The first time I heard about Montessori was back in Mexico. For me, Montessori sound like a hippie-Fancy method of learning, but being honest, I didn’t really care about this because 10 years ago I wasn’t interested at all on having kids. Last year in a kids party, I meet this mom, and during our conversation I mentioned to her that I was moving to White rock and she super recommended me this Montessori preschool, she said her daughter loooove her teacher and that the place was amazing, so I decided to take a look myself.

It was love at first sight! One: There was multiculturalism, I’m not racist ( Hey I’m Mexican ) but I didn’t move to Canada to have my daughter growing with only one culture, Second: She was right about the teachers, the kids seems to love them, and I can see they were very sweet but at the same time strict with them and Three: they have an amazing space including an outside space to play, so I decided to sign up Mia to get a spot in September and went home. After a couple of weeks it was Mia’s last day at her daycare and speaking with her teachers, I mentioned to them that Mia will start preschool in September in a Montessori place and suddenly I saw an expression of “not approve” in their faces, so I asked if they knew what Montessori was because me, I didn’t even investigate about it, I just like the place and sign her up, but being completely honest I didn’t do a research or anything ( yeah I know I should have ) anyways, they told me that Mia was used to a play-based environment and that they do not like Montessori teachers because for some reason they feel superior than them, so now they got my attention, and I let them continue talking about it.

I knew that Montessori was different but I didn’t know HOW different, and I didn’t know what play based daycare-preschool was ( even tho Mia was already in one and I really love her daycare ), so that day I arrived home and I started my google search. I visited like 20 different websites, I watched all of these videos regarding the life of Maria Montessori, I texted a couple of friends who happened to be Montessori Teachers and they were the ones who at the end convinced me about this type of education, even tho I love play based as well.

So here are the main differences that I found:

Montessori: Students discover information for themselves and they can work on their lessons as long as they need, the teachers helps them according to their needs and focus on develops the whole personality of the child, not merely his/her intellectual faculties.

Regular school-Play based: The information is given to them by their teachers and there is a schedule for every lesson.  The teacher deliver the same lessons to everyone, and they learn on play based activities, which is very good for their imagination and social skills.

I do not believe that one is better than the other, I just think that there are several factors to consider like distance, cost, schedule, and most importantly REPUTATION! Margareth, the Director of Mia’s previous daycare, told me once that the most important thing is to find a place where the teachers love their job, to always look on the relationship among the educators and the childrens.

Also we are all different, every child and every family, only you know what would fit better in your kit. ( and if it doesn’t work you can always try the option number 2 ).

Have anyone experience both? Which did you prefer?

Potty training sucks..

I know this is not the best pic for the tittle lol! But honestly this bar has giving me tons of energy lately to deal with everything that is going on! As soon as I feel i’m getting down I eat one and it boost my energy in seconds! How come that I didn’t know about this one? Anyways, one of the reasons why i’m so freggin tired is because i’m trying to potty train Mia. Yess I know I should’ve done this before Matias was born but man I was soo tired with that huge belly that I could not imagine myself leaning over to clean all the poo and pee! So I decided I’ll start slowly, so far the progress is that she already said “poo poo mommy” sometimes she lies, sometimes is true, but the worst part is that when is true, either i’m driving or breasteeding Matias in the park, or something is going on that she ends up pooping in her diaper and getting frustraded. I know I know that’s not good because she is going to get confused.. Don’t you think I know that? So i’m desperate need for advices! I’ve been reaching up all of my friends that passed for the same situation and most of them tell me to stay at home for a couple of days to fully train her, but seriously! It is impossible for me to stay all day at home with them! Mia gets bored of her toys and I don’t want to have her watching tv all day long, I mean I do not have anything against tv, she is my best friend right now, but I want her to socialize, exercise and learn, at least in the mornings! And that’s another situation, whenever we are in her activities she would say that she needs to go to the potty but she doesn’t like the mobile potty that I bought! She wants the real potty! And i’m already carrying with tons of stuff including her and Matias.. Where on the world am I going to put that potty? I know that I should listen to my friends and stay at home at least 3 days but oh man! Why is it soo difficult? There should be a potty training school lol! Can’t wait to stop changing those yaaaki diapers but not sure what is worst! I feel that i’m going to be scared of living my house! Or having to wait until she poo to go? What if we need to be in a place at certain time and she hasn’t poopoo yet? So many different situations! I guess I would have to keep trying! Happy Monday all!

Working out with a newborn..

I think the tittle should be more.. Working out with a 2T as I think keeping Mia seat on the stroller it’s way more difficult! A couple days ago, I decided that it was time to start moving my body again, not only because I still have 10 kilos to go, but also and more important because I need energy!! Like a loooot! Staying at home with a 2T and a newborn it’s mentally and physically challenging, and I cannot find a better way to help my body and mind than exercising. I cannot go to the gym or at least not everyday so my only option is to go for long stroller walks with these two, and being honest? I find is a win win! They get tired, get a nap and myself I workout and give my mind a little rest. I’m lucky enough to have a mall 15 min walking from home, so I go to Morgan crossing and grandview corners almost daily! I try not to bring my wallet as I ended up buying stuff I don’t need. Yess there are days that I feel I cannot do it and I allow myself to have a rest, but the next day i’ll push me again. I’m not expecting to be back right away, what I want right now it’s to survive the terribles two and newborn stage lol! But with this walking weather, and coffee shops in every corner, how can I find excuses?

Dealing with a new sibling..

It’s not a secret that Mia is having a hard time adjusting to the new sibling, however I know i’m not alone. At the beginning I was blaming myself thinking that maybe I did something wrong or I didn’t prepare her well for this new chapter, but looking back I know I did everything I could and talking with other moms most of them told me they had the same experience. I’ve been listening to horrible stories that happened to them and most of them told me that i’m on the right track taking Mia to her activities in the morning so we can have some “US” time. During the long weekend my mom left back to Mexico and I knew I wanted to do something special for Mia, something the three of us, even tho we brought Matias with us, he was sleeping the whole time in the stroller, so we decided to take her to the Aquarium. She is being obsessed with Finding dory so we knew she would loooove the surprise. I know there is a lot of debate about the aquarium, but i’m neutral about this subject. I really love that she had the opportunity to see all the animals she watch on the cartoons ( yesss she watch tv, I know there is a lot of debate about that too lol! ) and to live that experience. We took her to the Seattle Aquarium when she was 3 months old ( I know, that was stupid) but I really like the Vancouver one more! They have thounds of animals, it’s super clean and big! For me was totally worth the trip, she was so happy and excited! And it felt good to dedicate an entire day for her, as the good old times. After that we hit Kits beach and spent our afternoon trying to find dory lol! It’s weird but after that day I can see lots of changes on her attitude about Matias. Now she wakes up in the morning and looks for him, maybe it’s because my mom it’s not here anymore but I can see that slowly she is accepting him and it makes me excited to visualize them playing together in a few months!

Postpartum Blues..

This long weekend has been awesome so far! Friday I had my mom cooking and getting my freezer full of food so I can survive for the next month, Saturday we had Matias welcome party, well kinda, I’m so exhausted and with literally no time to arrange anything so I went easy peasy and instead of having a baby welcome shower, I decided that a putlock in the park behind my house would be the best idea ever..I mean, the weather it’s been amazing and we are not only lucky enough to have 1 but 2 playgrounds in this park! At the beginning I thought nobody would show up, I mean, c’mon! It’s long weekend and we live so far! But surprisily we even had to buy a second BBQ lol!! Lots of friends came over and we had an amazing time eating and listening advices and stories from everyone! and today we spent the whole day in Vancouver between the aquarium and the beach. We wanted to do something special for Mia because one, it’s been a lot of changes for her lately and two, my mom left today and we know how much she is going to miss her! She is obsessed with the movie finding dory so we knew the aquarium would be something magical for her and it was! Since I moved to Vancouver I was always saying that I would go to Science world and the aquarium when I have kids, so this is it! I loooove the aquarium but i’ll write about it later in a different post. After a whole day with Mia, we came over, had dinner and we are going to try to re-train her to sleep in her bed, so dadda and her went to her room and I finally had some alone time with my little Matias. He was crying so bad because he wanted to sleep, so I breastfeed him, went to youtube and played some “baby songs to sleep”. While I was walking around the room with him in my arms, I remember that a month ago( like seriously??!!! It’s been a month sice I had him already? Wtf!! ) I was in the shower, very nervous because he didn’t want to get out, and that night I decided to relax and enjoy having him in my tummy, and I started to dance with him like I was doing right now, but now he is out.. He is not inside of me anymore.. And then suddendly my hearth brake. He is still little, he just born.. He is still mine.. But then I looked at the wall and I see a picture of my Mia, when she became one.. And now she grow up sooo much! She is not a baby anymore! She is a little toddler, who is surpring me everyday of how much she has grow! And it makes me my proud but at the same time sad! They grow fast they said.. And it’s true! They do! So this is it! This is my last baby! We wanted a boy and a girl and we are blessed enough to have them both! Mia will always be spoiled because she was my first one.. But Matiad will always be spoiled because is my last one. I see him and I don’t want him to grow! And at the same time I want the newborn face to pass so I can sleep again! But I want to enjoy every second, I want to remember him like this.. But time is going sooo fast! He is so awake already! Please don’t grow! And Please do!

Breastfeeding life..

One of the things that I love-hate the most when I had Mia was breastfeeding. At the beginning it was a nighmare! It was so damn painful! It was even more painful than her birth because I didn’t know when that pain would go away! Plus it was a lot of work to be breastfeeding and pumping all day long, however after a couple of months, it was my favourite thing to do! I loveeee that connection that I had with her, I love not having to wash any bottles, it was so easy just to put her on my breast for a couple of minutes and that was it! I love the way she was looking at me while breastfeeding, like saying thank you mommy! So with this pregnancy I knew I wanted to breastfeed again, HOWEVER I wanted him to like formula as well, as for me, it made my life easier on my previous pregnancy, so I choose to Mix-feed again, even tho my doctor wasn’t happy about it. I know they said that exclusive breastfeeding babies are the healthies, but being honest, most of my friends back at home they only use formula and their babies/toddlers are very healthy. With Mia I mix-feed as well and she was super healthy.. Until she started the daycare. One of the best advices that I can give for new moms is that every mom should do whatever it works for them, you can listen to everyone, but don’t do things because you are afraid to be judge, do it because it is what makes your life easier and takes away the stress, remember happy mom, happy baby.. Happy family! Don’t let the stress in, remember to yourself that being a mommy is difficult and you have to do what you have to do. Happy Friyay all!

One is one .. Two is twenty

I heard that phrase in one of the episodes of keep it up with the kardashians ( guiltyyy ) and I remember thinking and imagine how it would be when we decide to have a second child. Yesterday we finally go outside ( well.. Not really outside) and bring Matias for his first mall experience. We went to the guilford mall just to spend the day and distract our minds, and it was insane the amount of time that it took me to have everyone and everything ready just to go for a simple day at the mall. Seriously it took me like 4 hours between having to put Mia in the shower, breastfeeding every hour for like 30 min, diaper bags, changing diapers, etc etc etc. It made me realize how much my life has changed already. And not only that, having to make time for my toddler who is still dealing with the idea of becoming a big sister and a very demanding new born who wants to be feed every hour.. I have to confess that I’ve been using formula at some point of the day because I do not have time for pumping.. That make me feel so guilty but what do I do? I seriously have so much respect for those single moms! Like I cannot stop thinking about this single mom that I know that has 3 under 2, a pair of twins plus a year and a half.. How can she do it? At what time she showers? How can she go outside? How can she does groceries!! At what time she cooks? Everytime I think I cannot do it.. I like to use her as a reminder. I laugh at those times when I thought that with 2 everything would be so much easier! And right now i’m blessed enough to have my mom here taking completly care of my house, including cooking, but i’m pretty sure that my house is going to be a mess after she leaves! I just don’t know how moms can have 2 kids and still have their house clean and look great.. Maybe I do not know how to organize? Is there an special website that tells you what to do? Cansomeone  give me an advice? Happy Sunday all!

Bringing a new sibling home ..

Morning! It’s been a long night.. But I enjoyed every minute! My night achievement was no formula, just breastfeed! I felt my milk increasing over the night as I had those chills that I had when I finally got milk with Mia.. But apart of the lack of sleep or milk supply issue, our main concern is how Mia is taking the new baby brother thing. At the beginning I thought she would be so excited, playing mommy with him, as she is being all about dolls and babies lately, but when she finally saw Matias, things changed. She is being very jealous, even when her friends came to visit and meet the new baby she didn’t like them to see him, she was calling them to go and play with her. It breaks my hearth to see her like this, so I’m trying so hard to spend as much alone time with her as possible, I took her to her activities yesterday like before and she was so happy and acting normal with me, but when we came home after that and I got Matias back to my arms, again she switch. I guess is going to take time for all of us to adapt as family of four, and I hope that when Matias starts crawling or interacting things going to be better. Does anyone have any advices for this? I don’t remember being jealous when they brought my little brother home but yesterday talking to other moms they told me is very normal. Anyways, Happy Tuesday yall! Pds: I looove this Minnie and Mickey decor that I have on my kids room! Not sure where francisco got it but we had it even before we knew we were having a baby boy so I guess it was meant to be!

Hospital Bag Essentials ..

It’s almost baby time!! And believe it or not i’m still in preparation mode! I keep adding more and more items to my hospital bag, cleaning and right now you can find me at chatters cutting my hair lol! Anyways, As this is my second baby, I supposed to have experience of what and what not to bring in the hospital bag, so here it is my top 10! 1- receiving blanket: if you don’t have one, hospital would probably lend you one but i’m sure that you would like to take thounds of pics of your newborn, I love this organic one from Vonbon! 2- Clothes and Mittens: new borns usually arrive with long nails, you don’t want that beautiful face to get scratch. 3- Cute And most importandly comfortable PJ for mommy: if you are planning to breastfeed, one that you can unbottom or easily pull down. 4-Something to help you relax: it can be music, flowers, for me I love this spray from sage that i’m planning to spritzed on my face as it brings a calming effect ( perfect for contractions lol! ), 5- Make up and toiletries: If you are planning to have some visitors or take some pics you would want to have these! 6- Lip Balm: after all the work and effort you are going to need it! 7- Nipple balm: again if you are planning to breastfeed, this is going to be your best friend! 8- Flipflops and slippers: you want to feel as comfortable as possible, and after all the workout maybe you would like to take a shower! 9- Your cellphone: to share the good news or provide that sneack peak to the people close to you 10- Car seat: this is not on your hospital bag, but you will need one to take your baby home. What are yours? 😀

Easter Basket ..

This is the first time in my life that I’m celebrating Easter. I was raised Catholic but for me, Easter was vacay, friends, beach, and maybe go to church. Last year I took Mia to the Stanley park train to see the Easter Bunny but I didn’t get the whole bunny thing until now. I loooove holidays and special ocassions, and I want Mia to get as excited as I am with this things.. I know it’s marketing and blablabla but I love to have something special every month, sometimes we are so busy in our lifes that we forget about little things, and I want to make every month of this time with Mia and my new baby special .. So checking on one of my favourite mom blogs, she gave me the Idea of make an Easter basket for Mia! It’s soo easy to make my little happy, she already is and she doesn’t need anything but I want to surprise her with chocolates and all of those Easter things! I found this book at Indigos Grandview ( they have a whole table with many options for your basket ), and i’ve been reading it to Mia everyday and she is getting excited about the Easter bunny now! I’m looking for more things to fill out her basket, I found this cool shirt at Gap, some Kinder chocolates, eggs, arts & crafts from dollar store and we will see what else.. What do you have in your? 

Support Local! Petitlouloushop

It’s been a couple of bad days lately, on Wednesday I had the worst day of my life so far, we have been back and forth to the hospital, the 3 of us sick and feeling exhausted. Thankfully we woke up much better and we are going to have a good “rest” stay at home Saturday. I’ve been cleaning non stop because I know how delicate new borns are, and even tho Francisco says to me that they are kids getting born in the grass and the dirt, I want mines to be in a cleanest place as possible. I was washing his crib again and this little moon that I received on my baby shower made me smile. I went to the girl’s instagram and saw all this beautiful things she makes! Another plus? She is local! And she ships worldwide! If you are looking for a baby shower gift, go and visit her page! Happy sunny Saturday all!

Where to go in Burnaby.. Kidoodles

A couple days ago we had a playdate in metrotown at Kidoodles. This was my first time seeing this place, as I think is difficult to find in the mall. The place is on the first floor next to the t&t market and If you have a 3 year old this is going to become your favourite one! Mia is only 2 but from 3 years and above you can leave them doing arts and crafts while mommy do some shopping! ( this is going to be my fav place next year for sure) we stayed there and the girls had so much fun painting and colouring, they also have a small play area so mommy can sit and have an adults conversation. In another news, I’ve been eating like a pig! Now is getting real that phrase you eat for two! I’m sooo hungry lately, I even wake up in the middle of the night to go to the kitchen and eat whatever I see! I have 0 energy and is getting more and more difficult to take Mia to all her activities. I feel so fuilty that we have been watching lots of tv lately but mommy really needs a rest. Time for a nap everyone!

Joe fresh Fall collection..

I rarely talk about fashion on my blog, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it or have my favourite instagram fashion goddees. I’ve been shooping around for fall clothes for Mia, and I have to say that I’m so obsessed with Joe fresh right now. Everytime is “grocery” time ( I usually do my groceries at Super store, because I can find all the organic stuff that I love plus my regular ) I get scared because I know i’m gonna ended up at joe fresh section. This time the baby/toddlers collection is soo ridiculous cute! Seriously! I want every single shoe, sweeter, leggins, everything! I bought this little sweeter for Mia because we had sofi’s tutu party ( sooo cute! ) and I think is the perfect fall sweeter!! Can’t wait to have another excuse to go and do my groceries again lol! Happy Monday everyone!

Jack and lily..

I have to confes something.. I didn’t buy shoes for Mia until she was 1 year old. I am not a shoe girl, I love boots tho and clothes but I rarely buy shoes for myself. I just didn’t see the point of buying shoes for Mia if she wasn’t walking. As soon as I saw that she was standing and wanted to walk is when I start buying shoes. She is getting big and now I’m trying to stock her closet with conmfy and nice shoes. When I discovered jack and lily I felt in love with their designs. First they are local made ( let’s support local mommys out there! )then their shoes are so cool, third they are super comfy and great quality for the price. Mia was running, jumping and dancing all around yesterday, she loooves her new shoes. If you are looking for great inside or ourside shoes for your babies/toddlers go and check their website, they have great sales right now!

Story time at Chapter Indigo!

Hello loves! It’s been a busy week and I haven’t pay too much attention to my other baby ( my blog ), so sorry about that. We have some friends coming over, and today I’ve been on the streets trying to find a place with an AC. Seriously Vancouver is buuuuurning!! I am a winter person, but I know that as soon as winter comes we are not going to be able to do that much outside, so anyways,  I wanted to stay at home and have a peaceful saturday but it was impossible! It was too hot to breathe! So I decided to take Mia to story time at Chapter-Indigo and it was the best idea ever! I was able to have a rest while she was enjoying Curious george story, the temperature, the service, everything was right! I can’t believe I never knew that they do story time at chapters! Here in south surrey/white rock area is twice a month on Saturdays. And the best part? Mia got a book for FREE. Yesss!! I don’t know your baby but mine is obsessed with books! I am a fan of chapters, I usually go there to buy presents or if I want to buy some cool decor for my home. There was lots of toys with 60%off if you want to do your Christmas shopping! Anyways if you love around my area the next story time will be August 27 at 11 am! Have a great Sunday everyone!! 

It’s all about me ID card..

A couple days ago, Mia’s daycare request me to bring an eartquake back, for emergencies cases. They asked me for an identitiy card and I was proudly prepare with one. Months ago I saw on facebook a post from a Mom who was saying how useful was this card for her, there was a contact name to where to request it and the info. So I did call and they said they will pay a visit to my home. I didn’t understand very well what was going on, so when my husband asked me I told him the police will come to our home to bring us one. It ended up being an insurance company who brought is the ID card lol! Trying to sale us some packages. Anyways, I got mia’s id card for free ( well, I had to listen for around 2 hours about insurance and stuff lol ). But really, in case of an emergency I think is the best thing to have, because you cannot think properly when does things happends, so you can just hang this card and it contains everything that the emergency crew would need. You don’t have to call these man, you can just make and print your own! Have a nice Tueday everyone!

Eco Friendly bamboo plates!

My friends knows me well! A couple days ago I received one of the coolest gifts ever! Well it wasn’t really for me, it was for Mia lol! A disposable plates and utensils! How cool is that? Bambooware use 100% biodegradable products all made by bamboo plant. Literally from the earth to my kitchen! It is incredible how we never take the moment ( or at least myself ) to think about all the process and damage that we make to our planet using a plastic or regular plate. I didn’t grow up thinking about all of this, for me plates were plates and as many things I don’t know where they come from. A couple years ago I decided to be more informed about all of the chemicals that we added in our body, and try to reduce them as much as possible, but lately I’ve been reading a lot about how can we help our planet to become a better place, starting with consume less animal products. There are several theories about dairy and animal products. Some people say that dairy is bad for the babies/toddlers, I respect everyones way of thinking and do believe that you should be inform and do whatever you think is better for you and your family. Myself I reduce by around 70% my animal consuption. I do love cheese so it is something that is costing me a looot to leave. I tried the soy and other vegan options but I just didn’t like them. But So far my animal consuption is cheese and Nandos chicken when I don’t find anything to cook lol! With Mia is different. She is vegetarian ( she doesn’t like meat at least until today ) her diet is totally plant based ( I would love her to stay this way but I know they change so much so this can change at any moment ) but I decided that I wanted her to consume dairy until she is 2. And because of this, I always try to give her the best dairy options, always Organic and as local as possible. I think the most important thing is to be informed so we can be more councious and think twice before buying any food/item around us. We can start with small steps as I did, instead of drinking cows milk switching to Almond, cashew or rice milk. It is such a small change that you didn’t get to notice! I do believe in small transitions, and this is what I’ve been applying to me and my family. If you want to take a small step here is their website cheers!


Little People.. Big Dreams!

Haaalo! A couple days ago It was Cami’s birthday ( Mia’s friend ), and I was trying to find the perfect gift for her, I knew my friend Adriana was a Frida kahlo fan, so searching on the Internet I found on Amazon these awesome collection of books for kids, with the story of Frida, Coco Chanel, Audrey hepburn and more! I found this very cool! Teach them some history while they have fun. Mia is such a little neerd, she really loves books, and even tho these books maybe are not yet for her age, she loves to look at the pictures and listen to mommys story. If you are looking for a cool collection for your toddlers/kids check them out! The autor is Isabel Sanchez and I found them on Amazon! Have a great Thursday! ( is it Thursday already? )

Cotton Candy Kids

Morning everyone! This was a busy weekend lots of things going on, so I’m going to start with the Queensborough kids festival! This was one of my favourites, the popcorn, the idea, the service, everything about them it’s soo cool! This is a perfect Idea if you are planning your kids birthday Party! I haven’t plan Mia’s next party but I have a feeling that I’m going to give them a call for sure!! They have Cotton Candy as well to add more sugar! Have a great start of the week everyone!


Healthy Baby as possible Program Vancouver..

Morning! Finally we finished unpacking the most important things ( Meaning Mia’s things ) and I finally found my underwear ( yeiii ). We still have a lot of work to do, but I guess is going to be slow transition. I wanted to finish everything but there are so many things and projects that I have for this house, that probably is going to take us a few years, and with the days being like this ( beautiful sunny everyday ) the only thing that we want is to be outside! ( enjoy it while it last ). So yesterday we went to a kids party, ( it’s funny how I get soo excited when someone invite for a kids party) I just love to see another moms and remind mysef that I am not alone. I was very happy to see the moms that I meet in this group in Vancouver, if you are pregnant I totally recommend you this group! It’s call “healthy baby as possible”, they are located on Commercial drive, they help you to have the best pregnancy, providing you with a diet for you and your baby, give you lots of stuff for free. They make lots of activities for pregnant and new moms ( this group runs since you are pregnant until your baby is 1 year old ). This was a very special group because moms help each other, sometimes we exercise while volunteers take care of your baby ( 10 min break is 10 min ), there is a nurse, dentist, etc. Coming once a month so you can ask all the questions that you want, it is awesome!! If you want more information i’ll be happy to send it to you. Anyways we are heading to the states today to do some shopping at target 😁 but first ..


Baby Rush must haves..



Mia ( my beautiful baby girl ) it’s being having stomach flu for almost 3 days. Her bump was so red that I was so scared to change her diaper! One of my friends recommend me this cream that she bought in Mexico that I couldn’t find, so I decided to try Teddy’s noun ours brand. I usually pay extra attention on the ingredients in every products I buy specially for Mia, so I google it but I couldn’t find any reviews so I just bought it. OMG it worked perfectly! the cream it’s super extra heavy, that the rash went away in less than a day. Everytime I was putting the cream was slowly getting better and better! Then during the bath time I didn’t want to use any soup or the usually bubbles bath that I use, so I find this Aveeno fragrance free soothing baby bath treatment, they were perfect! it help her to relieve the dry irritated skin. I definitely recommend these products if you are having the same issue as me. Feel free to share some advices for next time! Cheers!