Madeline Bee Home Store!

I love having babies! I love their smell, their smile but I can’t wait for the kids to grow to have a fresh and clean home lol!!

I got pregnant 3 months after getting married with Francisco, we bought our home a year and half ago, we both have 2 full time jobs and now 2 babies. With that being said.. We are just starting building our home.

We are starting to make minor tweaks and changes to our decor, furniture and soon the entire home.! Even the little changes brings so much excitement!

Recently I paid a visit to our Local store Madeline Bee Home store in South Surrey, and I absolutely felt in love with everything! They have this beautiful White Mirror that I can visualize in my entrance lol! Lots of Christmas decor, and my favourite one was this super fancy cocktail glasses ( the one on the pic ).

They are about to open their second location at Sullivan Heights, so if you are around the area, stop by to check their cute items! pds: I bought this K’pure oil for my baby there and I’m already stealing some for myself lol!




Mia’s favourite books PLUS a Giveaway

We have a book lover in our home and I love it! So today  we are going to share with you her top picks!

I try to read to them at least 2 books per day, Gad knows how much I miss having the time to read a good book! I love walking around the book kids section at my favourite Chapters Indigos store at the Grandview corners!

I know.. I know Amazon is the big thing, but I’m not a fan of online shopping ( even tho I know is the easiest way with 2 kids lol )

I’ll start with our Newest one, “The Birthday Thief”  this is what I call the PERFECT birthday present for a book lover! Wonderbly makes a great job personalizing the book and make it all about your little one! Mia gets excited everytime I mention her name while reading it lol!

Of course we will need a Spanish book about her Birthday too, so I read her “The Birthday Box- Mi caja de cumpleanos” by Leslie Patricelli. I love this book because she can learn all of these Spanish words plus the story is so cute!


Photo credit: Amazon

Recently I found in our storage “Let’s play” by Herve Tullet. This is a super interactive, fun book to read for those who loves adventures! I got it last year but Mia was too young for it, now she loves it! ( They grow so fast ).

It is Christmas time, we have this Touch and Feel Christmas book by DK, this is more for babies or toddlers, but Mia wants me to read it so she can grab Matias hand and show him Santa’s Fluffy White beard lol!


Photo credit: Amazon

and last but not least…. our main main favourite.. ” A little Fart” by Barron’s lol!!! If you are potty training, you have to get your hands on this book! it’s F*ckin hilarious!


photo credit: Amazon

2 of these books, we won them in a Giveaway! So I decided I want to share the love and give one to a lucky winner! The rules are very simple, just Follow me on Facebook ( I love 604 ) and leave a comment on my blog of which book would you choose and why.

The winner would be announce randomly on December 27. Open to Residents of Vancouver And the lower mainland ( Canada ) only. Must be at least 18 years old to qualify. Good luck!

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Vegan Sweet Flautas


I have officially find a way to eat my flautas without feeling guilty! ( Thanks youtube! ) I knew it would be a huge hit with the kids ( Who doesn’t love sweet potato? ) but my main concern was Francisco.

Both of us have that Mexican taste, that is very difficult for us to adjust when I do changes on the food like this, but I learned that when you eat it twice, you start to love it!

This time I went to the extreme and made them with sweet potato,  so I don’t have to cook different meals for everyone ( Matias could eat only a plain sweet potato and the rest the flautas) but if you think is too much of a changes, use regular potato instead of the sweet one!

All I have to say is that you are going to be enjoying a meal FULL of veggies, that was the main goal! Here you go:

For the Flautas:

1- 1 cup of sweet potato puree ( I used around 2, boil and pure them )

2-2 tbps of green onion

3-A bunch of cilantro ( around 1 tbps )

4- Corn tortillas

5-Salt and pepper


The Salsa on the top:

1- 1 boil tomato

2- 3 GREEN tomatoes boil

3- 1 cloved of garlic

4- 1/2 cup of vegetable oil

5-4 chile chipotles ( I didn’t add this ingredient on mine, because I was scared it would be too spicy for Mia )

6- 1/4 cup of SOY chorizo ( I couldn’t find soy chorizo at Super Store, so I used the Mexican Ground beef from Yves instead )

and to Garnish:

*LOTS of Lechuga ( I used romain )

*LOTS of avocado

*Sour cream

*Black Beans

Add all of the SALSA ingredients in the blender ( yep the soy chorizo too, but first fry it for around 7 minutes in a pan or until done ).

In a pan, warm your corn tortillas first, so they don’t brake when rolling the flautas. Once done add some avocado oil ( or the one of your choice ) in a pan.

Mix the sweet potato with the cilantro, the green onion, salt and pepper. Put some on your tortilla and roll it, you can use a small stick to close them while you fry them.

When your flautas are done, put LOTS of the salsa along with the garnish.

How would you change this recipe?






Mia’s Paw Patrol Party

I can’t believe my baby is going to be 3 at the end of this month!!! Time do really flies!!

This time we decided to do an early celebration as last year I had to cancel it 3 times because of the snow storm! If you know me, you know how much I enjoy event planning, but this year I wanted to do the things different.

I wanted something more cozy, with less stress and my main goal was making MIA happy. ( Not myself lol). by that being said, she doesn’t care about the fancy decor, or what would be on the menu.. the only thing I knew she cared about was to have some time with her friends.. and thankfully in this age, you give them some balloons and sugar and you made it lol!

So that’s what we had, a super simple party with some dollar store decor, a 3 leches cake and some Mexican candies. But… Mia loooves surprises ( like mommy ) so one night, I was checking one of my Facebook groups and I saw this post from a local mom in Langley, saying that she offered Paw Patrol services and I got super excited!! I couldn’t stop smiling thinking about the face that Mia would make seeing that the Paw patrols came to her party! So I hired them and of course they were the hit!!

And the best thing? You are not only making your kids happy, but also helping a local small business! How cool is that?? They come to your party, dance around, play with your kids and you can take as many photos you want!!

You can find them on Facebook as: Pawlicious Parties & Events! Or leave me a message and I send you their contact!

Xo Athenas

Loobydoo63 GIVEAWAY


A couple months ago, I found this beautiful boutique in White rock. I was making time before heading to lunch at the Wooden spoon and I saw this announcement about their grand opening.

I really wanted to attend because I knew the girl from KEWE was planning to go, and I’m her huge fan lol! but with 2 under 3 and not help at all, you cannot make plans.

I came back to take a look and I was surprise how many of my local brands were there so I decided to do a partnership with them to give you away a $100 of store credit.

The rules are super simple:

1- Like this post on my Instagram ( @ilove604)

2-Follow both @ilove604 and @loobydoo63

3-Tag 3 LOCAL friends ( Vancouver and Lower Mainland ) that need some shopping.

That’s it! Open to residents over 18 in Vancouver and Lower Mainland ONLY. Winner will be selected at random at 4:00 pm on December 17, 2017.

Good luck my loves!


Vegan Picadillo with Yves

I just want to clarify something.. we are not vegan. We are not vegetarian either. What I want for me and my family is just to moderate as much as possible our animal consumption and help a little this planet. I would say that we are like 70/30.. 70% vegan and 30% animal products, and I think 29% is because the cheese lol!

I have been so FULL lately with the two kids, but I wanted to start cooking and experimenting again so I will share with you the recipes that I approved. In Mexico we have this dish called “picadillo” and it’s super easy to make it vegan if you add your favourite substitute for ground beef. I usually buy Yves, you can find it at Superstore or even Walmart. Happy cooking all!


1 pack of Yves ground beef

1/2 onion cut in small pieces

1 potato ( cut in a small pieces)

3 carrots ( cut in small pieces)

1/2 cup of green beans

1/2 tbps of oregano

Salt, pepper and avocado oil.

For the blender mix:

4 tomatoes

1 chile chipotle ( optional, but highly recommended)

1/4 of onion

2 pieces of garlic

1 1/2 cup of water

1/4 teaspoon of cumin and salt.

Mix all the ingredients of the blender. In a pan add some avocado oil with the onions for around 3 minutes in a medium heat. Add the potato and carrots ( cut in a small cubes) for around 5 minutes before adding the “beef”. Cook for around 5 minutes. Add the green peas and the blender mix and let it cook for 15-20 minutes or until the veggies are cooked.

Best places to eat in Downtown YVR


One of my favourite things about living in downtown, is the great places you can find to eat. There are a few places that are not longer there, like that amazing Mongolian restaurant on Davie street, or Don Guacamoles on Robson ( I guess the name was because they used to have the best guacamole in town ); But there are still some of my favourites that I want to share with you, so here is my top list:

Favourite Greek:  Stepho’s on davie

My favourite dish: roast lamb!!


Photo credit: Tripadvisor

Favourite Mexican: El patron tacos y cantina on Robson

My favourite dish: Their chilaquiles!!


Favourite Mediterranean: Nuba Cafe on Davie

My favourite dish: Their roasted cauliflower!!

IMG_1039Favourite dessert Place: Treescoffee on Gastown

My favourite: Blueberry cheesecake


Favourite Tacos: Tacofino on Yaletown

Favourite dish: Shrimp tacos


Favourite Mongolian: Great wall Mongolian BBQ on Denman

Favourite dish: all you can eat!


photo credit: Tripadvisor

Favourite Seafood: Joe Fortes

Favourite dish: Rockefeller oysters


What are your favourite ones?


Favourite Holiday Smoothie

Morning loves! Smoothies are a everyday breakfast in this house lately, the reason? it’s one of the few things that BOTH Mia and Matias can eat.. another plus? it’s the only way Mia would eat spinach!

I wasn’t a fan of the idea of putting Greek yogurt on my smoothie, don’t ask me why because I don’t know.. but this one made me change my mind. If you like creamy smoothies, this is going to become your favourite as well! So here you go:

1/4 of rolled oats

150 ml of plain Greek yogurt

1 banana

1/2 cup of almond milk

1 tbps of chia

1/4 of teaspoon of cinnamon

1 tbps of honey( I used my favourite cinnamon honey flavour from  Honey Center in South Surrey)

1 tbps of peanut butter

What’s your favourite smoothie recipe?


Victoria kids guide


We absolutely love going to the Victoria! The ferry ride, the walks around the marina, the restaurant, the people.. but when you go with kids it’s a whole different experience lol!

Last Wednesday we decided to go for an adventour, and this time I was by myself, so I asked one of my local friends to give me a kids guide to make this trip super fun! Thank you so much Christina, we had as always an excellent time! We were so lucky with the weather, I really wanted to bring the kids to this farm at the Beacon hill park, but they are closed for the winter, HOWEVER there is a very nice playground there that you hit if is a sunny day.. now if is a rainy day, you maybe would like to go to one of these place:

1-Bumble and Hive


We loveeee this place so much! and the reason why I love it is because it fits both, Mia and Matias age! they have lots of toys, a coffee area, super cute shirts, snacks, everything you would need! We spent like 3 hours there, and after that we hit the little market located in the same plaza. Their customer service is amazing and the perfect place for a coffee play date with your friends!

2-Flying Squirrel Sports


Photo credit:

If your kids/toddlers are as actives as mine, you would want to bring them for some jumping here! here is their website for hours of operation:

3-Esquimalt Recreation Center

If your kids like swimming, they are going to love this place!


Photo credit:

4- Victoria Bug Zoo

If you have an animal lover, who is not afraid of bugs..


Photo credit:



Photo credit:

6- Greater Victoria Library


Photo credit:

If they are book lovers like my Mia, this is the place for you!

Where are your must go places in the island?