Welcome to Ilove604! What started as a something for fun, became my passion and personal project. You can find my favourite local places/brands, healthy recipes, fashion inspiration, and motherhood tips.

Here is a sneak peek into my life:

1-I’m a mommy of two and Francisco’s wife

2- I’m a food lover

3- Specially a cheese lover

4- I was born and raised in Mexico

5- Love all the things local

6-Lover of holidays

7- I’ve live in almost all metro Vancouver areas: North van, downtown van, commercial drive, Burnaby, north Burnaby, New west, south van and white rock

8- I love cooking

9- I love winter

10- I love event planning!

Inquiries: anguloathenas@gmail.com

Thanks you so much for stopping by!




Downloadย my media kit by clicking here:

media kit

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey you, just stopping by to say hi and check out your blog. I guess I was stocking you in a way haha. Love your blog keep it up.


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