Mother’s Day Gift​ Guide with The Mason Jar!

It’s time for that Mother’s day blog post! And I’m happy to partnering with The Mason Jar to give you some ideas for your gift search!

I’m super excited about this holiday because we DO deserve to have a special day! And I know is marketing and blablabla but sometimes with our busy lives we tend to forget about us, and we do deserve recognition!

I love supporting local, and The Mason Jar has everything that you need to make your mom or a special girl in your life happy! Another plus? they ALSO support local! How cool is this?


I asked Cathy, the Owner, What would her recommendations be for you and here are some her favs:

*All K pure Products ( Totally agree with her! I’m such a fan of them! )

*Brunette ( For those fashionistas! )

*Maccs the Label

*Pyrrha Jewelry

*Vancouver Candle Co.

*Smash and Tess

*Riot Therapy

*Sonja Picard Jewelry

*Reminded Design Jewelry

*Karyn Chopik Jewelry

You can find all of our suggestions of course, at the beautiful Mason Jar in White Rock! Happy Shopping everyone!



2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift​ Guide with The Mason Jar!

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!… Thanks for your ongoing support and for the continued enthusiasm and support that you always show the community!!!… You ROCK!!!!!


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