Local faves: Come Arepa!

If you have been following my Insta stories, you know I paid a visit to the Venezuelan Market to support my friend’s Ana business Lollipop Boutique a couple weeks ago.

It was a small event, full of the Venezuelan culture, and what I was more excited about ( apart of checking my friend’s dresses lol ) it was this famous Arepa truck.

I’ve tried arepas at my friend’s house, but they said these ones are the real ones, so I ordered what they recommended, the arepa Pabellon and the Tequenos.

I’m not an arepa expert, but it was pretty much the best arepa ever lol! the mixture of everything they put in there (beans, banana, beef… yep.. I know I know.. it’s a bomb!! specially if you don’t eat meat regularly lol! ) but I promise is SO worth it!!

And the Tequenos.. if you are a cheese lover these are for YOU!! For me basically they taste like cheese fingers but the difference is the type of cheese.. this one taste super creamy and I love it!!

I’m not sure where can you find them, because it seems they are always in a different locations, but you can DM on Instagram @comearepavan !



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