Favourite Local Red


After sharing my secret love for red wine last week, I decided to make a post about it! I’ve been asking for recommendations to my followers and friends, and I’ve been trying different brands and flavours, but I have to be honest with you.. SANDHILL YOU ARE THE BEST lol!

I love love their Merlot! The sweet taste, the aroma, the colour. Everything about this wine makes me happy! Can’t wait for the kids to grow to join their happy hour! lol! pds: for those living in the Okanagan, they will have a Holiday sale on November 25!! ) for more about them, here is their website: http://www.sandhillwines.ca/

Another local brand that I tried is called ” Open “Last Friday I had such a long day, and the only thing I wanted was pizza and wine lol! I had both, plus my friend Adriana who came to make me some company, and both us tried this delicious wine as well from the Okanagan. Their Merlot has a little bit of spicy, but still feels smooth in your mouth.


and last but not least, Black Sage! From summerland BC! This is more berrylicious and soft.


Photo credit: Tripadvisor

What are your favourite local brands for red wine?


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