Nordstrom sale! 

Hey guys have you check the nordstrom sale? I was impressed with the discounts! Sadly I’m under budget and need to save some money for a couple of trips lol! But that didn’t stop me to go and take a look on my favourite items! how cute is that play mat? I’m looking for a playmat for matias, and I really want to do a make over on the disaster that I have in my living room where we have all of their toys and this item is exactly what I have in mind.. the question is.. should I spend $60 in an iteam that is going to be use for only a couple of months? I want invest in a good kitchen because I know they are going to play with it for the next 3 years, but baby play mat? Mmmm.. now let’s talk about ME.. I love that dress and I think is perfect for breadtfeeding! Yesterday I went shopping and I saw a couple of dresses that I love and when I was in the fitting room I realize that there was not way i’ll be able to breastfeed without having to get naked lol! Also I love these boy clothes! But Matias is in a very weird size, newborn is too small, but 3-6 it’s too big! Aaaand if I buy 3-6 summer clothes.. is he going to be able to wear it before the summer ends? The only one that I can buy clothes and is worth it is Mia! And the only thing that I really like for the sale was this $850 burberry coat lol!! O and those 2 shirts that I think are pretty cute! What are your favourite items? 

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