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Se hace camino al andar.. 

One of the things that I love more about traveling, is the people that you meet in your trips. If you read my blog or follow me on Instagram, you know that we went to Kelowna a couple weeks ago, and in our way there, we had a little stop to buy some snacks. It caught my attention the Mexican flag and the sign for breast cancer in this white truck. Mia and I went inside and suddendly I hear some Spanish. One of the girls smile at my daughter and when we went outside Francisco was talking with them regarding their trip. We took a picture with them and we were so busy that I didn’t have time to look for who they were until we came back to Vancouver. I found them on Instagram and I click the link to read about them and “La Charrua” ( that’s how they name their truck). Estefania and Carolina have a dream, which is going all around the world interacting with people and learning from their cultures. They’ve been traveling since 2013! I love how they were able to left everything to go and help others, and to really enjoy the little things and that connection with our planet. They even have a blog about it! If you can or want to help them in their dream please visit their website: or you can find them on Instagram as #sehacecaminoalandar_ Good luck girls! Hace unos dias en nuestro viaje a Kelowna, en una de las paradas en la carretera por algo de botanita, nos encontramos con estas 2 viajeras. Cuando nos estacionamos me llamo la atencion la bandera mexicana y todos los mensajes escritos en la camioneta. Fui por mis barritas y cuando sali Francisco estaba platicando con ellas acerca de su viaje. Nos contaron acerca de su sueño de recorrer el mundo y el ayudar a los demas. No tuve tiempo de checar su website hasta cuando regresamos a Vancouver y me encanto todo lo que lei! Que increible el poder dejarlo todo e irte a vivir una vida tan real, tan pura conectada con la naturaleza y los demas. Me encanto su filosofia y sus ideas! Si deseas conocer mas acerca de su viaje ( llevan viajando segun su pagina web 1400 dias!!! ) visita su website: o su instagram #sehacecaminoalandar_ mucha suerte chicas! 

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