Potty training sucks.. 

I know this is not the best pic for the tittle lol! But honestly this bar has giving me tons of energy lately to deal with everything that is going on! As soon as I feel i’m getting down I eat one and it boost my energy in seconds! How come that I didn’t know about this one? Anyways, one of the reasons why i’m so freggin tired is because i’m trying to potty train Mia. Yess I know I should’ve done this before Matias was born but man I was soo tired with that huge belly that I could not imagine myself leaning over to clean all the poo and pee! So I decided I’ll start slowly, so far the progress is that she already said “poo poo mommy” sometimes she lies, sometimes is true, but the worst part is that when is true, either i’m driving or breasteeding Matias in the park, or something is going on that she ends up pooping in her diaper and getting frustraded. I know I know that’s not good because she is going to get confused.. Don’t you think I know that? So i’m desperate need for advices! I’ve been reaching up all of my friends that passed for the same situation and most of them tell me to stay at home for a couple of days to fully train her, but seriously! It is impossible for me to stay all day at home with them! Mia gets bored of her toys and I don’t want to have her watching tv all day long, I mean I do not have anything against tv, she is my best friend right now, but I want her to socialize, exercise and learn, at least in the mornings! And that’s another situation, whenever we are in her activities she would say that she needs to go to the potty but she doesn’t like the mobile potty that I bought! She wants the real potty! And i’m already carrying with tons of stuff including her and Matias.. Where on the world am I going to put that potty? I know that I should listen to my friends and stay at home at least 3 days but oh man! Why is it soo difficult? There should be a potty training school lol! Can’t wait to stop changing those yaaaki diapers but not sure what is worst! I feel that i’m going to be scared of living my house! Or having to wait until she poo to go? What if we need to be in a place at certain time and she hasn’t poopoo yet? So many different situations! I guess I would have to keep trying! Happy Monday all! 

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