39 weeks.. Desperation! 

Yesterday was the due date that my doctor in Mexico gave me, and tomorrow I’ll be entering to my 39 week with the due date that I got in Canada. My anxiety is going into another level! Can’t stop thinking what is going to happen if he doesn’t want to go down! Yesterday we decided that we needed to start moving with our life instead of being at home waiting, so we got adventurous and hit the movies lol! There is a small movie theatre one block from my house that I love! It’s so small, so cozy. At the beginning because from the outside looks a little bit old, I thought it would look like the Dolphin cinema back on Hastings st, but for my Surprise Caprice white rock cinema looks like new! I love having a cinema close to my home that I can just walk and support local families! We went to watch the new fast and furious movie, and even tho wasn’t super comfortable being seating for 2 hours, I enjoy every minute because I know that soon those dates are going to be over. Enjoy while you can they said .. 

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