Where to go in Vancouver.. Glory Juice co

Last weekend, I did my last trip to Vancouver to pamper myself at the Fairmont ( post later ), anyways, when we in our way there I suddendly remember that I haven’t have lunch, and if you know me, you know that whenever I feel hungry, I have to eat right away, so multiple that times 10 now 8 months pregnant lol! I wanted something quickly and as nutritious as possible, so I remember that I saw this place in someone Instagram and I was very curious to try it, so I asked francisco to take me there for a quick stop. What is better than smoothie for a meal to go? So I ordered the Chocolate Nutter, and it was the bomb! It was soo yummi that I decided to try as well their Hummus toast.. Yummm!! Happy tummy, happy baby lol! They have a great space with lots of lights, perfect for a girl lunch! They have so many healthy products as well, I brought home some to try as I like to have healthy snacks/meals around. Happy Friday all! 

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