Where to go in Vancouver.. East is East

If you know me, you know that i’m a huuuge fan of Indian food. I just found it so nutricious and delicious. It took me forever to adapt to all the spices and flavour but I can say that after Mexican food this can be my second fav! A couple days ago I went to a whole day trip to Vancouver ( Hey I live in the South surrey/ white rock area, if I have to drive more than 40 min I’ll call it a trip! ) and I told one of my friends that I was craving Mediterranean food, Indian food, something like that, and she brought me to this restaurant. Maaan my favourite Indian dish is Paneer with spinach and they my friends, have the best soo far! It taste soo creamy and light that I didn’t want the meal to end lol! That mango drink was Mia’s favourite and the place is so big and spacious and the service was very good. I only write about restaurant that I like and that I’ll come back, if you are a Indian food lover like me, and you live around Kits this is a good place to go. This is their website in case you want to check out their menu http://www.eastiseast.ca/menu-chai-feast-page2.html Happy Sunday all! 

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