Let’s talk about Gilmore girls! 

The first time I saw Gilmore girls I was like 13 years old at my neighboors house. I was sooo bored by the serie and never felt connected or anything with it. But last year I was very bored and I saw on netflix and I decided to give it another chance, and I became obsessed. Maybe because I have a daughter now and I found fascinated by the relationship of lorelai and rory, and I felt so connected to Lorelai and I just love it!! I suddendly wanted to move to a small town and get a job in a hotel lol! When I finished the serie I was soo dissapointed by the end! But when they brought this 4 chapters of their life, i was sooo excited to find out if Lorelai ended up with Luke and if rory was still seeing Logan ( he is my fav!! Sorry jess fans! ) I want to say that I love this new end. Much much better than the previous one, and even tho they let me with lots of questions I think this gave me almost all of my answers. If you want to start a new serie, I highly recommend you this one! You are going to have lots of real life experiences, love stories, friendship stores and more. 

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