Burnaby central Railway..

Last weekend we had Joshua’s birthday party, and they took us to the Burnaby Central railway. This was the first time I heard about it, and I’m glad that I get to go to this place because is one of the perfect spots for a birthday party! Specially if your kid loves the chuchu trains. This day wasn’t the best day, it was raining so hard, but even with the rain we had a blast! This train it was waaaay more fun than the stanley park one ( we usually go for easter or christmas train there ) but here is long trip and you are really seating in a train. The place is located in north burnaby ( my favourite neighboorhood in burnaby ) and is big and beautiful. If you have nothing to do this weekened and you want to take your baby/kid to a special place, this is the place! Not sure how to much are the trains ride because we got it for free but it is totally worth it. Plus there is a library so close if you want to kill more time! Have a great Friday everyone! 

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