Where to go in Vancouver..

I heard that yesterday was a National Taco day! I can’t barely keep up with all of this new “days” with my full time work, baby and projects, but I really wanted to post this because this is my new favourite Taco place! Everything started last week when I was on my way to downtown, I had some meetings to attend but I was running early ( on purpose ) so I can stop by for some chilaquiles at El Patron. While I was at the bus I was on Instagram checking on pictures with the hashtag #yvreats and then I saw this picture. It was showing the most delicious taco that I’ve ever seen lol! I knew I have to get that taco no matter what, so I changed my plans and decided to go and try a new place, plus I heard lots of comments about this place before so I was extra curious. I am sooo Glad I did because it was so worth it! I went to their location in Yaletown ( There is another one in gastown ) and I had the most amazing shrimp tacos! They really taste like my favourite shrimp tacos in Guadalajara! Soo damn good! The service was excellent, the place is very nice and casual, they had lots of options so I took a pic from the menu for you to check it out. If you live in downtown van, go for a walk and have a Taco! Happy Wednesday all! 

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