Smoothie of the day.. 

I bought this Organic Greens product from Organika, as lately we haven’t eat much vegetables. Hubby and I we have been very busy working in our personal projects, so I don’t have that much time to cook. Usually when I want to add veggies to our diet I make smoothies, and usually I use Vega plant based protein, but I hear that is not very healthy to give protein to your baby, so this products is a perfect replacement. I just add a little spoon to Mia’s smoothies for extra nutrition ( I still add spinach and fruits to the shake ). One of my favourite restaurants to go in south surrey is call “healthy monkey”, and they have this delicious smoothie that I just replicate, it is all types of berries, 1 banana and the greens powder. It taste sooo good! You can buy the powder in there or you can find it in any health store ( wholefoods, natures fare, etc. ) have a great Monday! 

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