Where to go in Maple falls WA.. 

What a weekend! I want to say that this might be our last camping on the season, but we will try to do one more before Fall. This weekend was amazing! We bike, dance, swim, camp, there was a lot of things going on. This time we decided to cross the boarder as we knew our camp sides in Canada would be full. I am not into wild camping. I looove camping but I want showers and toilets that can flush, this time I had to make an exception only for one night because my hubby was so excited about this place.. And the truth is he was right. This place was amazing! It was super private, there was a huge beautiful clean lake, I think seriously this was the cleanest lake that I’ve ever seen. It didn’t have any plants or frogs or anything just rocks and clear water. It was so peaceful and perfect for kids, there is a big playground. 

  Mia was soo happy because she is so into animals lately, and she had the chance to see the little duckies, horses and cows. This is a super hidden place literally in the boarder. You can even see the border patrol going around tryig to catch someone lol! It is located close to this small town call “Maple falls”. There is nothing in there, but we were lucky to find this little store call “crossroad” around 5 km away from the camping to buy some groceries as we were unprepared. There are also some canoe rentals and we heared that this place is famous for fishing. It took us nothing to get there from our place, I think it was the same time or less than going to downtown Vancouver. The name of the lake it’s call “silver lake”. If you are not done with camping season, and you want a very beautiful and private place to camp this is the place! Extra points? At the end I found out that just next to the lake at the camp office there are regular washrooms and a small store to buy candies and popcorn. Other options? They have beautiful cabins! I didn’t check the prices but camping was $40US for 2 I don’t think they should be that expensive. Have a great start of the week everyone! 

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