Where to go in Powell river..

As a Mexican, I’m always craving Mexican 😉 lol no seriously, I cannot be more than 2 weeks without eating Mexican food. Quesadillas just to be my everyday dinner, but I had to stop them as my jeans were not fitting anymore. During our trip to Sunshine coast, I was having this amazing breakfast burrito at the cove, the little restaurant in the ferry station close to egmont BC ( seriously, best breakfast burrito ever! ) and then I got curious about that little ferry so I told the group that we should jump in and see where do we end. So we took the ferry to unknown island, and someone told us we were going to Powell River. So I google it and I found this super place call Inland park, I wish I could’ve know about this place before, it is the perfect camping spot! Is in the middle of nowhere, super clean, private, a huge beautiful lake! 

  After having fun all day in the river and have a good swim, we were starrrving so we decided to go and explore and try to find a decent place to eat. I look at yelp and this little mexican restaurant had lots of stars so we stop by to eat some tacos. Omg the taste was soo good! Is it a little restaurant but it’s super cute and the service is very good as well. We ordered some tacos and “nachitos” we lots of cheese and my tummy was very happy after. If you have the chance to go to Powell River and you are a taco lover like me, stop by Costal del Sol restaurant! 

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