Dry Shampoo? Life savior!

I’m packing for our camping trip today, and of the most bring things that I see is my dry shampoo. I know is sooo wrong for all the chemicals and contamination that hey have, I only use them for emergencies. When I was on mat leave I used to wash my hair properly ( every other day ) and I was using them a looot! But now that I came back to work and stuff I wash my hair everyday. I discovered them in one of my trips to Sephora and I thought they were the answer for my oily hair issue lol! And they really work! My favourite is The living proof brand because it doesn’t have any weird smell and I think it last longer than others. I bought the batiste brand at Winners just to try it because the prize was super cheap and so far it’s ok but I still like living proof better, specially if I only use them once in a while. If you want to take a rest and not wash your hair, try it!! You are gonna love them! Happy Thursday everyone! 

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