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Another shitty day in Paradise.. 

Morning! It is rainy Saturday and today we are heading to downtown, my hubby surprise me with a massage ( review later ) and after that we will be looking for a bar to watch the Barca game. Yesterday We tried so hard to make Mia sleep in her room but it only last a couple of hours until she woke up trying to find us. I really need some tips to make this work so if you have some please share them! I’ve been lost lately I don’t know what is going on in the world, so far what I heard on the radio was the khloe kardashian filed for divorce, the kardashian family are making a movie, and more kardashian trash. ( don’t get me wrong I love them but man can we read or hear something else on the news, how about global warming or something? ) Anyways, have a great Saturyay everyone!

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