Happy Mothers Day!

I feel that I can still saying it, because in Mexico we celebrate mother’s day on may 10. This mother day I enjoyed more because Mia is a little bigger and she made me this cute special gift that means so much for me! The celebration started since Friday at the office, with flowers, coffee, cookies and a ruffle! Then later on we went to celebrate my friend’s jen birthday on yaletown at the brewery company. On Saturday we went for a nice walk to white rock and we stop by to eat in this bar, holly cow seriously! I think I mentioned this on my previous post but man! Can we just go out without having to spend at least $50! We paid $60 for nachos and a hamburguer. And did you guys see the prices for mothers day brunch?? $89 dollars wherever you go!! The cheapeast one that I found was $22 in my favourite farm in Langley that includes 1 waffle and a bread basket.. Like really? Everything was full, service it’s bad, and you ended up paying $200 for a brunch. Totally no worth it! ( unless you go to the fairmont brunch.. Then can be worth it lol ) anyways the sun is up! Happy Monday everyone! 

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