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 Good morning! My hubby is baaack! Yesss finally I’ll have some time for myself. I haven’t be able to edit my blog yet, so hopefully this weekend I will have some time. Last week I was at the lunch room in the office and one of my cooworkers was sharing some recipes from this girl. When I saw the book I quickly recognized her from Instagram. I was very curiuos so I went to buy her book because I am always looking for new recipes, and to be honest I love it! Even tho I’m not planning to quit sugar for good, I’m still a fan of the atkins diet, and whenever I really want to lose weight I always change my diet and the first thing that I do it’s cutting carbs. In her book I see she still ok with some toast and fruit so it is not as hard as atkins, so if you are looking to get some inspiration for the menu of the week follow her on Instagram: Sarah Wilson. I’ll be sharing some of my favourite recipes from her book on the blog during the few days so keep checking. Have a great day everyone! 

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