Baby Rush must haves..


Mia ( my beautiful baby girl ) it’s being having stomach flu for almost 3 days. Her bump was so red that I was so scared to change her diaper! One of my friends recommend me this cream that she bought in Mexico that I couldn’t find, so I decided to try Teddy’s noun ours brand. I usually pay extra attention on the ingredients in every products I buy specially for Mia, so I google it but I couldn’t find any reviews so I just bought it. OMG it worked perfectly! the cream it’s super extra heavy, that the rash went away in less than a day. Everytime I was putting the cream was slowly getting better and better! Then during the bath time I didn’t want to use any soup or the usually bubbles bath that I use, so I find this Aveeno fragrance free soothing baby bath treatment, they were perfect! it help her to relieve the dry irritated skin. I definitely recommend these products if you are having the same issue as me. Feel free to share some advices for next time! Cheers!




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