That feeling..

That feeling..

I’m by nature very competitive, but for some reason, when I got the email with the good news that I was within the top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers, the last thing that crossed my mind was to compete for the first place.

I was so proud and happy, thinking about how much I needed an adults time, looking for ” the dress ” for the party..,  However, when I saw how excited my mom and friends were, trying to get votes for me, sending me messages etc. my ambitious side came out, and I started to get stress, and feeling all of those feelings that I do not like to feel when I get competitive.

Today it was one of those rare days when we were able to chill and do NOTHING, one of those days when you have all the time in the world to just think, so while I was lying in bed, reading all the messages I received from friends, no friends, and people that I haven’t meet in real life yet, I found myself smiling, because it reminded me of what is this all about.

I started to write because I wanted to share my thoughts about the real struggles of achieving wellness, later on, the struggles went to a new level when I became a mother. Between these 2 chapters, I started to discover all of these amazing Local brands, people, and places, that made me more conscious of where I was putting my money and health.

In the last 2 years, this blog has brought nothing but GOOD feelings to me, and believe me, I know I have a lot of work to do with this website, Instagram, etc.  but the reason why I’m in slow motion, is because this is something that I’m enjoying, something that makes ME happy, is one of those things that I do for pleasure, for fun, for therapy ( LOL! )  the moment that it starts to be stressful or bringing negative feelings, the “special” thing about it, is going to be gone, and I’m not going to be able to bring what I want to transmit to my readers.

I’m feeling so FULL with all the messages that I’ve received, and so happy finding out all of these people I didn’t know were reading me, especially because as I said before, I never thought someone would read this. I’m so amazed at how something that I do as a hobby, became this big in a short period of time.

We do not have control of our feelings, however, we do have on how we react to them, so all I’m doing tonight, is being on Pinterest looking for that Vintage dress.

Thank you so much for all your love and support!


The Mother of Dragons

Vote Now for the Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger!

Vote Now for the Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger!

Hey Guys! A couple days ago, I announced my excitement of being on the list of the top 30 Vancouver mom’s! But what’s next?

They are going to celebrate us with a VINTAGE Party!! how cool is that?? The party is going to be on June 19, and everyone can attend, if you wish to come and join us, you can get your tickets here

BUT along the 30 of us, the public can choose 1 lucky winner, that is going to get 2 tickets to the Festival of Grapes, two-night accommodation and a wine tour courtesy of Oliver Osoyoos Wine Association, how cool is that?

Athenas+Francisco = Mia&Matias-6

Ilove604 is a blog that promotes and supports Local, that likes to present REAL motherhood challenges while trying to achieve Wellness, I’m so honored to be part of this strong group of mom’s! If you wish to vote for this blog, you can click the link here 

You can vote daily from here until June 08 and the winner will be announced on June 19th! Regardless of who wins, I feel so proud and happy, and once again, Thank you so much for your love and support!



Where to go in Surrey.. Royal Canadian Circus..

Yesterday we had the opportunity to enjoy the Royal Canadian Circus show! After a long week, I wasn’t planning to do absolutely anything, However, my longtime friend Alejandra was in town and performing on that show, so I had to make an exception and take the kids for their first circus experience, and I’m so glad I did because it was a huge success for the whole family!!

Mia was super excited when she saw the little ponies and was amazed at all the performances! Matias couldn’t stop clapping and even Francisco was dancing lol!

I wasn’t sure if the kids would make it to the end, but the lights, the music, etc. Kept them entertained for the whole 2 hours! ( yeeeeep! And my kids would not stay seat in a restaurant lol! ) if you are staying in town during this long weekend, they are located at the Guilford mall! For a sneak peak of what you’ll see, go to my insta stories!

To get 2 tickets for 1, go to

and use the promo code: KIDS

Happy Long Weekend everyone!


Where to go in Gastown

Where to go in Gastown

Gastown is without a doubt, one of my Favourite neighborhoods of Vancouver! It’s full of restaurants and cool stores, so it is impossible to get bored in there! Today I want to share our MUST stops with you, so next time you are there, you can give them a try!



The Local

Here you can find the best brunch in town, as it is the place that has the best huevos rancheros in town! I promise, as a Mexican, I haven’t even try something like that not even in my own country lol! And their mini smoothies are our kid’s favs!! Hands down to this restaurant and their excellent service!

Steam Clock

The famous Steam clock! Built in 1977, this antique-style clock is powered by steam and whistles, and everyone stops there for a pic! ( as you can see lol )

Canada Place

I’m not sure if this is considered part of Gastown, but it is a must stop for me! It is just something magical about walking there with that amazing view. If you haven’t done the FlyOver Canada, you HAVE TO!



If you want to skip the brunch and go directly to lunch, Tacofino is the place to go! Their fish tacos are my favourite as they remind me of the ones I love from Guadalajara! Yumm Yumm!



Cool Local stores

Native Shoes are a MUST stop lol! We can’t have enough of their designs! I believe the owner is a Local mom from North Van. What is special about them is that even tho they look like plastic, your kid’s feet would never smell LOL! seriously! I do not know how they do it!!


Tress Coffee

They are well known to have the best Cheesecakes in town! This is our last stop to leave with a happy tummy and a smile on our faces lol!

What is your must stop?



Guess who made it to the top 30?


A couple year ago I started my diary aka Blog, writing about my struggles on achieving wellness. Later, it became my tool to release my stress on motherhood and a way to promote the local brands/places we love. I never EVER thought someone would read it, because first at all, my English teacher is a 3-year-old and second, I do not know many people in this country.

Two years and two kids later, I have paychecks coming every month, free clothes, free food, free this and free that, but most importantly, I was able to quit a career that I wasn’t happy to do anymore, to move full time to something I actually LOVE.

With influencer marketing being a trend, there are lots of mommy bloggers out there, so for me to see my name in the top 30 in Vancouver, it’s a BIG deal.

Thank you to all my friends, online friends, readers and especially to my family for inspiring me every day. Can’t wait to finish this website lol!




Happy Mother’s Day

A&F Family Session (5 of 10)

How often do you take the time to celebrate your mom’s achievements? I know that for some people today is just another marketing day, for me, is forcing me to take the time to sit down and cheer myself for keeping my kids alive for 3 entire years lol!

Things have changed so much in the last couple of years for me, that I can barely remember who I was before having kids. Let me start saying that I truly envy those moms who haven’t give up on themselves while raising their kids. When I read their post saying that you have to take time for you in order to be a better mom, I cannot agree more with them, however, I haven’t been able to achieve that.

Perhaps I need to be more organized? Push my body harder? Whatever it is, there is always something that doesn’t let me get the time I used to have for myself, and I have no idea for how long more I’ll have to be fighting this battle.

I do not cook or clean every day, at least once a day I’m super exhausted that I let the kids watch tv so I can have a moment just to seat and rest. I know that I’m not a perfect mom, and probably I’ll never be, but that doesn’t keep me from learning and feeling proud of the mom that I am.

A&F Family Session (10 of 10)

So far the biggest lesson I’ve learned it’s that every chapter happens so fast, and if I spent the time feeling guilty, I’ll lose the treasure of enjoying the moment.

I blink and suddenly I became a mother of 2, I blink again and there were no more babies at home, I do it again and I see myself in the mirror, looking 10 years older and feeling like a completely different person.

It is amazing how little gestures can make me so happy and had this huge impact on my mood. How sensitive I became and at the same time how strong I feel. How I know there is a new ME, and even tho I’ll always remember the old ME, she is not coming back.

I hope you are taking the time to celebrate today being the best mom you can be! Happy Mother’s Day!



Support Local: Project Purpose


A couple days ago, I was reached by Linda, who invited me to her marketing campaign for Project Purpose.

When I read about what this local business was doing for our community, I knew I wanted to be part of it! So what is project purpose?

Record-breaking gas prices and Vancouver’s high cost of living make it hard for people to keep up with repairs and maintain a safe, reliable car. Thousands of residents need a car to care for people who count on them. What if car repair needs stop them from serving people in the community? What happens to our Lower Mainland communities?

That’s where Project Purpose 2018 come in.


Rather than celebrating 50 years of operation with a big party, Cowell Auto Group is offering free car repairs instead. The family owned and operated company wants to thank some dedicated community volunteers in the Lower Mainland by taking care of all car repairs and service needs for 24 people. Cowell is looking for more people to help. 

Jackie and Jerry LePage – First recipients of Project Purpose 2018

  • Jerry had tears in his eyes when he got his car back. He was so touched by the generosity!
  • The Surrey residents are active, retired seniors who give tirelessly to their neighbors and community.
  • They believe in giving back. Long-time supporters of the Shriner’s Hospital and Boy Scouts, today the Lepage’s are community builders, supporting their neighbors by offering rides to the grocery store or doctors’ appointments and organizing social events to help neighbors get to know each other.
  • Living on a fixed income, their aging 2006 Hyundai Sonata had only seen basic service and needed many repairs.
  • Cowell Auto Group’s Service Team did a full inspection, provided the Lepage’s with a courtesy car, and completed all the much-needed repairs.
  • Today it runs smoothly, looks as good as news and provides the Lepage’s with peace of mind that they are driving a safe, reliable car.

If you wish to nominate someone, you can do it here:

Happy Tuesday everyone!