Getting Ready for Summer with The Chopped Leaf at Morgan Crossing

Everyone’s ( except me ) favorite season is almost here! Is already April, so there are only a few months before it’s time to show up our bodies and put those bikinis on. I haven’t lost the baby weight.. and when I say, baby, I mean since my 3-year-old was born lol!!

I gained soo much weight with my 2 pregnancies, and I haven’t get back in shape because I still make excuses to no wake up at 5 am and exercise.

They said is 70% what you eat and 30% exercise, so I’m trying to focus on eating as clean as possible, adding greens and nutrients to my diet to replace that lack of exercise, HOWEVER now that I returned full time to work, and Francisco keeps traveling, there is no much time left to cook and sadly I had lots of visits to Tim Hortons and Subway ( ewwwk lol ) until I discovered The Chopped Leaf!

It is very rare to find healthy quick meals, so I love having this option just 5 min from my home at Morgan Crossing!! Their Salads are to die for, and if you need more than greens you can make it a wrap, a sandwich, whatever you get I promise is going to be totally enjoyable!

Their customer service is amazing too! So I’m partnering with them to give away a $30 gift card for you to try their menu and judge for yourself!

I want to make your life simple so you can enter either via Facebook or Instagram!

For the instagramers:

You have to like my pic for the contest, follow me @ilove604 and @jdrai and tag someone that lives in the South Surrey/White rock area or that you would like to invite for a healthy lunch. 1 tag= 1 entry.

For the Facebook lovers:

Like our pages:

And tag someone that lives in the South Surrey/White rock area or that you would like to invite for a healthy lunch.

That’s it! The Winner would be announced next Sunday! Happy Healthy Eating everyone!



My Netflix Lately..

Even tho I do not have much time left for TV, There are those rare weekends like the last one, that my agenda is free, and I’ll sit in front of the TV to start my Netflix research.

I wanted to write this post for you because I know sometimes we will be scrolling down until we get bored of trying to find something good to watch, and we would end up distracted in our phones with Instagram, so I want to help you with your selection!

Here is a list of my past/new favorite shows and movies on Netflix Canada ( I think the only one that is not available here is The Sinner, I watched while we were in Mexico and it became quickly one of my favourites! ) for you to watch on your free time!

For Her:

  • The Sinner ( If you are mom, I’m pretty sure you are going to like this lol! )
  • How to get away with a murder ( Love all of this solve the crime shows! )
  • Scandal ( Woman power! )
  • But first, they kill my father ( This is an emotional and awesome movie to watch! )
  • Greys Anatomy ( My all time fav! Let’s keep the happy dance alive! )
  • Gossip Girls ( OF COURSE )

For Him:

  • The walking dead ( This was our, my husband and I show! )
  • Pablo Escobar ( If you are Latin, or if you like gangsters movies, this show is for ya!)
  • Prison Break ( My old time fav! )
  • Breaking Bad ( Boys, boys, Boys! )

Do not forget to share your favourite ones in the comment below!

Happy Thursday all!


Marketing Survival Guide

If you watched my Insta stories, you know I attended the CIMC ( Canadian Internet Marketing Conference ) in Squamish, and I have to say.. it was a life-changing.

Even tho I graduated in Marketing, I’ve been working in Customer Service and Management for the last 5 years, so all this new Marketing world is completely new for me, and seriously, I couldn’t have a better training than the one I got there.

The speakers where AMAZING! the tips, the PR, I can’t wait to be there next year!! So.. with that being said, I want to share with you my favourite top 5 speakers, and what did I learn from them!

1-Dunkan Wardle ( Former VP of Innovation and creativity at Disney )



He was my favorite male speaker! And particularly I have one quote that he said stock in my mind “If you don’t feel awkward, you are NOT innovating”. What a big true! We are so scared to try something new, that we ended up coming over with the same ideas and we just add something, and that’s NOT what marketing and creativity are about. One great tip I got was, that whenever we want to start something, think about it in your most creative moment. For example, myself, when I’m going to write a post, I got most of my ideas while I’m in the shower or in a table next to a cup of coffee. Write everything down, and most importantly, take time to THINK.

2-Adam Wills ( Sales and Marketing Director at Four Winds Brewing Company )


Photo by:

He was one of my favourite not only because I love the story behind his company, but because he reminded me something that is extremely important to succeed: ” DO NOT FORGET TO DREAM “.

3- Rachel Hariri ( Digital Social Media manager, McDonald’s Canada )


Photo by

She was my favourite Female speaker, her tips and techniques make total sense with the new era of digital marketing, ” Listen what people are saying about your competition” be proactive AND reactive, and most importantly, have your eyes in your customers! Every comment matter!

4- Rob Khazzam ( General Manager, UBER Canada )


Photo by

I’m very surprised that I’m writing this because if you were following me on twitter last year, you know how upset I was at Uber. I perfectly remember the moment when I sent them my cancellation email telling them I would not support a company that supports machismo AND racism. But, we all deserve second chances, we all make mistakes, and the most important thing is to take action to correct them, and that’s what they did. “An AD will end, a happy, a satisfied customer will not”.  Cannot be more agree with him, the best marketing/advertising you can have are your customers!. He talked about how they didn’t really have marketing campaigns when Uber started, everything was word of mouth of happy customers. and yes.. a reputation WOULD kill a great product!

5- Diana Luu ( Head of Marketing Solution, LinkedIn Canada )


Photo by

“The B2M Buying process is especially emotional”. And this is totally true, think about it, we do care about the price BUT we tend to care more about how do the brand would make us feel. Do we trust the brand? Would I feel proud supporting them? .. that’s why is so important that TOP leaders connect with their customers. “New doesn’t sell, RELEVANCE and Familiarity DOES”.





Local Fav: Zensa Cream

If you know me, you know how much issues I have with my skin. I suffer from keloid scar, if you don’t know what keloid is, well in basic words I would describe it as a 3D scar! It usually has a smooth top, is pink or purple, and is bumpy.. basically my worst nightmare!

During the summer, my scar gets super itchy with the contact with the sun, so I’m always on the look for products that would help with this, and a couple weeks ago, I was reached by this brand called “Zensa” to try their new healing cream. Even tho is manufactured in the USA, it is produced by Alera skin care here in Vancouver. The timing couldn’t have been better as I received before my trip to Mexico, and I used it all the time! ( As you can see in my pics lol! )

I love how good it felt on my scar, I would put it on at night after all day at the pool without feeling guilty as this product doesn’t contain any crap that that is bad for you.

This cream is Health Canada certified and is proven to reduce itching, inflammation, and scarring post procedures! Steroid-free, Cruelty-free, all natural ingredients (Calendula, Tea tree oil, shea butter, aloe, green tea extract, etc. ) it is safe for sensitive areas such as the face or around eyes, and the best part? Their fresh grapefruit scent used in aromatherapy!!

The more I used it, the more I like it! If you are into the microblogging, tattoo, etc. This cream is going to become your BF! For more here: Microblading Zensa 



Hope you find this review useful, It should be available at Shoppers Drug Mart at any time! Or you can just go to their website, clicking here:



Matias Spring Closet

Athenas+Francisco = Mia&Matias-60

Morning loves! It is a long weekend..which means.. I have time to write! Even tho I’ve been super busy, I keep adding more stuff for ilove604 and I’m so excited for what is coming!!

As you know, we went for a little trip to Mexico, so I HAD to go shopping for spring/summer clothes for the kids and myself ( yes, because sometimes, just sometimes, I’ll remember to buy something for me lol! ) so get your coffee cups, that today I’m sharing Matias closet for those boy’s mom’s out there!

1-Bamboo Long Sleeve Hoodie Coverall BabyOutfitters

I’m Obsessed with their clothes collection! When they sent us samples of their beautiful store, I totally fell in love with every single piece! They are stylish, their fabric’s are incredibly soft, and the best part? Matias has very sensitive skin, so Bamboo is well known for no irritate the skin. Another plus? they are LOCAL! made in Vancouver! Yasss! You can find these beautiful rompers here: Earthbabyoutfitters

Athenas+Francisco = Mia&Matias-69

2- Carters 3 piece shirt


I have Carter’s store 5 min from my home, so sometimes it’s just so easy to stop by and fill out their closet there lol! I love this little set and right now is only $9.97!!! Carters

3- Whistle and flute Taco Shirt


When I saw this taco shirt, I know I had to have one! I love their designs because they are gender neutral, it is very difficult to find matching outfits for him and Mia! This was the perfect shirt for our little trip! You can find one in here: Taco shirt

4- Joe fortes summer romper


Love Joe Fresh!! They have such a cute baby boy collection, this is a recycle for one of my friend’s, so I don’t think this is going to be available in the stores anymore lol! But check their sites, sometimes I see big stores coming with the same designs every year LOL!! Joe Fresh

5- Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Pullover


This is the perfect sweeter for those spring\camping chilly night! It is fun, cool and hip! If you are into organic cotton you can find yours here: Earth Baby Outfitters

What is in your baby’s boy closet?

Happy Long weekend everyone!!



Hidden Veggie Pasta Sauce


It’s official.. I’m quitting Atkins! I try.. I really try.. but it doesn’t go with who I am anymore! Atkins was my diet to go whenever I wanted to lose weight, but I just can’t handle eating animal all day long! And I tried to do a vegetarian Atkins, but it didn’t work.. and hey,  everyone eat wherever they want, but myself I made the decision of consuming LESS animal products since before Mia was born, and so far it’s been like that, so with that being said: Meatless Monday’s are back! And probably, I’ll stay at this weight for the next couple of years lol!

I got this recipe from one of my favourite local Instagrammers: @thepurelife_ and it’s been a complete success with the whole family!! And I had to say, that I had my doubts because Mia just to like her pasta with NO sauce, but she truly loves this recipe!


  • 3 tbsp of avocado oil
  • 1 Large yellow onion, chopped
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 8 tomatoes
  • 5 large carrots
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 cup of mushrooms, chopped
  • 1 small zucchini, chopped
  • 4 Tbps dried herbs ( I used basil, parsley and one that I love called “Mrs Dash ” you can get it at Costco )
  • 2 Tbps dried oregano
  • Himalayan Salt
  • 2 Cups of pureed organic tomatoes
  • 2 Cups of organic vegetable stock


1- In a large saucepan over medium heat, saute the onion and garlic cloves in the olive oil for 1-2 min. until translucent.

2- Add the vegetables and saute for about 5 min, until almost browned, to add flavor.

3- Reduce to a low heat. Add the herbs, salt, pepper and saute some more. Add the passata and mix some more.

4- Bring to high heat, add the veggie stock and then let it simmer for another 20 min. or so until the vegetables are soft. Taste and add salt, pepper or herbs accordingly. I like mine with lots of dried herbs so I always add extra, but this is optional!

5- In a high- speed blender, blend the sauce until really smooth. Be mindful of the heat and let the sauce cool before blending. Pour into a glass container and let cool even more with the lid off for about 30 min. Close and store in the fridge for up to 5 days. You can alternatively freeze this sauce in plastic bags once it has cooled.

6- Serve with your favourite pasta.

Happy Monday everyone!



Getting Ready for Easter with Ralph’s Farm Market


For those of you that share the same passion for supporting Local and that are on the same boat as me of achieving Wellness, HERE is the place for you!

As mentioned before, I’m one of those people that can spend hours at the supermarket trying to figure out the ingredients on every single product, so going to Ralph’s Market, makes my grocery shopping much easier, since they already did the research for us, PLUS they have their own quality, organic, produce in the store.. Like their Amazing Peanut Butter! Seriously.. Haven’t tried a PB that taste as good and natural like theirs!


Walking around the store, I recognized almost all of the Local brands that they sell, everything Organic, non-GMO, free-range, ethically raised, so we support Local, they support local.. HOW COOL IS THAT?


Another reason why I love this farm? it is a LOCAL FAMILY business! I can read over and over the story on their page because I just love to read successful business stories, and I find it super cute that the whole family is involved, and they are helping each other:

I’m planning to make some delicious Easter recipes this week, hopefully, I’ll be able to add some on the blog, so this is what we got in our grocery bag:

1-De simone Farms Apple and Raspberry Juice:

We LOVE this juice because is really 100% PURE! I’m really not a fan of giving my kids juices, but as I said, for me everything works in moderation, and I do not want to private my kids of having some sugar once in a while, so this juice doesn’t make me feel guilty AT ALL! It only has 2 ingredients: Okanagan apples and Raspberries.. THAT’S IT! No Additives, No Enzymes, No Vitamin C added, No Concentrates. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated because the way that the package is seal, makes the work to maintain it well

2- Veggies:

Because they are an Easter staple lol! And after a week in Mexico, we really need to eat some salads!

3- Little Creek Dressing:

Everyone knows that the clue to a good salad is the dressing. Usually, I like to make my own and keep it simple, BUT things have been crazy lately, so I was in a desperate look of a good and healthy dressing, We love Little creek because they are made using organic ingredients and made in small batches. For more info about their ingredients click here:

4- Apples:

Apples are such a staple for Ralph’s, and Mia couldn’t stop eating them, so we bought some to have healthy snacks around us.

5- Pastry:

I wanted to bring something for Francisco, he is a bread lover, and I heard that their Cinnamon bread was super famous, that there is even a hashtag for it, so I got some for him to try, and also some Easter buns!

6- Tapenade Kalamata Olive:

I wanted to bring something else for him to add on his bread, and because he LOVES olives, I decided to give this product a try. It was a complete success! He couldn’t stop eating it!

7- Hummus:

I bought this delicious high quality high-quality but the thing is.. I finished it in one seat ( Crying face ) and I didn’t take a pic of the brand 😦 hopefully, you watched my insta stories! If not, you can ask what is their most famous Hummus!

8- Chips:

I’m a chip lover.. So I got some cinnamon apple chips, Mexican chips, and my new favourite: Farmhouse culture chips in the pic below! So friggin good!

9- Peanut Butter:

I know there is a lot of controversy about this, some people say PB is bad for you, and blablabla, we LOVE our Peanut Butter! and as mentioned in the first paragraph, they have the BEST!



What is in your grocery bag?