Mommy life is the best life?

It’e almost 11 pm and i’m just coming back from the movies. I went to see “girls trip” ( if you haven’t see it you have to!!) and let me tell you something.. The movie was awesome but I didn’t enjoy it as I wanted. Every time I can have a girls time I will! Before all of this getting married, having kids life, I just to be 24/07 with my friends. Every day all day! I have around 6 different groups of what I consider a very close and special friends. Some of them literally born with me lol! Some of them I meet them on the road, but i’ve been very lucky on this subject.. anyways.. the point is that when my friend jennifer invited me to the movies I said hell yes! I wanted to get out of my mommy routine and watch a nice movie, eat crap and forget about everything.. so I said yes. She bought the tickets, HOWEVER the cinema was kind of far from my home ( how surprising, considering I live in the boarder lol! ) and that would not be a problem but.. heeellloo.. i’m breastfeeding.. and I made the mega terrible mistake of stop giving him formula.. and now i’m screwed!! Yesss I know that exclusively breastfeeding and blablabla but with Mia I always mix and she it’s perfectly fine! So my issue was that it would take me 40 min to get there, 40 min to come back plus 2 or 3 hours of the movie.. there was no way this baby would not get super angry, specially because he wants his boob before bed time! So that’s it! I had to bring him with me. I didn’t even know that you can bring babies to movies.. like how is that allow? But apparently it is, so hoooray if you have a quiet nice baby like mine lol! But Matias was so awake the first part of the movie, and everyone was laughing and being loud and even tho the movie was super fun, I didn’t enjoy it as I would, like I don’t enjoy many things anymore. I lovee cooking even tho I don’t know how to cook, but it’s not fun when you are rushing, or having a baby crying in the back. I know I would enjoy planting, but again.. no time to take care of the plants.. I mean.. I can barely take a shower.. I used to enjoy shower, now if i’m lucky I’ll be able to have 10 beautiful minutes on the weekends to have one. I used to love drinking and get lots, now I know I have to be responsable because I have 2 babies who depend on me. There was this part on the movie that one of the girls says that we do not change. That there is people, your best friends, that knows you and even if you stop seeing them for years they would know you.. and everytime I come back home and I see them, is like the time or us didn’t change, everytime it is the same BUT.. This was before having two kids.. this was before being in this motherhood life for the last almost 3 years. If they see me know.. would they think i’m the same? Because Almost ALL of them said they cannot imagine me as a mother.. I didn’t either. Do I feel the same? Mmm definitely NOT! Do I miss the old

Me that still inside of me? Hell yess.. is she going to come back? Mmm.. not sure, only the time knows. Is mommy life the best life? Even tho I love my childrens and really, there is nothing that makes me more happy than them… I do not think so. There is tons of beautiful things about motherhood.. but there are also lots hard parts.. like every chapter of your life.. I love university times but there was some kind of pressure of finding what I wanted.. or when you get married, etc etc. Every chapter has something good and something not that good.. what is best? I don’t know, because I really enjoy all of them. Ok time to sleep.. because tomorrow I have to wake up early to give them some breakfast lol! Cheeeeers

Kourtney Kardashian Protein Salad

Guilty!! Lol! A couple weeks or months? Ago, I saw a post on Kourtney’s kardashian Instagram that she has her app for free. I looove the Kardashians and their drama, but I don’t buy their books or apps, but she made me curious because she is always posting healthy stuff and exercises so I wanted to see if I can find something helpful.. and if is for free Why not?! So I downloaded her app and got sooo many good recipes to try! One of them was this protein Salad perfect for my Atkins movement! If you want to make it vegan just change the Cheese for a vegan one and .. mmm instead of eggs I would use roast yam!! I made this salad almost a month ago and now for some reason I cannot even stand boiled eggs! Since my pregnancy with Matias I rarely can eat eggs, I can’t just stand the smell! But I was able to eat boiled eggs.. but lately very rare! I really want to eat eggs again because I find they are the perfect snack and I want Mia to eat eggs but unless I find a solution for the smell not sure if that is going to happen anytime soon ( and it’s been an issue lately because Francisco’s everyday breakfast is a toast and an egg, and I wake up with an egg smell in the kitchen which puts me in horrible mood) anyways, I have to say that i’m a little surprise about this recipe, as I thought she was dairy free but I guess she is another flexetarian! Here is her original recipe: Happy Tuesday everyone!

The fake orange juice

I don’t remember when or where did Mia tried orange juice, but every morning she request her orange juice. I know by fact that orange juice has waaaay to much sugar, so I decided to cheat and give her this fake orange juice using carrots instead of orange lol! She didn’t even notice and she loved it! Recipe? 4 carrots, 1 green apple, 1 lime, a little bit of ginger and parsley. So yesterday I watched the what the health documentary on Netflix and being honest it’s just too much information everywhere! Some people swear in one diet.. some people swear in other one, and the worst part is that I ended up confuse! I know Atkins works for me, and I’ve been trying to make Atkins as plant based as possible, which is kind of difficult if I only have 25g of carbs per day, I wish they could create more Atkins products like low carb whole wheat pasta or something.. which takes me to my other thoughts.. I know there are tons of vegan-dairy free etc etc products out there but.. how do we know the health effect on them?? How do we know that the fake cheese that I bought isn’t going to be worst than the real cheese?? That’s my question! I do understand the part of helping our planet and be more conscious.. on that i’m totally IN! But where can I find an app or something that tells me my fake cheese is safe? I know i’m not going to become exclusively plant base, we like to eat meat once in a while, but is the fake meat i’m

Buying safe? If someone finds an article or something please share it! Have a nice day!

White rock Princess Party

I know this happened weeks ago but I HAVE TO write about it because so far it’s been my favourite local event around my area! All about this event was fun and magical! Everything started last year, when we moved to the south surrey area, it was very difficult not to hear about this party between the moms and the community, so I got excited but the party was sold out! Then some people told me it was super difficult to get tickets as it was a big event around, so this time I sent a message to their Instagram to find out the date when they would start selling the tickets and put it on my calendar with a huuuge alarm lol! We had to attend “THE EVENT”! If you haven’t heard about it, every year they do this children’s charity event, with the proceeds going to the building of all-ages all-abilities park in our community. Myra Merkal is the genius founder of the Princess Party that started back in 2010 along with her partner Alyssa owner of the As you wish princess Parties. Them and lots of more volunteers make this party a complete success! So what can you expect? A red carpet entrance, tons of kids activities ( cooking decor, face painting, arts and crafts), raffles, tons of beautiful little and big Princesses, handsome little and big prince charmings, music, pictures and more! Mia was soo excited about this event! I started talking to her about it weeks before, it was priceless to see her face when she saw princess Belle, Moana, etc coming to the stage!! She was in total shock!! Can’t wait to bring her to Disney world!! It was a day to remember for her and she still talks about it! Until next year!!!

Spinach and Cheese Muffins

it's been yeeeaaars since my last recipe post, but the true is that I haven't been cooking lately and I like to share only the recipes that I really really like.. like this one! Even Francisco was so happy with these little muffins! I found this recipe at back on November lol!! But I usually change the ingredients of the recipes that I find best on things that I like or if I'm doing certain diet or If It would be difficult to find the ingredients. I love this recipe because is packed with veggies and they are perfect for a breakfast to go or snack! Another point? They can be frozen!! Ingredients: 2 medium eggs, 150 ml of milk, 75g of butter melted, 150g grated cheddar cheese, 1 spring onion chopped, 75g of baby spinach chopped, 1/2 red pepper diced, 250g of brown rice flour, salt and pepper. How to do it: preheat the oven to 180C, and line a muffin tin with 12 muffin cases. Gently whisk the eggs in a large bowl and stir in the milk and melted butter. Mix in the grated cheese and the rest of the ingredients. Divide the mixture between the 12 muffin cases and bake in the oven for 20-25 min or until cooked. Hope you love them as much as we do!! Happy Tuesday all!

Homemade Playdough!

I have no idea what's going on but lately i'm a DIY lover. I'm cero creative so I like to look for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest! A couple days ago, I found this homemade recipe for playdough at the Family place. I love love the smell and the texture of this playdough so I wanted to share with you! For food colouring you can use kool aid! ( I love the smell, reminds me of my childhood! ) I do nit have favourite accounts yet but i'm on search for some! What are your favourites??

A little break..

Hello all! I've been taken a little break from the blog and social media as my Family is here! I haven't see them since October so I want to be as present as I can! Yesterday we celebrated my dad's 60's and even tho I wanted to keep going with my diet, I decided to have a break of that as well to enjoy the delicious ceviche, the beer, and the amazing cake that I can't wait to share with you!! And.. as you may notice I finally change the domain to !!!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Cheers all! Xoxo Athenas